Europe could lose 40% of freshwater species of fish and shellfish


MOSCOW, November 22 — RIA Novosti. Scientists have included about 40% of the species of shellfish and fish that live in fresh water in Europe, as well as wild beets to the list of species under threat of extinction, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

"According to the estimate given of six thousand species of living organisms in Europe, 44% of freshwater mussels, 37% of freshwater fish, 23% of amphibians, 20% of terrestrial molluscs, 19% of reptiles, 15% of mammals and dragonflies, 13% of birds, 11% of beetles , 9% of butterflies and 467 species

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In Voronezh Reservoir bred piranha?. Photo


11.08.11.Segodnya Received "MY! Online »a reader sent amazing photos of fish caught in the Voronezh Reservoir near Underwater Sports Palace on the left bank.

Fish like two peas similar to piranhas — the legendary predator that lives in the rivers and lakes of South America.

As it turned out, caught an unidentified fish on conventional bait keeper of the local pier, fishing in a location for the worm.

— Spawn such devilry seen! — Told us keeper Vasily Tikhonovich. — Usually caught here roach, white bream, pike-perch, perch, carp … But that is! Yes, her teeth — a razor!

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When blooming water fish trouble


8.09.11.Pochemu Volga turned green? They say that now the water in the Volga abruptly turned green — in previous years this was not observed. On the banks of the Cheboksary reservoir — just creepy looking! So what happened?

For the answer we turned to Mari branch of State Organization "Srednevolzhrybvod." It confirmed that the observations are correct, but the grounds for calling in 2011 in terms of abnormal was found.

The fact that the water every year, "blooms" in any natural body of water, and the Cheboksary Reservoir — is no exception. It is clear that even in areas

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Can I swim in Ufa Kashkadane?



19.05.11.Vodolazy, clearing Kashkadan for the summer, found at the bottom of hundreds of dead fish. The same situation occurred last year. Why does this happen a second time, the management of the park can not yet explain.

— All the activities that we were advised by experts, we had: to access open water did not freeze in the winter air, the machine that enriches the lake of oxygen, is always working. In addition, six wells we receive clean water, — told the "KP" in the administration of the park "Kashkadan."

Despite the fish Zamora Park is

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27.03.12.V North Ossetia, killing three tons of fish. Video


27.03.12.Okolo three tons of fish have died in the agricultural food cooperatives "Farn". According to the company's management in the village Tarskoye in North Ossetia during military exercises 58th Army polluted source from which filled pond. In the water were oil and gasoline. The company's employees are convinced that this has led to massive fish kills.

Fuels and lubricants in the gills of fish form a film, and she gasps. Farmers complain that the military equipment destroyed roads. Now get to the co-op on passenger transport impossible. Leaders of agricultural food cooperative "Farn" in all this blame

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U.S.: Thousands of dead perch on the bank of the Arkansas River. Video


20.09.11. Thousands of dead fish were found on the banks of the Arkansas River — the main flow of the Mississippi — the newly opened bridge near Two Rivers.

Local residents concerned, and fisheries protection committee say they do not know what caused the death of white perch. The dead whales have 13 to 20 cm in length.

According to witnesses, the dead fish to see not only the bridge, but also all over the Arkansas River up to the Big Dam Bridge.

Video here:

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In the river near Tomi CHP again lost fish. Video


27.09.11.V Tom in the CHP Seversk again lost fish. This was the news agency reported TV2 Head of Natural Resources Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Tomsk region Victor Sirotin.

According to him, the day before (September 26) fisheries inspector was recorded fish kill in the Tom river.

"It happened in the area of the southern exit channel CHP SCC Seversk the river Tom. Discovered the fish kill Inspector Fisheries, he drove by and saw a large number of gulls on the island in the area. Typically, when a lot of birds — so there is

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In a stream of Zheleznogorsk Gorvodocanal killed fish


Photo from:

15.09.11.Aktivist and ecological society activist Victor Krechetnikov September 7 dead fish found in the waste stream for "Gorvodokanalom."

At the company claim that the elevation of harmful substances in the effluent is not fixed, and the cause of death of fish called a loss.

Victor Veniaminovich counted two individuals of chub. "It was a two-year, three-year plan, but the fish were older and bigger, — he says. — The lower the flow, the dead fish were more. Fishes body swollen, indicating that they were killed by two or three days earlier, not only

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On Sakhalin experienced massive sea salmon


Photo from:

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, August 23 (New Region, Olga Radko) — Zamor about three tons of salmon in the river occurred Sheshkevicha Sakhalin. The incident occurred in the river near the village of Riverside Sheshkevicha Korsakov.

According to the ichthyology, fish died due to lack of oxygen in the water that is currently quite high. "On the eve freeze here came a record number of salmon", — said Konstantin Derkachev fisheries inspector.

As explained by the head of the Fisheries Agency Sakhalin Kolotushkin Paul, after the official conclusion of the members of the regional committee of scientists to

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Massive fish kills in the river Saksagan. Photo


Photo: Krivoy Rog LIFE

23.09.11.Massovy fish kills observed on September 22 at the river Saksagan.

On the eve of quietly floating in the water Okushko, roach, carp and even cancers in the morning were lying belly up on the shore. Perishes even so-called weed fish.

Explain what happened, we could neither rybinspektsiya Krivorozhsky district nor the Office of Environmental Executive Committee. Only through Ternovskii SES found out that at the moment there is a water purification Makartavskogo reservoir river Saksagan.

From what it is purified water, and do not consider whether the leading scholars in these fish a

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