Unique and exceptionally rich Western Sayan mountain taiga in Khakassia, which operates Shor koopzveropromhoz.

Total area promhoza — 1932.1 thous. Hectares, of which 1454.6 thousand lesnaya-. Ha. The most valuable hunting grounds — coniferous forests occupy 760.8 thousand. Ha, dominated by cedar and fir. The average age of pine stands 160-180 years old, prevailing completeness of 0.6-0.8, in terms of growth cedar relate mainly to the III and IV quality class.

Quality cedar forest taxation the best way contribute to a broad collection of pine nuts. However, much rugged terrain, abundance of rocks, placers, lots of heavily cluttered sites and

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The philosophy of «X-130».

What is the «130th»?

Twitching, as a special method of fishing, we began to develop rapidly a decade ago. In roughly the same period form the first habits and preferences. When it comes to fishing for pike, in the middle of the last decade was a clear favorite minnow size of 90-100 mm. For example, DaMiKi Pirami 90 or X-Rap 10 (was popularly nicknamed «Snore») A little later caught on Jackall Squad 95 and Lucky Craft Pointer 100. Up to a point this «sredneschuchy» size is large enough, but after a while wanted change something, and upward.

The transition from

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Universalism or specialization?

The urgency of the issue of choice was always spinning rod. This question excites the minds and souls of both held and novice spinnings. I once sworn never to say anything about the selection of spinning and the more specific about the model and manufacturer-specific, and therefore it is not exactly go about this. I just tell you about his «Spinning evolution,» and if someone does help in his choice, then the time taken me to write these lines, it was not lost.

There is a category of fishermen, merchants have access to the testing of different models of spinning

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Rokfishing during the holidays.

Holidays — a welcome rest time by pressing cases -Most of us who have the virus in the blood of fishing, trying to hold on a fishing trip. Each time this desire something interferes: cottage, repair, household chores. His wife and children are asked to bring their their views. What about fishing? Is all lost? Not at all. Collect the bags and go with his family to the sea. There and fishing.

«Telescope» better leave the house.

In various countries and at the resorts I’ve observed a similar picture: the fishermen with extinguished gaze, thrown into the sea t what

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About the white eye.

The original appearance of the fish is shown from a very early age: the humpbacked snout, large silver eyes, a large gray scales and fins. Even beginners, which for the first time have to keep the fish in hand, do not confuse it with any other relative of the bream. White-eye (Abramis sapa), or, as it is called in the people, cana (klyaps, klyapets, Glazachev), a frequent visitor to the river and catch donochnikov poplavochnikov throughout the open-water season. Guests are so frequent that some anglers who specialize in catching ide and bream, try, if possible, to avoid encounters

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Rudd: ultralaytovaya practice

In my opinion, one of the most exciting types of fishing is catching spinning rudd. This purposeful activity, and not a side effect of catching other predatory fish. You may wonder: «What does a predator to Rudd?». But it will be wrong. Rudd — avid and voracious predator, sometimes prefer trolling and bait and lure vegetable worm. It is no less the aggressor than the same ide, which in the case also would not mind to taste your lure. And size and she yazyu not too inferior.

According to Wikipedia, a normal size adults rudd 16-19 cm and weight

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The most important fur-bearing animals, mined in Kyrgyzstan, is a groundhog. According to long-term data, the country gives up to 43% of the all-Union pieces of fur-bearing animals. On the territory of Kyrgyzstan, home to three species of marmots: gray or Tien Shan, long-tailed, or red, and marmot Menebira. The largest trade value has gray marmot.

To increase productivity in Surcin fishery is very important transport. When traveling by car, motorcycle or horse, hunter spends less time and physical energy for transportation, placement and testing traps. He can arrange the traps over a larger area, check them often and


FOR Albula on South Caicos.

Description of fishing: the trade winds usually blow from the south-east; Most shallows under the cover of the wind from the west side of the island than and different in terms of benefits. In the autumn and winter months, South Caicos is exposed to cold fronts coming from the Bahamas, but they are so strong that they do not stay long and largely dissipated by the time of occurrence. After the cold front throughout the day can blow westerly wind, which soon, as a rule, changes to the southeast. It is interesting to note, and this is particularly important

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Wobbler Minnow and Shad.

Class minnow — is rapidly growing and gaining momentum taiching, which is inextricably associated with this class of lures. The high degree of efficiency and excitement of catching these lures, and so gained popularity twitching. Oh I gained that popularity that immediately took advantage of manufacturers of fishing tackle, to begin issuing national method of specialized gear. Most rods today are full of the inscription on the form: «Twitch Special», eloquently making it clear that buying a spinning angler guaranteed yourselves ideal tool for jerk guiding. There were even bait bearing in its title the word «Twitch». Attractiveness jerky

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NEWS With spring exhibitions.

As in the previous year, the two spring exhibitions in Moscow — «Hunting and fishing in Russia» at the Exhibition Centre and the «Hunting. Fishing. Recreation. Spring «in Crocus Expo — held on a grand scale. Even clearer was the noticeable difference between the two. Exposition in Crocus Expo was chosen mainly retail and wholesale trading companies, and manufacturers and direct suppliers of fishing equipment prefer to exhibit at the Exhibition Centre. So the news of this season were presented in the main there.

The year was rich in anniversaries. Honestly, when I learned that the company Minenko —

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