Sam Webb nearly didn’t bother to look at her London flat, situated on the first floor of a converted Victorian building.

‘I’d just had a sale fall through, so when an agent told me he had a great place for me to see but that it was already under offer, I was a little reluctant to view it,’ she explains. ‘However, when I walked in and saw the light, the high ceilings and the view to St Paul’s, I knew this was the one for me.’ Accordingly, Sam put in a sealed bid and a nervous week later, the flat

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Divorce and maiden name!

Answers to questions about the division of property

1. My husband and I bought an apartment on the mortgage. It is not yet paid for it in full. If we divorce, what are my rights to the apartment, and who will have to pay the mortgage?

As a general rule all that is acquired (acquired) by spouses during marriage is their joint, property. You bought an apartment in a marriage, hence the division of the property you are entitled to half of it. And it is no matter to whom it has been issued and which one of you is

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PR LIFT Lift comes to the rescue

I thought I saw almost all types of elevators and lifting systems, have found practical application in the different countries of the world. But in October 2008, during a trip to Paris, I had to get acquainted with the system, which in this city is typically used for the delivery of bulky furniture in the apartments on the upper floors.

The unique architecture of Paris is largely determined by the abundance of the buildings of the XIX century. Sculptured buildings stretch along the wide boulevards, surrounded by trees chains. Curly streets and avenues like solid tributaries of the Seine flowing

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Home and Interior.

ON AN nice and comfortable.

The beauty and austerity of the interior came from the classics: the tall doors, baseboards and wide eaves pulled visual space, and space is geometrically correct forms brought some static and measured.

As a basic background has been selected the dense gray, and two additional shades, used in details throughout the house — terracotta and azure blue. The same colors were chosen and ethnic details, added the comfort and warmth.

Free layout of the apartment, and there are three boxes suggested the division of space into three main areas: the kitchen-living room and two

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Svetlogorsk night searched the apartment of a minor student of YSU

Service and witnesses met minor activist early eleventh pm on the landing. Egorchenko parents were not home, but the police went to the apartment and searched.They confiscated the emperor Egorchenko notebook system unit, four white-red-white flags, Tabloid "Woodland true", "Regional News" and labels "European march".Arseny Egorchenko he graduated from high school and enrolled to study in Vilnius European Humanities Institute.Police Acts youth activist will appeal to the prosecutor’s office.

Prosecutors warn opposition

Opposition members believe that the authorities are trying to reduce such makarom number of potential participants in a street protest.

Anton KoipishPrescription for violating the law on mass events presented, namely, democracy activists Anton Koipish. Anton said, "Freedom", yesterday evening at his home and the police came two guys in civilian clothes. They invited him to come for an interview on September 26, the prosecutor’s office of the Central district of Minsk. Anton told Koipish:"After I said that I can not come to an interview, they gave me a formal warning about violating the law, signed by the prosecutor of

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On 3 youth activists constitute protocols

Young oppositionists held at the site all night. And only now on their day started to draw up reports with the phrase "hooliganism." It is clear that among the detainees — She Karpovich. Families, even 2 persons — yet unidentified.Last NIGHT MODE, a dissident activist Christine Shatsikava people in civil, who introduced police officers in the fight against organized crime, broke into the apartment, which she rents in Minsk.The apartment is this time were opposition activist Dmitry Lisienko of Vitebsk and Minsk his two friends. They were detained and delivered to the police. Dmitri took the banner "Freedom to Kazulin!"Where

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Russian Nazis intervened in the course of the Belarusian Internet contest

"Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" Room for July 11 addresses the topic of detention first chief ideological head of the Presidential Administration Vladimir Cold. Recall that the highest bureaucrat has been charged with fraud in a large size and abetting bribery. For the Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik arrest sovereign Cold, who worked in the CEC on the basis of the public, was a complete surprise. "By working with the CEC, we can describe it only from the positive side … We are shocked. Before I This time not grasp that he was able to commit some unlawful

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Communal go up after the New Year

Minister of Housing and Public Utilities Vladimir Belohvostov assured that the end of the year an increase in utility rates is expected. And with the New Year’s number in utility bills rise. Appreciation of the services foreseen budget.Certain proposals are considered public utilities presently the Ministry of Economy. New tariffs must be approved before the New Year, and brought them back into operation after January 1. As in previous years, the appreciation will touch first energapaslugav: thermal and electron energy and gas. With regard to certain figures and proposals of the Ministry of Housing is responsible bureaucrat did not wish

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Rising prices of apartments: why and how long?

One-room apartment in Minsk require about 50 thousand dollarsAccording to statistics, real estate agencies, within two months from the beginning of the year, the average price per square meter of housing increased by almost 170 bucks caught up characteristics of a number of European capitals. If at the end of last year the standard size studio apartment cost an average of 42 thousand dollars, at the moment for it will take about 50 thousand dollars. And it is quite moderate versions of the ring road or of old buildings. What is closer to the center, the more cost —

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