Waste Not, Want Not


There is a free lunch! On September 19, Tristram Stuart will feed 5,000 New Yorkers a free lunch, using ingredients that would have otherwise been thrown away. Stuarts tasty meal (really!), known as “Feeding the 5000,” serves to highlight the fact that each year 1.3 billion tons, at least one-third of all food produced, is wasted. He has put on similar events in cities from London to Nairobi, including items like mango smoothies and potato curry. As a teenager growing up in England, Stuart collected more

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Vegetarian taste

“Terroiror the ‘flavour of the land’ is of key importance to a cheesemaker. Where and what animals eat directly impacts the taste and components of the milk, affecting the cheesemaking process and consequent results.

This uplift of minerals and food from the soil is what gives us variety as well. Does where I grow in Waihi have different soil, vegetation and weather patterns than other places in New Zealand? Is the makeup of the milk from my Jersey cows different from my next door neighbour’s Friesian cows? Yes, it is. Land and breeding make a difference. It is what makes

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The inheritance of food

Gastronomy is something of a family heirloom in the Rostang household. But, that didn’t stop fifth generation chef and multiple Michelin star holder Michel Rostang from being one of the humblest chefs Sudeshna Ghost has interviewed.

He comes from a family of restaurateurs, so becoming a chef was an inevitability for Michel Rostang. As he himself admits, «I can’t imagine not being a chef. If is natural, I’ve been living and breathing food since I was a baby.” With seven restaurants, and over 30 years of cooking under his belt, many might say if is time for him to enjoy

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Taking a Small Bite of Spanish Culture

These tempting tidbits delight the palate with intense flavors and contrasting textures. Whether simple or complex in their preparation, served hot or cold, tapas make a satisfying starter or the perfect addition to any social gathering.

What are Tapas?

Every culture has a version of these “little dishes”—small portions of food that are served before a large meal, or eaten as a snack or mid-day tasting. Italy has the antipasto platter, Turkey its mezze, China its dim sum, and Mexico its antojitos. And Spain is home to tasty tapas.

Despite their legendary status

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Space kitchen ISS

The many challenges of preparing and eating food on board a space station

The environment of space, and particularly its lack of Earth-like gravity, provides its own peculiar set of challenges and hazards for any otherwise-normal terrestrial activity. Cooking and eating in space is no exception. Whether it’s catering for the effect that microgravity has on human taste buds or stopping any stray crumbs from shorting out sensitive electronics, space agencies have evolved culinary techniques and protocols over the decades, with a little help from the astronauts.

Space food has certainly come a long way since Yuri Gagarin squeezed meat

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Space factories

3D printing Moon bases, rockets, and… food?

The prime challenge of living in space — besides the inherent danger — is figuring out how to bring enough with you to survive. Equipment, oxygen, food and water all need to be hauled there: or could there be an alternative solution?

Every kilogram that must be hauled into space for human crew requirements represents one kilogram less that can be used for science experiments, for example. More capable rockets is one solution to this problem. But what about actually making the components and food you need on site?

The idea actually isn’t

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Carol O’Neil, a professor at Louisiana State University and breakfast researcher, has an opinion that adolescents and children have to be provided with and encouraged to eat more healthful food options. These are fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean protein and vegetables. «This food should be available and children and adolescents should know how to prepare them if it is necessary,» she says.

I absolutely agree with O’Neil. Children and adults should be encouraged to eat these healthful food options. In the morning, when children arrived at the day care where I worked, they enjoyed their cereal and milk before

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Supplied free of charge to educational and training establishments, from the Inspectorate of Recruiting, Directorate of Recruiting and Selection, PO Box 1000, Cranwell, Lincs, NG34 8GZ.

NOW HERE’S a treat. You may remember some time ago, the RAF released the first in a series of ‘IT in … ‘ packs, aimed at schools, and for free. Being the exception that proves the rule, the first pack, all about air/sea rescue, was worth considerably more than you paid for it. Judging from the mail received by us, you were interested too. So, good news, there’s a second in the series, this

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“You should feel the heat in five or ten seconds,” said Paul B o s l a n d, his blue eyes boring into mine while I chewed my Past bite of chile r e l l e n o at La P o s t a, an old-time T e x-M e x restaurant in the dusty desert town of M e s i l l a, New Mexico. As a botany professor at nearby New Mexico State University, and the worlds leading chile pepper expert, researcher and all-around car¬nival barker, B o s l a n d has

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Marinating 101

Why do marinated foods always stick to the barbecue?

Marinating meat and poultry is a good way to add flavour and variation to your barbecue cooking, but you need to follow some simple rules when marinating. A common misconception is that marinating meat isn’t worth the hassle because, among other things, it sticks to the grill. Marinated meat sticks to the barbecue for two main reasons

+ Your barbecue is too cold and once heated, the marinade grabs onto the surface and cakes it, + You have used too much marinade and it sticks and burns prior to the meat

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