In Nigeria, there was a great flood

August 30, 2013. Torrential rains have caused floods in some parts of Nigeria. As a result of checking the readiness of the country was subjected to emergency situations.

The floods affected 35,000 people in five states of Nigeria. About 600 people were left homeless. At least one person was killed. In the state of Katsina in the north of the country flooded 55 farms, the newspaper writes, "The Guardian".

A large number of casualties could be avoided by the early warning system, people quickly moved to a safe area. This system was created after serious flooding in 2012,

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Flooding in the Philippines

Flooding in the Philippines Natural Disasters

December 16, 2011 in the middle of the night on the south Philippines storm hit flow caused by tropical storm "your." According to preliminary data funeral toll is 436 people. In Cagayan de Oro killing 215 people, in the next Iligane — about 144, the rest of the victim is referred to the other cities of the southern and central provinces. Many bodies were not identified, due to the fact that no relative is not survived the flood. Many people are still missing. In Iligane number of missing is around 250 inhabitants.

Flood water,

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Thailand after the typhoon and floods threaten China

Thailand after the typhoon and floods threaten China Natural Disasters

As the official Thai sources, 10 out of 77 provinces are affected by flooding. To date, the excess water from affecting more than 157,000 people in the country of more than 63 thousand families. Water damaged the 1333 villages of 31 Thai district, located mainly in the central and eastern Thailand.

By Flooding prepared and China. This time the threat comes from a typhoon Dzhelavat that comes close to a. Taiwan. Chinese national meteorological centers already declared "orange" Danger code that precedes the highest "red" code. This decision

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Floods in Pakistan and India

Floods in Pakistan and India Natural Disasters

Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh in southern Pakistan on the verge of flooding on the scale reminiscent of the summer floods of 2010. Only one had to be evacuated Balochistan nearly 100,000 inhabitants, as irrigation canals and dams along the Indus River, and the water-holding system completely broke down under the impact of heavy monsoon rains.

As seen from the pictures taken satellite systems, a large number of plots of land near the Pakistani Indus already flooded. The depth of water in some places impressive size (in the figure indicates a more

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Kenyans rescued from flood

Kenyans fleeing flood Natural Disasters

In Kenya, the ongoing heavy rains, triggering floods, in which many residents were forced to flee their homes. Which began in late November rains have destroyed roads and bridges, which can be delivered to the victims.

Figure 1.Pyatidesyatiletny Mze Enos Agol is a calf after floods flushed his house in a Kenyan village Niakvere on the lake. Victoria on December 10.

The water level in the Danube River, the second largest river in Europe, fell to a record low, complicating the work of river vessels. The reason for this was the driest in the last

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Floods in Nigeria evacuated over 20,000 people

Floods in Nigeria evacuated over 20,000 people Natural Disasters

Flooding in the eastern part of Nigeria took the lives of at least 10 people and forced about 20,000 people to flee their homes after torrential rains forced the Cameroonian authorities to decide on the opening of the dam.

The flood has covered more than 40 villages in Nigeria. As the Nigerian emergency services, many people are still missing. Evacuated people have settled in makeshift camps, especially in dire need of water, food, clothing and blankets. Cameroon authorities have warned about opening the dam for a few weeks. Discovery

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Heavy rains take life 26 Pakistanis

Heavy rains take life 26 Pakistanis Natural Disasters

According to official figures, 23 August 2012 as a result of heavy rains and landslides killed at least 26 people and destroyed hundreds of homes in northern Pakistan. Pakistani Prime Minister Abdul Majed said that 685 houses and 125 shops were destroyed, along with surrounding roads. At the moment, expected financial aid from the government. Representative of the National Disaster Management reported that the final damage assessment was not carried out.

The cause of death of most people in the region of Kashmir was the collapse of buildings due to

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Severe storms, landslides and floods in India

Severe storms, landslides and floods in India Natural Disasters

Prolonged heavy rains and landslides have killed 10 people in various parts of the district prigimalayskogo Utarakanda. At least 53 people are reported missing as a result of the rapid flooding and river flooding. Caused landslides forced the country to take the decision to close the annual pilgrimage Char Dham for as long as the situation is brought under control.

Among the dead were not only civilians, but also employees of rescue units. According to official reports, the Gantori where Bhagirathi river washed away the bridge, and about forty

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Terrible floods in North Korea

Terrible floods in North Korea, Natural Disasters

As the central news agency of North Korea, after more than a week in the country were heavy rains and thunderstorms, almost the entire territory of the state in varying degrees, was flooded. Particularly difficult conditions created storm in the western province of South Pengan.

Water flows destroyed more than 5,000 homes and podtopili about 12,000 dwellings. Almost 62,000 people in one week homeless. More than 25,000 hectares of crops were under an impressive layer of rainwater, 4800 hectares completely destroyed, which means a further deterioration of the food situation in

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Emergency evacuation after floods in Japan

Emergency evacuation after floods in Japan Natural Disasters

Approximately 25,000 residents of Japan. Kyushu were forced to evacuate their homes because of the threat of flooding and landslides after prolonged rains, never ceased to pour more days. The number of evacuees in Heath, Oita Prefecture, was 16 800. The city is in danger due to sharply raise the water level in the rivers surrounding the town. Perhaps, the evacuation will proceed in the coming days, as the rain continued to pour and hold for a few more days. At this point rainfall of 50-70 mm per hour. In the city

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