Flooding in the Fiji Islands. Video


01.03.12. Tropical cyclone 30 March 2012 caused flash floods, which resulted in the motorway were closed and residents of the main island of Viti Levu, to pick up on the roofs of their houses had to be evacuated. Due to heavy rains in the western part of the island floods.

According to the National Office management in critical situations, the water level was much higher than during the January floods, which killed 11 people. Tropical cyclone TD17F moving south at 19 kilometers per hour.

Most affected by the floods west of the island, in particular Nadi

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The number of victims of floods and landslides in southern Thailand has risen to 58

The number of victims of floods and landslides in southern Thailand has risen to 58. This was reported today by ITAR-TASS news agency in the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom.

The lack of security is still a provincial Nakhonsitammarat, Surat Thani and Trang. There is still a heavy weather, in some areas the water level reaches five feet. At the same time, Surat Thani Airport and Samui is operating normally.

At the moment, the provinces of the south was able to restore air and rail in full, is repair of roads and power lines. The government has allocated 150

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Floods in eastern Indonesia

At least 13 people in Indonesia were killed last night in the floods in the far east of the country — in the Indonesian part of the island of New Guinea, said in a Friday newspaper Jakarta Globe.

Over the banks as a result of heavy rains flooded the river a number of villages in the districts and Ekadide Agadide, forcing their inhabitants to seek refuge in the upstream areas, the official representative of the Office of Disaster Management Indonesia Purva Sutopo Nugroho (Sutopo Purwo Nugroho).

"The data on the number of victims could increase because the evacuation and rescue

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The world is waiting typhoon. Video


Japan dominated by typhoon "Talas". He struck the southern islands, causing floods and landslides. There are casualties among the local population. Catherine Minassian to continue the topic.


Source: Channel PIC

In Japan, the growing number of victims of a powerful typhoon

MOSCOW, September 4 — RIA Novosti. At least eight people have been victims of landslides and floods caused by a powerful typhoon "Talas" in Japan, 33 people are still missing, reports on Sunday, Japanese broadcaster NHK.

Previously reported six dead and 20 missing.

Before "Talas" walked through the island of Shikoku, and later — in

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Flooding in the Philippines: the biggest in 20 years


February 4. The death toll from floods in the southern Philippines by Friday evening again increased — up to 13 people — after the news from the province of Sulu that last night there were killed and five were missing two of its residents, according to the website channel ABS-CBN.


Earlier it was reported that the floods in the north-eastern part of the large southern island of Mindanao led to the deaths of eight Filipinos, more than 44 thousand people have been forced to flee their homes.


Torrential rains have covered some areas of Jolo (Sulu)

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The consequences of the floods in Pakistan is as heavy as the famine in Africa, says UN

According to the report of the United Nations, "a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions" is progressing in areas affected by flooding southern Pakistan, where the degree of malnutrition in competition with those African countries where famine. In the province of Sindh Some villages are still under water six months after floods, almost a quarter of children under five are malnourished, while 6% were severe hunger, according to a survey.


"I have never seen such a heavy food shortages since the famine in Ethiopia, Darfur and Chad. This is shocking, "- said Karen Allen, deputy head of UNICEF in

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Floods in Brazil


6.01.11.RIO DE JANEIRO. In Brazil, the victims of the floods and landslides have become 35. More than 30 thousand people lost krova.Ob writes "KP", referring to the National Secretariat of Civil Defense.

It is known that the impact of the water element occurred mainly in the eastern state of Minas Gerais. At this point, killing at least 16 people. In the neighboring state of Sao Paulo, a landslide destroyed the house. As a result, four people, among them children, were not able to save their lives. The victims of the heavy rains registered in the State of Rio de

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UN calls to prepare for an increase in natural disasters

Japan, Fukushima, April 2011November 27, 2011.Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Disaster Risk Reduction Margareta Wahlström said that the government should be more carefully planned actions in the light of increased threat of natural disasters, especially in relation to climate change.

In South-East Asia from continuing since June floods affected nearly 20 million people. Killed more than 1,000 people. Only in Thailand from the strongest in 50 years floods affected some 13 million people.

"This year the scale of the disaster and their economic and humanitarian consequences of extremely high. Therefore, governments, companies and

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Record flooding in desert Nambu


10.04.11.Rekordnye rampant floods in the central and northern regions of the African Nambu. With great flood, absorbing the whole villages of one of the driest countries in the world, tens of thousands of people are struggling.

Nambu, located in south-western Africa, the second time in the last 3 years to declare a state of natural disaster caused by floods.

But this time the extent of the biggest disaster in the last 120 years, since the beginning of recorded meteorological observations.

Critical situation in six districts in the northern part of the country. 30,000 people have fled their

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In the streets of Australia’s sharks


16.01.11.Akuly were seen along the main street during floods in the Australian city Gudna Queensland. Two sharks, which are among those species that attack people seen by local residents. On Thursday it was reported that one of these predators is floating on the streets Vrisbana.

Sharks prefer shallow water and can be in fresh water. They often fall into the river in search of food. Meanwhile, it was reported that the Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has received medical treatment at a hospital after infected leg, which hurt, helping to evacuate people from Vrisbana Thursday. New floods

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