Purists of the genre

Some believe that the reality of one. Workers One Reality believe that the only moral genre is a classic arcade game. And after a very successful and enjoyable in all respects Crazy Drake’oM going to shoot a volley of three much-needed fans of classic games. And only then do control shot — four toys which publishes only One Reality, but not write.

Nebula Fighter without interest for fans of the «dodge" from asteroids and shooting little spaceship. The creators call the game not only as «a real arcade.» The theme of flight, shooting and collecting weapons flavored original music

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Why does the U.S. continue to design the F-35?

On the last day of spring the South American Defense Ministry published the latest information about the project Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II. Plans to implement this programmki recently been revised and some time moved to the left. So, in December 2015 will be formed the first squadron of 12-24 aircraft F-35A. With this programm reaches the stage of IOC (Initial operational capability — «Initial operational readiness») and the U.S. Air Force to eventually appear first efficient division, armed with new fighters. This news can be interpreted in different ways, but the main conclusion imposes itself. After many years of

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Not bad aircraft does not exist. One that flies perfectly on the highest speed, bad for small, and vice versa. If the wings do bolshennymi, the machine shoots and sits without problems even without wing mechanization, but resistance in flight enormous. If they do malehankih, the landing will take place at speeds of «over 300 km / h», reclaims good longish airfield and runway. And efficiency is … Why, it would be shameful and cost call. In a word, the arrow flying further, faster and stone, while the aircraft should be further and faster. To overcome the age-old problem

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White Knigh — one of the most unusual aircraft modernity

Since then, the Wright brothers took to the skies the first aircraft in the world, human genius revealed to light huge number of different aircraft models in different shapes, designs and purpose. With all this one of the more unusual aircraft today can be called White Knigh (Eng. Snow white knight), first through his own extraordinary exteriors. White Knigh — this jet carrier, which was created for the launch SpaceShipOne — personal suborbital manned reusable spacecraft of cosmic. This unusual aircraft was created by Scaled Composites LLC (USA). The company since 1982 has been creating experimental aircraft. One of

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CHAMPION by imitation

This article focuses on high-accuracy model kits of the Yak-130, which has allowed Russian team RUSJET and its pilot Vitaly Robertus capture the league title at the World Championships Jet World Masters 2011 in the United States. On one of the photos shows a real Yak-130. Try to guess at what. According to some reports, in Germany approximately two million modelers. Models is more popular in other countries in Europe and even more — in the United States. In Russia, this is a hobby prefer only about hundreds of thousands of people, and for the population of 140 million

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Information warfare for freighter

Already a few days last story freighter Alaed («Alaid»). This ship in late June set sail to the coast of Syria with a special cargo. Almost immediately after the release of «Alaid» from port to press reported that still all the same is in the holds of cargo ship. It appeared three combat helicopter Mi-25. Just a few years back the similar announcements almost nobody would have amazed. But at the moment, more than a year when the Syrian army is fighting with so-called opposition, the apparent flight of the ordinary merchant ship for themselves attracted a lot of

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Belarusian poetry sounded in Lithuanian

Celebration at 2-languages opened Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Lithuania to Belarus salting Edminas Bagdonas, which has excellent reads in Russian:"Today, we gather for a party — a presentation of Lithuanian and Belarusian products. For us, the Lithuanians, the Belarusian language is very similar language. "

Adam MaldisAbout the Lithuanian-Belarusian literary connections, which began with Skoriny told two doctors — Lithuanian Petras Brazhenas and Belarusian Adam Maldis. By the way, Adam Maldis in collaboration with Alma Lapinskene, Chairman of the Lithuanian Association in Belarusian, issued a joint research "Perazovy friendly voices." Dr. Alma Lapinskene noted that now is not the only

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Neither 1st lukashista on Volodarka not …

"Babel" in 1918, reported: "In Minsk courses Belarusica prof. Dr. Masonius reading the story there Belarusian language, proves that most Belarusians untainted Koren between eastern Slavs, Poles and Muscovites 1st origin and that the capital has become different from the language under the influence of Polish Belarusian language. All this paragraph pochetaemy doctor proved as filologichnymi Rezonit and avtorytetam scientists. ""Lim" in 1958 Pimen Panchenko prints poem "Anxiety lightning.""Arctic expanses awakened angry thudUp white bears roared in alarm:Fly bombers, flying bombersWith hellish load of bombs to our land.Take acceleration from Greenland and stolen from AlaskaBeckon for a jet tails.Silly flying

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Sevyarinets before departure delayed twice

Paul Sevyarinets detained in the State airport "Minsk". Paul, together with Milinkevich and Alexander Kozulin going to fly to Brussels for a session of the European Parliament.Milinkevich missed smoothly into the cabin, and Paul Sevyarinets led by personal inspection and claimed to fill in the declaration and other papers.Paul said, "Freedom", that since before the flight left 25 minutes, it will keep specially, that he missed the flight.Seviarynets Paul said, "Radio Liberty", the staff of the customs committee drew up a protocol inspection items. When Paul went to the plane, he was again returned to civilian people. They asked the

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Contract for the supply of Su-35 fighters to China could be signed in 2014, deputy chief of state company «Rosoboronexport» Viktor Komardin, reports now en.ria.ru.   «The negotiations have, but the agreement is unlikely to be ready before the end of this year. Signing the agreement, will likely take place in the future year. Chinese negotiators are interested most of all specifications of the contract, «he said.   Komardin not say how many fighters China longs to buy, but added that Beijing is also interested in buying weapons for the Su-35. «Street weapon (gun) will naturally be on the plane,


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