The Sea of Azov is rapidly dying out


22.09.11.Populyatsiya sturgeon kefalevyh and Bull in the Azov Sea is on the verge of vymiraniya.Ob this in his article "The sad fate of the Sea of Azov," says PhD, Senior Research Fellow of the Southern Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (YugNIRO) Vladimir Korkosh.

As the author of publications, fish population, which peaked in the late 1980's — early 1990's, is rapidly declining since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

"The Sea of Azov wild orgy began, accompanied by a very real defeat and overexploitation of valuable fish, mainly sturgeon, under the roof Mafia. Poaching brigades equipped

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Ishtiryakovsky into a fish-pond cemetery. Photo


Photo: STR TRK

26.09.11.Ne dead it — just went to sleep. "… Dead fish — being dependent. Depends entirely on the will of the waves. Dive to a depth of it can not. Yes, even here on the hook to catch the fisherman can not. Completely helpless! She seemed to be shouting — look at me … everything. " These lines Graytser Alexander wrote about the relationship between the individual and the crowd, but they are also suitable for disaster, which occurred last week in the village Ishtiryakovo.

On the bank of the pond Ishtiryakovskogo no fisherman. But

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In Cherkassy region the sugar again poisons the river


14.09.11.Zhiteli Cherkassy region again complained to the local sugar factory: because of him in the river, which flows here, the fish die.

"River again vonyaet.Vidno that the sugar has earned — complains 53-year-old Victor Krasnitsky tally of Cherkasy region. — Again, the fish in the Mountain Tikich will die. " Locals complain that the sugar "Panda" poisons river Talyanku. Talyanka is a tributary of Mountain Tikich.


We found out what it was, — the chief medical officer of the Victoria Zozulya. — However, at the factory we are not allowed. Between themselves drained clean but very hot water

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Climate change caused mass migration of tropical fish

Australian scientists say they have strong evidence to the south of the vast migration of tropical fish and other species in decline due to climate change.Climate change is already happening, including the rapid warming in the south-east, and the increase of warm currents in the east of Australia. According to a new report from the south-eastern part of Australia becomes the hot spot because of the increasing southerly winds that increase the intensity of the warm currents.A number of species, including plankton, fish and invertebrates are now found further south due to increased warm currents and a high level of

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2.05.12.Gibel fish Ladyzhenskaya reservoir. Video. Photo


2.05.12.V Ladyzhensky reservoir waters in the Vinnitsa region of Ukraine took sea fishermen ryby.So words she began to breathe at the end of last week.

The reasons for this situation are still unknown, but as it turned Ladyzhin Radio correspondents, who took part in the raid on 3 May, representatives of the public organization "For a clean environment" and the Department of Emergency and Civil Protection, the rotten fish from the water with poisons. Novoselovka Nemirovsky Ladyzhinskaya area to the dam of the reservoir.

Likely that the fish kills started up the river Southern Bug. Word by experts.

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7.05.12.Azovsky goby washed ashore in Mariupol


7.05.12.Voda in the Azov Sea has not yet reached their record highs, and all the coast near Mariupol already strewn dead calves.

Even environmentalists do not know the reason for such an early plague fish. Usually, this phenomenon is observed in July and August, when the water warms up to 26-28 degrees, and the fish can not stand this heat — killed. Now the temperature of the water off the coast of Mariupol warmed up to 18 degrees.

Source: — site of the city of Donetsk

11.07.12.Gibel fish in the Kaliningrad region



11.07.12.Na reservoirs Kaliningrad region began the tradition, alas, Zamora ichthyofauna.

Days are now are such that at times could not breathe. And not only on land. The water temperature in the Curonian that in Kaliningrad Bay — above twenty degrees. This means that the oxygen in the water is less and less.

Also in hot weather begins abundant flowering notorious blue-green algae, which, in fact, finish the fish completely, "eating" the last vestiges of oxygen. And no wonder that the shores of the bays is now full of dead fish. Then, consider the whole "range" — from

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18.04.12.Gibel fish in the Novosibirsk region. Video


18.04.12.V Krivodanovke Crooked Lake fish die en masse. From the shore can be clearly seen that all the lake bottom is strewn with dead fish. How it is hidden under the water — it is hard to imagine. Owners of coastal houses collected from the surface and removed part of dead fish. They say the smell of decomposition was unbearable.

Tatiana Matyushin garden community member: "Huge bags in which plastic bottles are sold, they are about 2 feet by 80 inches. Complete — it was impossible to raise. And bags of 5-6, but in the car at the

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26.04.12.Gibel Novonikolska fish in the pond. Video


26.04.12.Prud Novonikolsk in the village, which is 70 km from Krasnoyarsk, has turned into a dead zone. In summer it fished local Krasnoyarsk came to rest, the water here flows into the Yenisei. Now, residents say it poisoned, they blame the local enterprise. Alex Krivogornitsyn visited the scene.

Now looks like this in the village pond Novonikolsk Mana district, local talk: water here falls into the river and then to Esaulovka Yenisei, in addition, again according to the residents is a popular holiday destination, and Krasnoyarsk, too, here are their problem. Now it is a dead lake.


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Authorities conceal the cause of poisoning lakes in Belarus


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15.11.11.Vlasti say that the fish in the lakes area in Glubokoye poisoned by oxygen. They deny the problem, and they say that the water quality — fit, says "Belsat". Local activists disagree with the official response officials, alleging that water chistaya.Za decades enterprises and collective farms so polluted lake Aloizberg that it is impossible to swim and fish, the people said.

In the summer there was a citizens' initiative to protect the lake. Podsvile about 200 residents signed a petition to the deputy of the "chamber of representatives" Vladimir Andreichenko. Residents are asked to

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