Swine flu: to recognize and neutralize!

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How dangerous strain of H1N1? How to recognize the symptoms of the "swine flu"? How not to get sick? We were asked to answer the most frequently asked questions from our readers doctor of medical sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Head. scientific advisory department FGBU "Institute for Immunology Research Center of Russia" Lyudmila Luss Vasilevnu.

— How dangerous "swine" flu? Is it such an aggressive and contagious as they write about it?

Unfortunately, the rumors and speculation prevent people to assess the situation around the "swine flu". The nature of

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Flu Attacks!

According to preliminary estimates of physicians, the number of victims of the epidemic of influenza and SARS in the fall will be, at least at the level of the previous year. Even today in the capital, according to the Moscow Health Department, the number of cases increased by 60% compared to the summer period. Recorded outbreaks of SARS and other regions of Russia.

It is not necessary to guess what type of virus attacks your body and try to remove the torment you have symptoms and seek medical advice immediately!

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Influenza, ARI, ARI

Flu other SARS (RHS) — is infectious (viral) diseases with which everyone faces in their lives many times. More likely to get sick in the off-season (fall, spring) or winter. During this period, the body is usually weakened by a lack of vitamins and sunlight and drizzly cold weather, which affects the immunity.

SARS— Acute respiratory viral infections that are transferred airborne by (before they were called acute respiratory disease — acute respiratory disease). This group of diseases includes flu, parainfluenza, adenovirus, rhinovirus, and other infections.

For the prevention of these diseases need to avoid hypothermia, eating vegetables and

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Flu? Enemy must know in person!


Flu — A severe viral infection that does not spare neither adults nor children. Despite the flippant attitude to the disease, it often ends lethal. In this annual influenza epidemic affects up to 15% of the inhabitants of our planet, and the total of each of us is losing the fight against the infection for about a year. According to statistics, the flu and SARS, the most common infectious diseases and mass. Only in Russia mark from 27.3 to 41.2 million infections a year. In medicine, the flu is divided into three types: A, B and C.

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A healthy immune system disease say No!

"The main thing — health, and the rest will follow …" — we used to say. But because we care about your health? Somebody is doing exercises in the morning? Hardening? Vaccinated annually against influenza? Checkups at the clinic, takes the analyzes?

Right now underway attacking us flu and cold. Reliable prophylaxis against these viruses — a complete work of our immune system. And what are we to make of this? At best buy vitamins that honestly put on the "most prominent" and forget about them …

Unfortunately, at the peak of the epidemic season weakened immune

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From the history of influenza

The diagnosis of "flu" has already become a habit. Temperature rises, pouring from his nose, sore throat. Nothing is done, will have ten days to sit at home, swallowing the bitter pill and choking with milk and honey. But it's not fatal. Are you sure? Less than a hundred years ago by a flu epidemic killed nearly 40 million people. There are doctors is a sign: "If you came cold, so not far offepidemic flu ". All medical publications are beginning to publish articles on the prevention and vaccination, and the district doctor to prepare a plump pile of

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How to protect your child from the flu

Seasonal colds, influenza and SARS is not long to wait. Every now and then you hear one friend came down with a fever, the other went to the hospital. If for himself, as usual, is not very worried, trusting in the "maybe", then for the child is always scary. After all, there's nothing worse extinct eye kid who does not want to play or laugh.

Fear is really worth. After all, if an adult is more or less stable immunity, the body flanked by an immature child is still hard to resist diseases, including acute respiratory infections, including influenza

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Do not allow yourself to fall asleep at the wheel

The most "popular" drugs in the autumn and winter — are drugs against symptoms of ARI. Most people do not pay attention to what medicine They are selected because it is assumed that they have approximately the same efficiency. Few pay attention that differ in their drug side effects. For example, some of them cause fatigue and drowsiness, which may be dangerous under certain circumstances.

Almost everyone suffers from seasonal colds and flu. Although doctors recommend when ill to remain in bed, someone is trying to treat yourself without sacrificing performance. Many drugs are available to take the form

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Autumn in the city: why and how to treat acute respiratory infections and colds

In autumn, city residents are powerful "attack" colds. The risk of the larger, the higher the density of the population of the city (the more people, the faster spread of infection) and difficult environmental conditions. Increases the likelihood of ill weak immune system, lack of regular physical activity and other factors that reduce the body's resistance to viruses and bacteria.

The most common seasonal colds — ARI and ARI.

The difference between them is the causative agents of the disease. SARS (Respiratornyevirusnye acute infection) caused by viruses (over 200 species), ARI (acute respiratory disease) — as

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