In Britain, the chaos intensified after floods

British Isles continue to suffer from floods, triggered by flooding of rivers and rain. Continues to increase the number of flooded homes and businesses across the country, there are two strong flood warning (at the risk of life) on the main highway west submerged.

Last day, the number of victims. Young girl sleeping in his tent, death rolled a tree. The same fate is likely befell two other men near the center of the county of Exeter. In it, as in Cornwall and rescue teams are working with might and main. Residents urged to last especially avoid traveling

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Italy counts the losses from floods

Finally, the water level at the Venetian faces began to return to normal, and with a record 1.5 meters on St. Mark's Square down to 90 cm during the week predicted a further reduction of the water level, and experts expect that figure drops to 60 cm to weekends.

The decline of water — this is a joyous occasion for indigenous Venetians, and for tourists planning to visit the city, but the elation quite lost when it comes to damage to the city and the more southern regions of Italy prolonged rains and the subsequent floods. In Tuscany during

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Over three thousand people will struggle with spring floods in Primorye

Rescuers Primorye formed group for the prevention and elimination of consequences of high water — it includes more than three thousand people and more than 900 pieces of equipment, told RIA Novosti on Sunday, the regional representative of the central board of MOE.

According to him, the monitoring and prediction of floods by specialists MOE, Hydrometeorology, Water Management and RPN. To provide timely on the situation on the rivers of the region involved gauging Primgidrometa 61.

"The main work will be conducted in pavodkoopasnyh areas as well as the bridges on the rivers of Primorye Ussuri Arsenyevka, Big Ussurka, robin,

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Winter came to West Virginia by Hurricane Sandy

As you know, Hurricane Sandy brought numerous floods in the eastern regions of the United States. And West Virginia had to literally dig out from under the snow, because after it was formed nearly Sandy meter snow layer. From such an unexpected winter, many did not survive the power lines, and about three hundred families were left without electricity. Some restaurants have resorted to the use of long-forgotten gas cookers, not to stop the work.

Snow drifts on the roads of the state and collapsed under the weight of snow on the roadway trees practically paralyzed movement. If after

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In northern Nigeria recorded flood

Virtually all African state of Nigeria is suffering because of the floods, which occur alternately in its different states. At this time, could not avoid the sad fate of the northern state of Taraba and where in the flooded villages killed at least 19 people.

As the representative of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of Nigeria at a press conference in the state capital, the Jalingo, fatal cases were reported in eight counties. Water damaged more than 80,000 staff arable land, more than 28 thousand people have refugee status or missing after floods. Among other things, not less

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Flooding in southern Spain

As a result of floods, triggered by rains that had come suddenly withered in the heat of many months of the Spanish land, drowned 10 people, and about 600 people were forced to evacuate. Accident took place in the provinces of Murcia and Almeria in the south-east of Spain and Malaga in the south. 52-year-old British citizen, the number of lists of missing persons in Almeria. Five others missing, fortunately, found alive by rescuers.

Under the pressure of the water gushing from the rivers spilled, was demolished road bridge, which at that time were the car. In some cities,

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The victims of the floods in the UK were two more people

Two more people — a man and a woman — were victims of floods and storms, kotoryybushuet several days in the UK, according to British media.

North Wales Police said Thursday that 27-year-old woman and a 25-year-old man drowned in a river overflowing due to flooding Klyuedog in Wrexham. According to some reports, they were trying to rescue fallen into the water dog, but no official confirmation of this does not give the police, while considering the death of a young couple as "unexplained".

Earlier, the weather has become the victim of 31-year-old New Zealander who was murdered at her

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More than 15 people were killed in floods in South Sudan

More than 15 people were killed in floods in South Sudan, told reporters Wednesday the minister of information most affected state of Western Equatoria Charles Barnaba Kisanzha.

According to him, the truck, which was traveling from the town of Yambio in South Sudan's capital Juba, was washed into the water from a bridge over the river Lurie, and 12 of its passengers are presumed dead.

"We are deeply saddened by this incident, which showed a dangerous journey to South Sudan these days," — said Kisanzha.

Heavy rains flooded roads of Southern Sudan and made it impossible for the delivery of

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Nearly 50 people were killed in floods in Niger

At least 47 people were killed in Niger by the floods caused by prolonged rains, about 370,000 have suffered financial losses, reports Xinhua news agency on Saturday.

According to Interior Minister Abdou Labo (Abdou Labo), Nigerian authorities need about $ 9.7 million to help all the victims. To date, the budget allocated 5.63 million. Other than the lack of funds, as the country is experiencing an acute need in cereals, the report says.

The rainy season in West Africa usually starts in June and lasts until the end of September.

Emergencies Ministry warns of the threat of floods in Sochi

Emergency department for the Krasnodar Territory issued an emergency alert to the threat of floods in the area gathering Mzymta in Sochi.

According to the Krasnodar regional meteorologist, on Wednesday in connection with the expected heavy precipitation in the basin of the river Mzymta the area of the mouth of the creek to the mouth of the river Sulimanovsky Psluh expected mud flows.

MOE noted that because of the vanishing mudslides are likely emergencies involving overlapping of roads and railways, damage to transmission towers, bridges and critical infrastructure, loss of life.

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