Flooding in Belarus ceases to be unsafe

In operational weather report says that "Spring flood in This year will not have an unsafe level. "What are the pros and cons malasnezhnyh winters for Belarus?The water level in the rivers of Belarus look 137 gauges. One of them — a distance of over 350 km from Minsk — on the Pripyat River in Stolin. Times a day on duty here inhabitant village Small Krygovichy watching Peter Lysyuk. Here’s what he just said, "Freedom":"River’s own shores. On usvoyu failed. Floods and will not, as I see it, is not expected. Polissya have long not seen such floods as before.

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Patriarch Kirill: I ask everyone to fulfill Christian duty!

Patriarch Kirill urges Russians to respond to the distress of the Far East, where from an unprecedented flood affected tens of thousands of residents.

"Dear brothers and sisters! Far Eastern region of our country is in distress. The flood, the likes of which has not happened in the history of the region, have suffered tens of thousands of residents of Khabarovsk, Amur and Jewish Autonomous Region, the element will also affect the South Urals (Chelyabinsk region). As a result, many people have lost their homes and possessions, and now are in the most difficult of

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Flooding in the Far East and Kamchatka suddenly seized

September 20, 2013. Abundant rainfall, which came a few days ago to Kamchatka, have led to floods. In one of the districts of the province on Friday imposed an emergency — nearly flooded hundreds of homes, closed the only road leading into the area, damaged bridges. The prosecutor's office felt that the regional authorities were late in warning the population of impending water and prepared documents for the decision to institute criminal proceedings.

At the same time the major disaster area from the collapsed to the Far East two months ago, flooding continues to Khabarovsk — there, in

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What threatens America Mississippi flood?

Corps of Engineers U.S. military said that all dams are functioning properly. However, the danger lies in the fact that flooding can be so strong that it overcomes a flood protection system, and dams, and actually force the Mississippi to change its direction.

Source: Times Online

Australia threatens another flood

Australia threatens another flood danger zone

Australian rivers spill of 53 152-districts of New South Wales have been declared a natural disaster. In Heyshire due to the fact that the water level in the river Murrumbidgee rose to a record high of 9 meters, which did not occur in 1974, the evacuation of the population. Complicated situation in Bombale, Myurreyshire and Central Darling.

Unfortunately for the Pilbara coast current flood could not last, as new approaches to the Australian tropical cyclone Lua, has already received the first category of risk. March 13 cyclone was at 18,5 ° S and 114.6

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In Cambodia, the continuing flood

October 3, 2013. Largest South-East Asian Mekong River, received a huge portion of rainfall after a meeting with typhoon Vutip, burst its banks and caused the deaths of at least 39 residents Cambodia. Suffered from the rising water of the order of 100,000 Cambodian families living on the banks of the Mekong. The capital city of Phnom Penh element passed.

Almost all the victims overnight became refugees because of their fragile huts flooded with water or completely demolished to the foundations. Such buildings, local authorities have counted about 89 200. In addition, under the influence of flooding were building

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Homes can not be saved: flood showed all his might at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur

September 3, 2013. In the area of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, a breach in the dam water flooded one of the suburbs, in danger of flooding was another locality. Rescuers urgently evacuated from the danger zone of hundreds of people.

Around the Komsomolsk-on-Amur continue to build the dam. They are becoming higher as the water level in the river. The village is named after Mendeleev, is one of the areas of the city, directly on the beach. Some of the houses here are not saved, the people were evacuated. The mound — the only thing that protects against flooding of those

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In Colorado, the water leaving the whole ranch

September 14, 2013. Severe flooding continues in the U.S., its victims are already 4 people. Rescuers evacuated hundreds of residents blocked flow of water in their homes. Thousands of people have fled their homes independently.

Source: RT


Flooding in Colorado: Three people were killed

September 13, 2013. Order of the President of the American state of emergency was introduced in the state of Colorado, where strong rains caused flooding. During the day, several thousand people were evacuated, according to the three victims.

Incessant rains for several days resulted in the flooding of rivers and immediately several

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Europe welcomes spring

Europe meets the spring weather and climate

Arctic Oscillation, which caused abnormal cold in Europe in January and February 2012, weakens and moves south to the other side of the planet. This means that the continent has finally spring comes, will strengthen its position closer to the day of the vernal equinox.

It is suggested that the warming in Europe could mean a return of cold weather to the territory of the North American continent. However, the second winter will not be as severe as in Europe, and will last for long.

As for the European spring, it can turn

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In York resumes flood

In York resumes flood Natural Disasters

UK government approved funding schemes for flood protection 400 homes and businesses York County. Water-end project — Limen Road will cost the country at 3.2 million pounds. Similar projects are engaged in Nortalerton, North Yorkshire, where 212 is taken under the protection of buildings. For this project is allocated 1.9 million pounds. Next in line repairs to locks and reservoirs on the North Yorkshire creeks and San Thacker.

Protective structures in Limen Road were built in the 1970s, but in 2000 had deteriorated due to another severe flooding. New protection circuit includes a brick

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