At SCC in Tomsk, the cases of sewage


24.10.11.Na SCC cases of wastewater. This is what we told the businessman, the owner of Victor Kinev rybozavodnogo economy.

According to him, last week, almost every day SCC dumped sewage into the fuel channel, which connects to the pond rybohozyaystva.

"In the past — especially when, after the deaths of fish started checking at SCC — discharges occurred less frequently. And here almost every day, the water is then brown, then yellow.

Run, close the gate, just in case that did not die young of trout, then opens again. This time the delivery of trout from Khakassia and

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Fish in Australia has changed color


15.11.11.Poslednie test results of samples taken from marine bay Gladstone, Australia, have confirmed the presence of fish and other marine animals of parasitic flatworms that cause infectious diseases in the population of white perch.

In this case, there was no other parasites, bacteria or fungi, which could lead to the spread of infectious diseases in marine fauna Australian coast.

It is likely that skin discoloration, recorded in some species of white perch and caused panic among fishermen and researchers have been caused by these parasites. To confirm this version further study.

No additional cases of infectious diseases in fish

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In Orel fish sick aeromonosis


23.09.11.V Saltykov Orel pond fish sick aeromonosis. An infectious disease of many species of fish, also known as German measles carp, ascites or eroshenie scales.

Recently, in the Oryol region became increasingly meet defeat the infection of live fish. According to Rosselkhoznadzor, the last case was recorded in the pond and creek Saltykov Good Oryol region. Acute outbreaks are the most numerous in the spring and summer. But by the fall of the disease already taking chronic. More resistant to infection by herbivorous fish species. But in the latter case suffered carp. Now the pond, where sick fish, running

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12.04.12.Gibel fish in Bashkiria. Video


12.04.12. In Ufa, visitors to the park named after Aksakov witnessed as from melted ice float dead fry and adult grass carp. According to experts, the cause of death of fish in the artificial lake was called Zamora — a lack of oxygen.

He usually begins in late February — early March. At this time, almost all the dissolved oxygen in the water is absorbed and the limited supply of fresh oxygen with a thick layer of ice on the surface of the reservoir. Workers cut a hole in the ice in winter park, but, apparently, their actions

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Fish kill in Primorye


VLADIVOSTOK, May 26 — RIA Novosti. Specialists explain the reasons for the mass death of fish found on the coast of the peninsula de Vries in Vladivostok, told RIA Novosti on Thursday from the Pacific directorate of technical oversight of the sea.

"The dead fish of different species on the coast of the peninsula de Vries found the staff to fish protection. Now it is difficult to say how much it killed because some are likely to have taken the locals. For laboratory monitoring our experts have collected about ten copies "- a spokesman said.

According to him, it

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In Bohai Bay due to pollution died 30 species of fish


Bohai Bay is gradually "die" from pollution. Photo: AFP / Getty Images

18.01.12.Vsled for rapid growth in the number of industrial facilities along the coast of the Bohai Sea and the rapidly increasing level of water pollution in it, which has caused significant damage to local wildlife and the fishing industry.

As reported Jan. 17 edition of the Chinese Economic Information, fishermen living in Shandong province along the shores of Bohai Bay, say that before the bay was rich in fish, including marine life can often be caught even whales and sharks. Also, if you do not want

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Fish kill on the river. Zavala in Voronezh region


16.02.12.V Upper Don Fisheries Department of the Azov-Black Sea territorial management Rosrybolovstva 24/01/2012, it was reported, the local residents of Tarnovo district of Voronezh region on fish kills in the river. Zavala.

On the same day, the State Department inspector together with the senior inspector for environmental administration Tarnovo municipal district of Voronezh region and deputy chief of the Office of Rosselkhoznadzor in Voronezh and Volgograd regions, a survey p. Zavala by drilling ice stretch of 4 km s. District Tarnovo District.

In a survey in more than 50 wells drilled was awarded the lost fish —

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2.05.12.Gibel fish under Novokuznetsk. Video


2.05.12.Na Sidorovskaya duct Tom River on the banks of a large number of dead fish.

Source: Novokuznetsk Internet TV

Mass death of fish in mysterious circumstances

4.05.12.Ryba in Sidorovskaya influx Tom continues to die. This post has been reported in urban media. The situation has not changed. In addition, new cases of mass mortality of river residents. Versions — why this happens a lot, but that's just not one of them has been confirmed.

Source: Channel "My City"

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22.03.12.V Primorye dying fish


VLADIVOSTOK, March 22 — RIA Novosti. Environmentalists have recorded a partial fish kills in rivers and lakes Khankaisky Reserve, which because of the cold winters with little snow in a thick shell of ice, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, Head of environmental education and tourism reserve Tatiana Gabel.

"Last winter we all slightly pleased with snow, but were strong enough to frost. And ice armor bound waters of Lake Hanka and multiple delta lakes. And, of course, is very high threat of mass fish kill due to oxygen starvation, "- said Gabel.

According to her, in spite of the

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Mass death of fish, Queensland, Australia


Photo from:

November 27, 2011. Mayor Chris Whiting said that more than a thousand dead fish were found along the coast.

According to preliminary data, the number of dead fish than 1,000 individuals and 99% of them — it's a mullet, reports

Whiting said that the death of fish in local waters is becoming more common.

"We will investigate and publish the results in the near future", — he said.

Source: Sunshine Coast Daily, FinalNEWS

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