Circumcision: pros and cons

Nearly one-sixth of the male population is subjected to the procedure of excision of the prepuce, or circumcision (the medical term "circumcision"). However, experts still can not come to a consensus about how useful and safe procedure that can be considered.

In some countries, circumcision is part of the historical, cultural and religious traditions enshrined centuries-old practice. Thus, the Jews of children circumcised on the eighth day after birth, the Muslims — to 13-year life. Europe in this operation is traditionally treated with skepticism, but in the early 60s in the West suddenly flashed "boom circumcision." He began

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Body oriented therapy

Traditional medicine and biology consider the body as a complex technical device, and divide it into systems and subsystems. However, the fact that man is an indivisible whole, the close relationship of his body and soul ("soma" and "psyche"), guess the ancient. Even Hippocrates said that it is impossible to treat two different patients the same medicine, and the Romans noted that in a healthy body lives a healthy mind …

In the XX century, a new branch of science — psychology, from which gradually stood out direction Psychology corporeality.

"Body Language" (neverbalika) tells us to 85% of the

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Europeans ate more people than savages

Nightmare treated human flesh advised even the famous Paracelsus

A little more than two hundred years ago — before the end of XVIII century — European doctors used a vengeance and human flesh, and preparations of the corpses. With so obscure historical Western enlightenment of society introduces the latest issue of the German weekly Der Spiegel.

That's just one of the recipes German pharmacologist Johann Schroeder. It is not clear what, but in the XVII century it was prescribed, "Human meat should be cut into small pieces, add a little bit of myrrh and aloes, a few days

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