Story behind the shot.

Photographer James Sheppard lets us in on the secrets behind his beautiful flower shot.

What made you decide to take this lovely photo?

I went for a day out at Exbury Gardens in Hampshire back in May. I had heard that the spring flowers were in full bloom, so I took my camera to get some colourful floral shots. I came across these pink azaleas, and decided that they would make a great macro subject due to the beautiful detail on the petals and in the centre of the flower.

What camera and settings did you use to get these

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Exotic plants for the garden.

Almost all of the exotic plants in central Russia on its southern homeland are quite common and unpretentious of flora. However, getting in inappropriate conditions associated with extreme temperature changes, frost without snow and frequent thaws, they «act up.» By ensuring «foreigners» comfortable existence, we are increasing their chances of not only survival, but also to preserve the decorative appearance.

Mr. ortenziya oakleaf

The height of shrubs rarely exceed 1.2 meters. Valued for the beautiful dark green leaves, top and bottom covered with white tomentose pubescence, in the form they are similar to oak. By late summer the leaves become

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Stylish handsome men in red «doublets»

The summer red, faded favorite flowers. Time is impossible to cheat, but it can be negotiated! Purple foliage of some trees and shrubs can permanently extend the feeling of the summer extravaganza in the garden. Bold bright red accents are particularly impressive with the background light colored roses and flower herbaceous perennials.

Usually leaves most trees and shrubs are colored green, albeit in different shades. But as in every rule, among the flora there are exceptions. One of them — krasnolistnyh plants «haircuts» which delight the unusual play of colors. They are especially good in combination with the «neighbors», decorated

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Into the Mystic

Magda Wasiczek doesn’t worry about accuracy — she feels that «realistic treatment is for encyclopedias.» Instead, with a powerful blend of bold color and selective focus, her floral studies conjure up a magical world of fairy tales, spirits, and sprites. Come fall under its spell.

Her photographs are floral dreamscapes — ready made for Oberon, Titania and their sailboats of walnut shells and gardenia petals. And her work has been widely recognized, winning prizes and being shown in books, galleries and magazines around the world. Magda Wasiczek a self-taught, 40 year old photographer from southwest Poland, interprets floral capes with

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How to make a limewood lily

Limewood foliage carving is most closely associated with the stunning swags and garlands of the great 17th-century master Grinling Gibbons and in modern times with the equally stunning floral bouquets of David Esterly.

If you are not quite ready to aim that high, this project provides a single flower to help you practise creating delicate petals and leaves with ultra-thin edges before you tackle more complex compositions.

The flower is an arum lily originating from Africa, but grown as a garden flower in Britain since the 17th century and a favourite of florists. Its charm lies in its beautiful bell-shaped

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Keeping cucumber-lemon

It is strong and vigorous plant with very thick compared to most of the cucumber vines, stems and large leaves. The stem grows to a length of 5 m. To grow this plant trellis preferred method, the design must be powerful enough, and twine — thick to growing vine trellis is not filled up. When the stem grows to 2-2.5 m, it simply throws down through the frame trellis. With proper care climber is literally littered with cucumbers that grow on the main stem and in the axils of the first and second sheets stepson. In order to stimulate the

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Almost like in the south

Summer, sun and blooming subtropical plants in tubs … Thanks to them, a terrace turned into a paradise.

Oleanders and R0, we usually cause association with the resorts of Crimea, the Caucasus, the Mediterranean. Though it is necessary to show that most of the classic potted plants on the very fact did not come from the Caucasus and from Southern Europe, Bougainvillea. for example, imported from Brazil, Datura also native to South America. Jasmine from Asia, handicraft kovidnye chrysanthemum from the Canary Islands. Only oleander, olive (olive) and laurel — a truly European Southerners. So on our terraces settled

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AUTUMN flower beds

September — one of the most beautiful months. Yellow and blush leaves of trees and shrubs bloom profusely autumn flowers. All flowering plants require normal maintenance. But you need to worry about faded too much.

In early September, and are planted clematis flowers melkolukovichnye (Pushkin, crocus, muscari, leucojum, snowdrops, erythronium, Scylla), trim and peel biennials and perennials. Grouse and daffodils are transplanted into the middle of the month. At the same time, crop the ground almost at the peonies.

Tulips are planted in late September in the furrows at a depth of 10-15 cm at a distance of 3-10 cm

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Autumn Symphony

For a long time, shrubby sedum species are not separated from the ground cover, and they are all called stonecrop. Now, however, there is a tendency to call these plants ochitnikami and allocate them in a separate subgenus. Ochitniki — is a perennial herbaceous plants, some of which reach 60-70 cm in height. Their compact or sprawling shrubs can be found in almost any garden, because of the hardy crops under force to adapt to any conditions.

The most famous sight ochistnikov (Hylotelephium), used everywhere — it’s about. prominent (H. spectabile). His strict, straight, not overwhelm the stems height

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Flower close-up Charlotte Williams

Samsung PL150, 27mm equivalent focal length, 1/60sec at f/3.5, ISO 80 there are times when we’re all inclined to blame our equipment for our photographic failings, rather than accept that we could have done things slightly differently to get a better result. Yet sometimes the camera we are using is at least partly to blame for things not coming out as well as they could.

Charlotte’s macro shot, taken using a ‘point-and-shoot’ camera, is an example of this. It’s obvious that the central flower isn’t sharp, and because the petals in the lower right corner are noticeably sharper, this suggests

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