Sharp fluctuations in climate warming is likely to point to the world: the ancient El Niño clue to future floods

Science (15 July 2011) — According to the scientists' predictions, as warming around the world, harsh climatic fluctuations caused by the floods in Pakistan last year and in Australia this year, probably will continue to be the case.

Researchers from the universities of Oxford and Leeds have found that El Niño (Born El Nino / La Nina — Southern Oscillation, ENSO) — the temperature variation of the surface water in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, which has a significant impact on the climate — annotated. Interpreter) That has an influence on the warmest water of the planet from the West Pacific

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Earth rotates differently

July 12, 2013. The latest research suggests that the earth rotates at different speeds at certain times of the 5.9-year cycle. Scientists have also found a link between changes in the Earth's rotation and the sudden changes in the magnetic field of our planet. The speed of rotation of the globe can change quickly, a millisecond per day, because of the wind or liquid on the surface of the Earth. Scientists can measure how fast the Earth spins, watching the distant objects in space and time and counting how long it takes to get back into the field of view

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Dancing, in Volgograd bridge secured to traffic

On the bridge in Volgograd, which in May last year has undergone strong fluctuations due to the wind, set the dampers. As stressed in the press service of the regional administration, it is the only bridge in Russia, equipped with such equipment. Photo

Dampers (shock absorbers) found in three of the longest spans of the bridge. With strong gusts of wind all the load they will take over.


"Now it is safe to say that any fluctuations in bridge construction excluded", — assured the head of the Volgograd region, Anatoly brow.


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NASA: the universe is finite and small




The data obtained by NASA spacecraft have baffled astronomers with a new urgency and raised the question of the possible limitations of the universe. There is evidence that it is also surprisingly low (in astronomical, of course, scale), and only because of the kind of "optical illusion

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Two strong earthquakes in China


1.11.11.Pervye tremors of magnitude 6.8 were recorded in the region of Xinjiang province on the border with Kyrgyzstan.

Information about the strong earthquake in northern China came from the U.S. Geological Survey Center early Tuesday morning. Fixed magnitude of fluctuations was 6.8. Primordial force fluctuations estimated at 6.0, but later increased the experts this milestone.

First tremors were observed in the north-west of the country, in China's Xinjiang province about 600 km from the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek.

— Tremors of a magnitude of 6.8 points were recorded at 4 am (MSK), at a depth of 33

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In Blagoveshchensk earthquake


15.01.11.Blagoveschensk today felt the tremors. Morning seismograph located in See in Yakutia, recorded earthquake. Around 9:45 fluctuations residents felt the city center and the second neighborhood: The apartment residents swaying chandeliers, objects fall from shelves.

The fact of the earthquake confirmed the press service of the Amur emergency department. But there is no precise information about where its epicenter was located, and what was the power fluctuations. According to preliminary information, their strength was 2-3 points. No injuries or damage.

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The climate has a direct impact on society

David Zhang and his team from the University of Hong Kong conducted a study, which found that the change in our climate promotes wars, economic crises and epidemics.

Scientists have collected a number of statistical fluctuations in the demographics of the population, the ambient temperature, the economic situation and loaded it all into one analytical system. So the scientists incorporated into their calculations about changing patterns of human growth, the price of gold, etc. This information was dated 1500 — 1800godami, ie prior to the industrialization of Europe. After that, David Zhang tried to establish a causal link on how

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The core of the Earth affects the climate

Modern models of the climate, too simple, because it does not take into account a number of factors, which may include the costs and shift the Earth's axis after the earthquake. This goes to show a previously unknown relationship between the growth of average annual temperatures and the rotation of Earth's core, NASA scientists discovered and French meteorologists.

Critics of modern dynamic models, which are calculated on the basis of climate change back in time and forward, quite rightly criticized in the superficiality of their authors, moreover, in a literal sense. Even in the most complex scenarios of heat

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