Third Raptor crashed in three years in the U.S.

In the United States on November 15 in the state of Florida crashed fighter of the fifth generation F-22 Raptor («Raptor"). According to a representative of a U.S. Air Force pilot was killed. He was able to eject.

On the ground, as a result of the incident no one was hurt.

World's most expensive fighter aircraft — F-22 Raptor U.S. Air Force crashed in a forest in the state of Florida in the southeastern United States, presumably during a training flight near the airbase Tayndell.

Pilot hospitalized, currently the state of the pilot observed by doctors. The cause of

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U.S. threatens sea-level rise

U.S. threatens rising sea levels Danger Zone

The lives of 5 million Americans are living at a height of a few meters above sea level, is really threatened by the consequences of global warming. Basically, it refers to coastal populations from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico and the west coast, where the water levels in the ocean of the risk of flooding has doubled.

Only one South Florida is under attack taxable property value of 30 billion U.S. dollars. In California, because of the changing climate in the next two decades will be exposed to the danger of flooding

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Secrets of the childrens camp in Florida

Excavators have found 50 bodies buried under the borstal institution for boys, which was closed in 2010 alone,. Over the years, almost nobody in the school is dosed (Dozier School) did not know about the burial in a forest clearing on the border of the campus. This area was prohibited. These lands, which are now run by small ants, hides much more than the remains of the little boys. Only now she begins to uncover the secrets of their sinister: the horror stories on the permitted state barbarism, including corporal punishment, sexual abuse, and probably murder. The fact that the

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U.S. South was invaded snowy tornado

U.S. South was invaded snowy tornado Natural Disasters

According to witnesses, at least six tornadoes swept over the four southern states in the U.S. for one night earlier this week. Their force was so great that under the impact craters could not withstand the roofs and walls of houses, as well as fragments of tubes and pumps from the local gas pipelines.

This event is not only surprising number of tornadoes, who managed to leave a mark on the southern United States in such a short space of time, but the fact that they were formed and gained

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USA: Florida divers were in the midst waterspouts

September 27, 2013. Divers were able to film the unique shots during his voyage off the coast of Florida. Athletes caught in the epicenter of the five waterspouts formed around their boats.

Source: RT

In Florida, there was a tornado

July 11, 2013. Last Tuesday, the city of Palmetto, Florida, United States, tornadoes hit. Suffered at least 12 homes. The degree of damage varies from minor damage to complete destruction.

One person suffered minor injuries. Two families were left without a roof over their heads. They are helped by the local branch of the Red Cross. The other tornado victims found temporary refuge with family members or friends, writes Herald-Tribune.

John and his wife Nancy Kedlik recall sitting in the living room and watch TV, when suddenly noticed a cloud of dust on the street and bendable trees

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Tropical storm Dorian

August 3, 2013. Last week, U.S. forecasters noted the decrease in the activity of tropical systems, "Dorian" at the level of a tropical storm to a less dangerous tropical wave. Now, however, the cyclone re-gaining momentum, coming to the east coast of Florida.

This weekend in the Bahamas and the coast of Florida expected heavy downpours with thunderstorms and gusty winds. Although forecasters say that the cyclone is unlikely to again reach the level of a tropical storm, residents of coastal cities, including fishermen and owners of cruise ships, warned of possible floods.

"Dorian" has shown the first signs of

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Tornado in Florida

July 13, 2013. On Monday in Tampa Bay, Florida could be seen a giant waterspout.

The funnel tornado moved over the surface of the water, then went to the land, causing little damage to homes, standing on the shore. Fortunately, no casualties.

Source: News Gismeteo

Karst collapse in Clermont, Fla.

August 13, 2013. Yama, eighteen feet wide formed in Clermont, Florida at the end of the night, reported CNN. The failure caused the collapse of the building, fortunately no one was hurt. Now an investigation into the incident.

It is known that sinkholes can be formed in any place, they are formed due to dissolution of minerals such as limestone, gypsum and salt. And the occurrence of the failure could trigger a significant drought or heavy rainfall.

However, data were obtained from 5 to 12 August of «Orlando Executive Airport» and «Orlando International airport," according to the here

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Tropical storm "Isaac" covered the northern part of the Gulf Coast

Tropical storm "Isaac" covered the northern part of the Gulf Coast Weather and Climate

Millions of people in four U.S. states along the border with the Gulf of Mexico, were covered tropical storm that took the lives of several people on their way to the Caribbean.

Florida has been declared in advance anxiety due to the pending storm approaching August 27, 2012, which, according to preliminary estimates, is able to increase to hurricane winds with gusts to 170 kilometers per hour. The expected path of the storm is in the direction of the coast of Alabama, Mississippi and

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