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Just because it’s brown doesn’t make it any less techie. How else could a bunch of dried leaves be manipulated into a cleaning implement, if not for applied science?


Most soft brooms sourced and used in countries like the U.S. and Japan are made from dried corn husks. Philippine Tambo, on the other hand, comes from one of two types of reeds: “phragmites,” the English name for tambo, and “tiger grass,” also a phragmite sub species. Reeds are basically talahib that grow beside rivers, and only on damp ground. They sprout up green and are harvested brown between

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Into the Mystic

Magda Wasiczek doesn’t worry about accuracy — she feels that «realistic treatment is for encyclopedias.» Instead, with a powerful blend of bold color and selective focus, her floral studies conjure up a magical world of fairy tales, spirits, and sprites. Come fall under its spell.

Her photographs are floral dreamscapes — ready made for Oberon, Titania and their sailboats of walnut shells and gardenia petals. And her work has been widely recognized, winning prizes and being shown in books, galleries and magazines around the world. Magda Wasiczek a self-taught, 40 year old photographer from southwest Poland, interprets floral capes with

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Try exotic

Read more about the features and useful properties of overseas fruit, not to get lost in front with an exotic layout.


Longan is considered the motherland China, and the name of the fruit in Chinese means «dragon’s eye.» Like its close relative of lychees, longan has a light translucent pulp and large dense bone. The skin is thin and easy to clean, not crimson and yellowish-brown. This small-sized fruit, a huge number of useful properties. This tasty treat is not only a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals, but also possesses medicinal properties. Longan improves memory and activates

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What color dinner?

Since childhood we all know that fruits and vegetables — this set of health vitamin. With this truth can not argue (even meat eaters will not find passionate arguments against). However, not all plant foods is equally useful, each vegetable or fruit bears its targeted benefit to a specific organ or system of the human body. About what kind, with the help of color tells us Mother Nature herself. For a healthy balanced diet is necessary to include in the diet of representatives of all the color groups.

Green. Representatives. Kiwi, avocado, asparagus, cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce, parsley, zucchini, green

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Require Russian-made flowers!

The silence in the huge greenhouse is broken only by the sound of running conveyors. In the eyes dazzled by the diversity of colors, standing in neat rows in pots for the transparent film. In the distance, two workers in white coats distribute seedlings on the tub. No fuss, no talking. Only a "robot assistant" continuously rolled across the ceiling from one corner of the building to another.

Agrokombinat "Moscow" is located in Moscow, Moscow region, is grown flowers (and vegetables) of more than 40 years.

"We do not sell cut flowers. We want to persuade the Russians to

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The singing field created history of Christianity in Russia of flowers

July 20 at the Song Festival Grounds Pechersk Landscape Park in Kiev, an exhibition of flower arrangements to the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Kievan Rus’. 

As the press service of Kyiv City State Administration, an area of 2 million square meters. m are 8 flower arrangements: "The sacrament of baptism baby", "Apostle Andrew the First-Called," "Princess Olga", "Nestor the Chronicler", "Orans". One of the installations — "Path to the truth" — consists of three exhibitions: the ships of Kievan Rus’ on the waves of the Dnieper pass Kiev Pecherskuoy laurels in the direction of

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Olympic plants

In the Olympic kennel were adapted over 140,000 trees, shrubs and flowers. Plants intended for planting the main Olympic Village in Mediterranean style.

They were taken in Sochi last spring. Some of them are from Italy, where the climate is very similar to Sochi, and the plants survived the move without severe stress. Trees and flowers fully recovered from the carriage began to grow rapidly, many of them bloom, indicating that their well-being.

First dissolved the Japanese camellia flowers, behind her — azaleas, wisteria, roses, ornamental apple tree. Near turned bright carpet phlox. Just

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Kaliningrad manufacturer started shipping tulips in Holland

Kennel "Kalinkou" is created in the village Kalinkou Guard District of the Kaliningrad region in 2011. An area of about 400 hectares is building a large plant growing economy.

To date, developed more than 20 hectares. Planted with fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs. A little less than a hectare occupy the greenhouse for the cultivation of pot plants. Built warehouses of 5,400 square meters, of which 780 sq ft is equipped with modern cold rooms for storage of cut flowers. Build their own tank farm, bought more than 50 units of specialized

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In memory of the players of Locomotive in Yaroslavl was March of Silence

Happy September 7 in Moscow railway station began to gather fans Yaroslavl hockey club "Lokomotiv" — friends, acquaintances, relatives. A huge column started many thousands of buildings Frunze administration and proceeded on Moscow Avenue, turning onto the street Institutskaya.

We all remember crying rain a year ago. He walked and eighth, and ninth, and tenth numbers. Today, about half of the third suddenly came running clouds and rain drizzling through the shining sun. And in that moment, when one march of the column moved along the avenue, in the sky there was a small rainbow.

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In Kaliningrad, on March 8 will be grown under Guards tulips

In Gardes district implemented a "beautiful" investment project — the production on the cultivation of tulips. At present, the greenhouses are prepared to sell the first batch of flowers — 2,500,000 25 varieties of tulips. Large deliveries will be made in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The company "Three Seven" began in the village of Kalinkou in May last year. It is equipped with modern technologies greenhouse area of 0.8 hectares. These areas, by 2013, plans to expand to 8 hectares. All work processes are automated, including heating, chemical feed and watering plants. Also has its own weather station

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