North India is suffering from flood

September 2, 2013. That's how these Indian children now have to travel to school — on a boat. As a result of the torrential rains that almost do not stop in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh for a few months, flooded homes and farmland, a local river burst its banks.

Someone goes out of flooded homes, while others remain, especially since there is no place to go, besides, the children have to learn.

In the village of Qala manjhi flooded about 300 households. Family Sangeeta remained.

Schoolgirl: "Our home and flooded sugar cane field. Have to swim

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Flooding in China: the terrible rumors about the bodies on trees and dancing in the squares

September 4, 2013. "River Dragon raging at us for a second month." "It rains incessantly and a half months, Hyeluntszyan (as the locals call Cupid) poured for miles" "Hundreds of people were killed, missing even more." "We can not get out of their homes. We have no drinking water, electricity and food, "- such records leave the residents of flooded provinces of China on the Internet. Meanwhile, the state-owned Chinese media reported that the death toll from floods in the region amounted to 54 people. "MK" has tried to sort out the situation.

As can be seen from the records

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The consequences of the floods in Mexico

September 19, 2013. Residents of Chilpancingo — the capital of the Mexican state of Guerrero, trying to cope with the consequences of floods — the strongest in decades. Streets and houses cleaned of silt and debris at a local school has a place of temporary residence.

Many regions of the country are still flooded, and the authorities are trying to provide aid to tens of thousands of people cut off from the mainland.

The floods were caused lasting several days at a time of heavy rainfall. They were brought into the country just two tropical storms — "Manuel"

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Photos from natural disasters

View Mingxia County in Gansu Province after the earthquake a magnitude of 6.6 points, 22 July 2013. (Reuters / Stringer)


Soldiers apart the rubble after the earthquake a magnitude of 6.1 points in Chamdo County in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, Aug. 13, 2013. The earthquake damaged 45,000 houses, as well as roads, bridges and water conservancy facilities. (Reuters / China Daily)


Nineteen-year girl is in the hospital after the quake a magnitude of 6.6 points in the county Mingxia in Gansu Province, July 23, 2013. (Reuters

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Flooding in Nepal's Kathmandu

May 24, 2013. The capital city of Nepal Katmundu paralyzed there arose a flood. The flow of water washed away two residential urban home, rest heavily flooded. In the last hours has increased the number of flooded roads at the entrance to the capital.

Due to bad weather the whole time was suspended the country's only international airport Tribhuvan. At the airport in visibility below 500 meters is not able to land three scheduled flight from Qatar. Proposed aircraft landing in the Indian Lucknow.

Meteorologists believe that the valley, which is located Katmundu for three hours has fallen more

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The floods near Odessa, killing two people

September 14, 2013. Near Odessa in the floods on September 13 killed two people, reports "Interfax" referring to the press service GSCHS Saturday.

One of the victims hit by ball lightning in Artsiz. The second flood victim, 71-year-old woman drowned in BOLGRAD District.

In total, the evening of September 13 in the Odessa region podtopilo 377 homes. Flood affected Artsyz, Bolgradsky and Tarutinsky areas. Of the four villages where the floods power goes out, 535 people were evacuated. In some areas of the Odessa region was disrupted movement of trains and cars.

As reported UNN, evening September 13, heavy rains,

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South Norway flooded

May 23, 2013. Because of the threat of dam authorities evacuated the inhabitants of several villages. Entire villages were flooded. Bad weather led to the transport collapse — in some places washed out roads, completely stopped traffic on a major national highway connecting the capital with the city of Trondheim. In some areas, destroyed bridges. Partially disrupted rail links. No injuries not yet known. Meanwhile, according to weather forecasts, rainfall in the region will continue. The flooding may be the strongest over the past half century.

Source: ONT.BY


Flooding in Norway, in the southern parts of the

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Australia has formed an "internal sea"

Australia has formed an "internal sea" Natural disasters

Eastern Australian coast is still suffering from the floods. Around 7275 people can not get timely help in heavily flooded New South Wales. The prime minister said Barry O'Farella manned by their region from a helicopter looks like a great inland sea.

In the city of Morea, where more than 600 people were affected by the flood and Gvidir Megi, the evacuation of residents. Some homes and other buildings were completely under water, the streets of the city, which is more reminiscent of Venice, looking like water channels. The same situation in

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Flooding in Dagestan

May 20, 2013. Rains that whole last week did not leave alone the North Caucasus, "auknulos" water levels in the mountain rivers and as a result, flooding several towns in Dagestan, cutting them off from the outside world. In Temirgoe water washed away the wall of an irrigation canal, and threatens to destroy the asphalt road linking the town with the federal highway "Kavkaz". In the village of Alma on Sunday night were flooded dozens of homes. I had to turn off the electricity, saving people in the dark furniture and household utensils. Dam was broken in Kizilyurt district were

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South-west China suffers from floods

June 10, 2013. The continuing several days of heavy rain caused flooding in the south-west of China. Flooded villages and partially — the city in provinces such as Guizhou and Gaunsi, as well as the municipality of Chongqing. Damaged farmland.

In the tourist center of Guangxi — Guilin — came out of the local river banks, exceeding the width of 100 meters. Shipping on it closed.

The county Zhunshuy the same province received almost 110 mm of rain. Firefighters rescued from the roofs of flooded homes of several people.

In the city of Guizhou Province Junyi 208 mm of

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