LED double flashes.

The proposed indicator is a compact economical attachment to any wireless devices that require eye-catching alarm. The indicator is different from the original combination of traditional outbreaks and pauses between them. His work can be roughly described as: flash, flash — pause, etc. Therefore confuse this indicator with the other can not.

The indicator consists of:

— clock on flashing LED HL1 with limiting resistor R1, generating rectangular pulses with a repetition period of about 0.5 seconds;

— binary counter divider DD1.1;

— logic element 2I on discrete elements VD1, VD2, R2;

— Key current FET VT1 and its

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The classification of solar flares

The classification of solar flares Facts

In astronomy, the solar flares are divided into five categories: A, B, C, M and X. A flare of class are the weakest class X — this is the most powerful flash that can interfere with the work of radio, GPS-systems and power grids on Earth. In NOAA, each stronger than the last new class of 10 (similar to the classification developed for earthquakes called the Richter scale).

The largest X-flare, 10 times bigger than the size of our Earth appear when an intersection of several magnetic fields on the Sun. Released energy is

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Strange coincidence

Concurrence of events, links between them can not be in any case, unpleasant current scientific doctrine, and it becomes a real curse.

Yesterday, December 16, 2009, in Moscow, in the wee hours of the sun erupted unique to present a unique and difficult to explain by itself the active period luminaries.

It was characterized by a large (by the standards of this year) with the capacity and duration. Images of the Sun at the time of the flash in different spectral ranges were obtained international space observatories.

Several local media said for some reason the outbreak of a strange

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Russian scientists have spotted a flash on the back side of the Sun

Magnetic storms, solar flares and other phenomenaSpace Weatheralready firmly entrenched in the daily lives of people. Meanwhile, in this scientific field is still a lot of mysteries and unsolved problems. So, about 1-2% of powerful X-ray flares coming to Earth, until recently, did not even manage to identify with phenomena on the Sun. It is now clear that many of them are caused by events on the hidden back side of the Sun, inaccessible to the observer on the Earth.

In a recent issue of "Astronomical Journal"There was a joint memoir of employeesIZMI Sciences, ISTP, IKIandArizona State University, devoted

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In Sydney, a week of showers after warning of flash floods

In Sydney, a week of showers after flash flood warning Weather and Climate

The Met Office has warned the public about the state of bad weather in the coastal areas of southern and mid-north coast of Sydney, April 17, 2012 lightning storms piled on top of the northern regions of the city. The Bureau also reported that on April 18 the risk of flash floods would be the highest. Livni will last until the weekend with a marked decrease in intensity only by 20 April. Rescue staff asks people to avoid ports and zones of possible flooding.

Morning of April

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Movement Occupy Flash convinces delete a multimedia plugin


21.11.11.V Network gaining movement Occupy Flash ("Occupy Flash"), directed against the Flash-player — the popular add-in for web browsers that allows you to play multimedia content.

The campaign encourages users to "occupy" (more accurately, completely removed from the computer) Flash-plugin and a web developer — to use for a new version of multimedia content markup language Web pages HTML5.

"Flash makes the world wide web less accessible. At this stage, it hinders its development "- prevozglashaet manifesto group. Participants Occupy Flash — who took part in the name of the movement of his "colleagues" and to protest "Occupy Wall

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Canada: A sudden flash of light stunned residents of Winnipeg

January 16, 2013. Many residents Winnipeg (GoogleMap) Were stunned by the sudden whitish-green flash in the night sky Tuesday.

It happened around 10:00 pm and mysterious light disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared.

Scott Young Museum in Manitoba said he was not 100 percent sure, but all signs point to light, which is a meteorite.

"Meteorites are slowed down so quickly that heat up instantly and they just explode, the so-called terminal explosion, with frequent greenish color," — he said. — "Thus, the color appearance and simple speed informs me that it happened. "

Young added that if it

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The Earth has a strong magnetic storm is coming

April 12, 2013. The consequences of which occurred on the eve of a solar flare Land feel the weekend. Planet will cover the powerful magnetic storm.

Flash was recorded on Thursday near the center of the solar disk. As noted by the Center for space weather forecasts of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism (IZMIRAN), Such bursts were observed from November of last year.

Phenomenon was given class M6. Solar flash depending on the power of X-ray radiation can be divided into five classes: A, B, C, M and X. Minimum class A0.0 corresponds to the radiation power in the orbit

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Class solar flare X-7 9/8/11. Video


Sun there was a major surge in activity in the last few years

10.08.11.Rekordnym level of flare activity was the last day in the sun. On the night of the eighth of August and until noon of the ninth on a relatively quiet background in the northern hemisphere, the sun suddenly occurred just four large explosions.

All of them were recorded in the same active region, received the number 1263 in the catalog of the American Service NOAA. The first of the flares points M3.5 (a 4 power level on a 5-point scale of the flare), occurred about 10:00

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Residents Angara observed meteorite fall?


2.03.11V Osa district of Irkutsk region, presumably a meteorite fell. It happened at about 18:00 on March 1. Residents of nearby villages — Barahal, Obusha, a village in North saw in the sky over the taiga flash, then a loud clap.

— I already talked to the witness, a resident of Obusha, he argued, clearly saw a flash over the taiga, a very bright, like a super-power flash from the camera, — the director of the Astronomical Observatory of ISU Sergei Yazev. — Now, I can only express assumption, because the data and the descriptions are very

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