People will have to pay 25 million rubles Proleskovsky

October 1 issued a verdict referee Leninsky district Tatiana Zhulkovskaya. In Last year it condemned the human rights activist Catherine Sadouskaya on two years bullpen.Oleg Proleskovsky filed a tribunal claim for defamation, the pros and goodwill after August 2 publication in "Narodnaya Volya" "Vladimir cold as before is on the loose."They reported on the former first deputy Vladimir Proleskovsky cold, which was accused of corruption. On the control of the ideological control in the article was only a few lines, including "But Proleskovsky at liberty."Chief Editor of "Narodnaya Volya" Joseph Syaredzich not advertise litigation and journalists invited to the process.As

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Boris Krepak: For an artist, dependent on the market better dependence on totalitarianism

"Fatherland" on this week 1957 gives the word prince Bazylev Sviatopolk-Mirsky, "the masses themselves overtaken his people’s intelligentsia, as shown by the first All-Belarusian Congress. Peasant Know (people’s intelligentsia) and know the gentry was harder to" turn ", although the spirit of the time and their hard-earned interests sought from the first more "pavarotnastsi" than the other … Now the same fate stories made other incidents threatening death Belarusian people as such, in general. ""Russian Belarus", year 1977. Retired I.Beker from Minsk writes: "My Country is committed to peace globally, about than readsed in the latest draft of the Constitution

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A.Pashkevich: Stories of BNR not enough love

RSAlexander, or do not feel sorry for you that you fell to be the arbiter of the contest and so Makarov can not participate in it myself?Paszkiewicz: In fact, the first idea I had such a wicked deed came first …RS: How do you feel about this genre — another story utopia dystopii, geteratopii? You’ve written a couple of books istarychna documentary character. And where must unleash the imagination — like it to be a surprise? — How you carries such literature?Paszkiewicz: That’s the plan literature — in the public context, it fits him. Essentially form the Belarusian People’s Republic

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Belarusian Popular Album in Warsaw

Lyceum Director Vladimir Kolos states that "People’s album" fascinating first that neither young Belarusians, Poles or do not know much about the history of Western Belarusian lands in the interwar period.Kolos: "People’s album," I think is fascinating to me and others that restores plastic culture, which has already destroyed. In the 20s-30s in Russian Belarus reigned genocide, and for some ordinary dreams and aspirations of the people were simply killed. And here is the "Simple words and ordinary things," as sung in one of the songs. " At the Warsaw premiere came in the midst of other recognizable director Miroslaw

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Stepan Sukharenko holiday, reports People’s Will

Upcoming information — tomorrow on our website and in the air. Stepan Sukharenka Told "Narodnaya Volya" how to tie his resignation from the Chairman of the State Control beating Zenon Lomat, "Narodnaya Volya"23.07.2007

Newspaper Narodnaya Volya — 12 years

Editor in Chief Joseph Syaredzich said in an interview with "Freedom" and that "for this edition ordinary day.""I work on a team first place put the work. Who do ordinary room — says Joseph Syaredzich — and will summarize when the configuration will come positive disposition. And on this day, when practically every day takes place in the struggle for these configurations, each line is given blood.For three months waiting for a response from the president and his entourage to the question we are going back from Smolensk or, in general, after the Smolensk we are obliged to printed in

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Felix Shkirmankov: We do not believe that remained alive

(Karatkevich 🙂 "I know that in today’s day of victory for you had to fight for the right to speak at the grand rally. You have gained this?"(Shkirmankov 🙂 "Yes, I’m involved in a classic wreath-laying ceremony at the mass grave, which is located in a park in the center of Slavgorod. This is done twice a year — to the days of the Defenders of the Fatherland in February and May 9 Victory day. Gave me the word, but I had to make, as they say, some effort, because when I contacted the head of the ideological department of

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Guest night air — the artist Tatiana Markovets

Now the program "Freedom Night" artist, craftswoman handicrafts Tatiana Markovets. She participant Saturday show "What I believe." Beep poll in Gomel — what Belarusian folk art items you have in your home.In research papers — where Belarusians store and hide funds. Poll — "like you had spent million bucks?"Report from the beginning of the celebration in Minsk Jewish prazdnichka Purim.In the "record" Alexander Pamidorau group of "The Wall", and "Night Primer" Nyaklyayeu reads excerpts from recent poems and diary entries.After 23 minutes — record roundtable with Liberty Vintsuk Vyachorka, Sergei Kalyakin and Anatoly Lebedko that students with Liberty and "House

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Press Review: entrepreneurs are preparing to protest

Businessman from Grodno Valery Levonevsky in an interview to "Narodnaya Volya" states that unregistered entities entrepreneurial movement prepared protests. It is caused by a presidential decree restricting the right of individual entrepreneurs to hire more than 3 people, with these three future only relatives."Narodnaya Volya"Now examine the problem of monetary support to agriculture on the vernal sowing. Reporters learned that the increase in prices of fuel and lubricants requests additional 70 millions of dollars. A day or a question: where to get them?Another innovation — the title "Narodnaya Volya"" The daughter Lukashenko can lead the best school in Minsk. "Newspaper

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Accomplished online conference with Stanislav goose

Stanislav Gander was born in 1949 in Ukraine. Graduated from the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute municipal engineer engineering. One of the creators of the idea of the Baltic-Black Sea oil reservoir (BCHNK), which was in 1993 voiced Belarusian Popular Front, but the government rejected V.Kebicha. Please 1990s S.Gusak went into the opposition shadow cabinet BPF Sun XII convocation, was a confidant of Poznyak on presidential elections 1994. From 1995 to 1999. — Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front. Is a member of the Diet BPF.In an interview with "Freedom" Stanislav Husak said: "Belarus could have multiple sources of fuel supplies.

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