Observers reported ballot box opened

"Honest elections have been held. Our observers documented many violations and even the fact that the ballot box for early voting at one of the sites was revealed. That’s all we have documented. "According to information available to the team Fur, he received more votes than voiced district commission. But now there is no disorder, says Fur:

Alexander Fur"I was able to distribute about 20 thousand leaflets with my applets. Virtually every family. Vo-2, I spent 90 meetings, each meeting was for 50-60 people. Visited Kobrin and enterprises, and in the villages. Everywhere us very badabout perceived. "Currently A. Fur

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CIS observers refused to fix the violation

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As saidand the press service of the European Coalition,  on request candidate fix the violationsand not withsreturn it to the attention of the precinct management Election Commission, Observers said virtually subsequent: "Achieve themselves" and

left the area. They were accompanied by a representative BRYU.

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Near the earth shuddered again Bachatskogo

March 8, 2013. The new underground push Geophysics recorded near cut "Bachastky" the night before.

The specialists of the Altai-Sayan Branch of Geophysical Survey SB RAS, another mysterious seismic events occurred near the site where on March 5 was recorded incomprehensible quake and was classified as a technological explosion.

The new swing experts also attributed to the echoes of blasting. And now the Kuzbass rescuers and scientists — there are two unidentified seismic event, the nature of which they are to be seen. For the second explosion and coal miners, too while refuse.

New underground swing, according to geophysicists, was

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Across the Earth volcanoes erupt

Vulcan Etna. © NASA

April 3, 2013. Last month, NASA has recorded increased seismic activity in different regions of the world. Indonesia, Northern Mariana Islands, Italy, Mexico — this is not a complete list of countries, where in March there were volcanic eruptions.

Since March 23, the lens apparatus Earth Observing-1, which was launched for the remote sensing of the Earth as part of NASA Earth Observatory, hit volcano Etna in Sicily. the images can be seen as the volcano spews streams of gas and ash, and dark lava, together with ash and scoria cover the dense layer

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The fire covered thousands of hectares of bush in Australia

February 23, 2013. According to the website, cputnik NASA "Terra" on February 18 of this year on its sensing data recorded extensive fires in the bush (typical of some parts of Africa and Australia, large areas covered with bushes or stunted trees — approx. Ed) To the south-west of the Australian state of Victoria.

Spectrometer "Modis" on board the satellite identified in the photo red stroke on those sites Bush, are experiencing an unusually high surface temperatures associated with fires. In the picture is also visible in a long "tail" of smoke, blown by the winds of

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UFO: from Dnepropetrovsk to Lviv

Unusual phenomenon that falls under the "UFO phenomenon", was recorded last May 23 in the evening in the night sky of the city. This is stated in the online version of the newspaper "Express" from 24.05.2012 year. According to the newspaper, a rather large fireball streaked across the sky, as it seemed visually, at a low enough orbit. Mysterious object was moving from west to east, pausing from time to time in place.

The source said that it happened at approximately 21.50. UFO seen in the streets and Gorodetsky Levandovki-Petlyury.

"I saw it swept over neighboring houses. In appearance

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Authorities soothe: radiation situation is normal

Society This was stated by the agency "Interfax" in the Republican Center of Radiation Control and Environmental Monitoring Belarusian Ministry.

"Our laboratories have not detected any change of the radiation situation in the border region of Bryansk regions of Belarus", — reported in the center.

"The radiation situation in the country remains unchanged, as before, the higher values of gamma-rays are stored in the permanent monitoring points located in areas of high contamination — Bragin, Narovlia, Slavgorod Chechersk Khoyniki" — reported in the center .

It was reported earlier with reference to Rasgidramet that the territories of the

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UFO filmed by HAARP or action meteorological radar?

Yesterday, on his website dedicated to UFO Scott Waring unveiled a really weird pictures. He claims that the March 4, 2013, with online meteorological radar recorded a huge UFO over a territory of Australia or the action set HAARP…

This image is an unidentified aircraft or a circle may also arisen because of the impact on the territory of the installation HAARP.

This is a fantastic video, recorded weather radar over Australia. This has happened before, and it is good that someone was considerate enough

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You put the sign for Lukashenko — photoroentgenography queue

Society Comic case of violation of election laws are fixed BCD activists in Bobruisk.

As the head of the Mogilev organization BCD Taisa Kabanchuk, In the seventh clinic Bobruisk signatures collected in support of Lukashenka medical facilities among the visitors, with a rather unusual way. On Last week One of the activists of the BCD has witnessed how the people in a big queue on chest x-rays offered to health care workers to pass the queue of those who put her signature for Lukashenko — the press-service of the BCD.

BCD activists Bobruisk recorded case of illegal petition for

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