Death of fish in the river Samara


11.10.11.My already reported mass death of fish in the village of Samara Pavlograd district and that the Commission, with the participation of representatives of regional environmental services to find out who is guilty of what happened, and calculated the loss caused to the state.

Now what happened to emergency law enforcement prosecuted. One would think that after this tragedy on the river Samara should not be repeated. But it took only two weeks, and on 1 October rybinspektoru Igor Vrabie one fisherman said, again in the village of Samara whole river from 9 am become as white as milk.

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Half a million carp fingerlings launched into the lake Ivan (Amur region)

Half a million carp fingerlings September 25 launched into the lake Ivan management staff "Rosrybolovstva" Trans-Baikal Territory. The fish arrived safely in the refrigerator of the Irkutsk region.

To stay prepared them carefully: no food for three days and gradually cooled water. Fry overcame the distance more than a thousand miles in 26 hours.

At Fry took about one and a half million rubles. The money received from the compensation payments businesses that somehow damage the water — and get paid for this state.

According to preliminary calculations, the running of the fish should survive seventy percent. A

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In the river, the fish die en masse Zbruch


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12.09.11.Massovaya fish mortality observed in the river near Zbruch Bodnarevskoy HPP in Ternopil region.

As reported ForUm the regional emergencies department, to study the causes of death of fish in the venue Zbruch went deputy Gosekoinspektsii in Ternopil region, a senior state inspector of the Regional State Administration of Environmental Protection, and — acting Chief Gusyatinsky rayotdela MOE.

They determined that the death of 652 pieces of non-industrial fish upstream from hydroelectric Bodnarevskoy road 3 km. Workers Gosekoinspektsii water samples and dead fish to determine the causes of what happened.

Source: ForUm

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In the Sea of Azov jellyfish threaten the fishing industry


3.10.11.Kak we reported earlier, in the Sea of Azov-see approach comb jellyfish. — Massive accumulation comb approach complicates fish (goby and sprat) to the coast, resulting in significantly decreased rates of catch — reported in Mariupol rybinspektsii.

Inspectors say that from cooling the situation can change, because at low temperatures jellyfish dies. Recall that the jellyfish in the Sea of Azov was imported vessels from the Black Sea.

For a man jellyfish no danger, but the fish stocks, especially small species, it causes significant harm.


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12.08.12.Kilometry dead fish in the Kherson region. Video


As with. Novogrigorevka Genichesky district of Kherson region. TOV "Triton" flushed out of the estuary located in the village, in order to enrich themselves, which led to the death of a huge number of fish. Several kilometers of the reservoir shore Uslan dead fish. Environmental area and region do not respond to the situation. Is there an organization that will not care.

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08.08.12.Indiya: Thousands of dead fish in the lake Nigen



08.08.12.Tysyachi fish died Nigen lake near the town of Srinagar, which apparently was due to a sudden change of weather conditions over the past 48 hours, official sources said yesterday.

Dead fish covered the surface of the lake, where there are luxury houseboats for tourists. Residents who live around the lake, they say that they have never seen this phenomenon before.

Press Secretary of the Department of Fisheries said the fish kill occurred, in all probability, due to the reduction of oxygen in the water and the sharp fluctuations in temperature in the lake. He assured that

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In Iglakovo killed 10,000 young sturgeon. Video


6.09.11.Ob reported rush hour, with reference to the chairman of the environmental organizations of Tomsk region Sergey Zhabina.

According to him, the mass death of sturgeon and carp occurred rybozavodnom farm in the village near the Seversky Iglakovo the night from Friday to Saturday. The cause of death of fish, according to environmentalists, was the release of toxic substances into the river Tom. As a result, ten thousand juvenile Siberian sturgeon were poisoned. Damage — about a hundred million rubles. Dead fish were about two months. Next spring specialists planned to release the grown sturgeon in Tom. Now

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Death of fish in the lake Teplovka. Video


15.07.11.Samarskaya region, village Sergievsk, Lake Small Teplovka. 13/07/2011, 8:30 Moscow time. Fish kills. Estimated reason — the release of sulfur or hydrogen sulfide. Judging from the dead fish, a few days ago … Video taken on iphone 4 with a sealed package "The Rogues" ™. Mounting: program iMovie for iPhone 4.

Source: itetrik, Tehnogennye and environmental disasters


Around the world are dying birds and fish. ‘Video



6.01.11.V Arkansas after the massive loss of blackbirds began massive fish die. Similar cases — in Sweden and England.

Media publish shocking information: GRU Federation prepared a secret report to Putin, which reveals the secret of "rain" of dead blackbirds in the U.S..

In the United States in several states were cases mysterious mass deaths of birds.

According to the newspaper New-York Daily News, after the state Arkanzsas, shocked "rain" of the thousands of dead blackbirds, hundreds of dead birds were found

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3 Tonnes of dead fish washed ashore in Somalia Bossaso

Three tons of dead fish washed ashore Bossaso. Director of the Ministry of Fisheries in Puntland, said the dead fish that washed up on shore Bossaso is the result of the dumping of toxic waste in Somali waters.

Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, diplomat and former UN special envoy to Somalia, said that illegal fishing and dumping in Somali waters is a disaster for the environment in Somalia.Source:

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