Fish kills in the South West Florida, USA. Video


14.10.11. Thousands of dead fish were found on the beaches of Southwest Florida. The official cause of death — red tide, according to

According to experts, to phytoplankton blooms produce toxins, which are poisonous to marine life. Red tide paralyzes the gills of fish, causing her to gasp and beaching.

However, as it turns out, the lost fish found in some locations. Some witnesses say that, for example on the beach Fort Myers no dead fish. Specialists are going to take repeated samples of water in the Gulf on Friday.

Source: FinalNEWS

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The cause of the plague of fish in western Canada could be a salmon anemia

Representatives of the Canadian Food Control (CFIA), the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and British Columbia reported that the re-examination of samples of fish from the Pacific coast did not reveal any trace of dangerous infection salmon anemia earlier which caused mass death of fish in fish farms in Chile and several other places. However, the government acknowledged that the results of some tests look unconvincing.

Defenders of Wild Salmon fear that the spread of infection from the west of the country of importation of Atlantic salmon species can destroy the natural fish populations in the vicinity of fish farms

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By Kremenchug reservoir floats dead fish

At the Kremenchug reservoir near Cherkassy massively dying fish. Such cases, the local fish-security fixes every week in different parts of the Dnieper.

As reported, to find out why the plague of fish, veterinary and sanitary services Cherkasy selected samples of dead fish. The results promise to make public early next week. But preliminary findings already made.

"The fish contains traces of mechanical damage: remove eyeballs, no fins. Struck hard to say … maybe a bird. Bird that feeds on fish, waterfowl, well, obviously that is not a seagull", — said Vasily vet Zabolotny.

Fish protection

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Mass mortality of trout in Dagestan


27.09.11.V CJSC "Dagrybhoz" in Untsukulsky Shamilkalinskom area on the site, in basins where bred trout recorded mass mortality of juveniles (young of the year) trout, RIA "Dagestan" by the Committee on Veterinary RD.

Expeditions prevention specialists and mass non-invasive disease of animals and fish of the Committee on the spot had the autopsy of 10 copies of juveniles did swabs from the surface of the skin.

According to their results have been established reasons for the increased mortality of fish and developed treatments and preventive measures. Currently, fish waste anymore.

Eliza Aliyev

Source: RIA Dagestan

The death of the animal world: a review of the first 8 months.


AUGUST ***************** ******************* 28.08.11.Gibel marine life in the South China Sea 28.08.11.V Kachkanar tap water stink, and died in the pond crawfish 26.08.11.Gibeli birds in the Krasnoyarsk region. Video 25.08.11.Gibel fish in Lake Berkley, USA. Video 24.08.11.Gibel bees in the Kirov region. Video 23.08.11.Padezh cattle Zainsky region of Tatarstan 23.08.11.Gibel bees in the Nizhny Novgorod region 23.08.11.Na Sakhalin experienced massive sea salmon 22.08.11.Padezh pigs registered in the Kuban 19.08.11.Gibel fish in Mykolaiv region 18.08.11.V Razumenko River near Belgorod killed fish 17.08.11.Gibel bees in Kazakhstan 18.08.11.V Volga fish dying en masse. Video 17.08.11.Bolee 40 cows died on the farm due

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In Australia, the bank thousands of dead fish washed up

Experts say that the blame for the death of fish record temperature and low oxygen levels.

Dead fish, eels and crayfish have been found on the shoreline of Green Head, which is now covered with rotting carcasses.

Green Head resident Rod Wilson said: "This is a heartbreaking sight. I've lived here 28 years and never seen anything like it. For us it's just a local ecological disaster. "

The reports indicate that during the cleaning operation Green Head has raised more than 15,000 dead fish.

"Our biggest concern is how long will it take to everything passed," added Wilson.

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Mass death of fish in Sakhalin. Video. Photo


6.10.11.Na south-west coast of Sakhalin recorded natural anomaly of sea washed several tons ryby.Ochevidtsy filmed video: along the coast formed a band from the Far sardines hundreds of meters. At the edge of the water the fish still alive, and on the shore already dead. In the area of emissions come locals to collect an unexpected catch. Scientists — the death of fish — explain the cold snap.

But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Thermophilic Far Eastern sardine for two decades have not seen in the Tatar Strait. The very fact of its appearance

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21.03.12.Mor fish in Gagauzia: there were 30 tons. Video


Gagauz rescuers killed more than 300 tons of dead fish on the lakes


29.03.12. Starting from March 20, to the control duty in the management of emergency situations Gagauz were several reports of a mass of fish in the sea waters of autonomy.

These messages came from the village of Tomai, Congaz, Kirsova and Kotovsky. In the PSP report that after receiving the signal in place immediately left brigade rescuers who recovered and buried the dead fish.

Helped in the rescue administration local community, members of the civil defense forces and the Carabineros.

During the work

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24.03.12.Rybny sea in Miass River


24.03.12.Nash reader sent a message with a photograph, looking at the soul that just breaks. That's what we said Julius Y.:

"Today, the river Miass in the Chelyabinsk region in Zharikova cottages near Kashtak witnessed mass death of fish. All the water along the coast is dotted with dead fish of different sizes: carp, rudd, ruffs, carp. Just saw a dead mallard duck. Very similar to the dumping of toxic waste into the river Miass. "

We decided to publish this "people news" to regulatory authorities paid attention to this problem.

Source: Broadcaster ITV

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Death of fish in the lake deep in Kazan


5.05.12.Vsem those who are about to go on a holiday of a deep lake, breathe the pine wind, sit on the beach — it is better to change your plans.

Along the coastline of Deep Lake extraordinary amount of dead fish. The sight and smell of dead fish do not give a joyful cheer of the holiday and May. The picture in the Deep Lake opens quite depressing.

Despite the repulsive spectacle, the Ministry of Ecology argue that this is not a local ecological disaster, and the natural phenomenon of nature. Fish kill triggered not sunk in

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