Beijing hit by hurricane force winds

Beijing hit by hurricane force winds Natural Disasters

Because of the strong wind in the Chinese capital and the surrounding chaos. The international airport in Beijing was canceled 20 flights, and six other airports in China. As a result of accidents on the roads affected at least 26 people.

According to the weather service, the wind speed in the city reached 60 km / h Due to severe weather conditions in the eastern part of Beijing suspended the movement of high-speed urban rail lines. The number of delayed flights was 9 routes in the Shanghai area.

Due to anomalous wind

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Air Force radar troops — ’61

December 15, in the Armed Forces of Russia celebrated the annual feast of radio engineering troops of the Air Force (IAF) -61 years from the date of formation.

The origin of radio engineering troops (PTB) began before World War II. For the detection of enemy aircraft, monitor its actions, alerts and air defense forces and the urban population of the dangers of air service was organized by the airborne surveillance, warning and communication system (included).

RTV as a branch was established December 15, 1951 by the Council of Ministers of the USSR on the basis of parts of the

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Two Taiwanese Air Force plane crashed in a mountainous area


09/04/2011, Taiwan 6:52:52 Two old Taiwanese Air Force plane crashed in a mountainous area on the eastern coast of the island. Three crew members allegedly killed, reports the BBC BBC.

Lightweight double fighter F-5F and single reconnaissance aircraft flew RF-5 on September 13 this year from an air base in Hualien for a training flight. They soon disappeared from radar screens. Eyewitnesses claim that flying at low altitude aircraft crashed into a mountain, and caught fire. Individual fragments were found on the highway ALM-Hualien. In the area of the crash is search operation.

Source: RBC

China threatens devastating earthquake


15.01.11.V China in the foreseeable future can an earthquake of magnitude 7 or higher. A forecast of the main "predictor" China Seismological Center Sun Shihuna published metropolitan Beijing Times.

In the last two weeks in different locations in China were recorded for three 5-magnitude earthquake January 1 in Xinjiang force 5.1 earthquake, January 8, Jilin force 5.6 points and January 12 in the Yellow Sea magnitude 5 points, according UKRINFORM.

Since the devastating earthquake in Yushu County, April 14, 2010 in China almost always result in an abnormal seismic activity.

"Usually after a major earthquake occur 3.4 repetitive force

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Tremors from 2 to 3 points registered in Almaty


LONDON. March 18. — Today in Almaty felt tremors from 2 to 3 points. This was announced by Chief of State, "Experimental and Methodical Seismological Expedition" of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Talgat Nysanbayev.

"Groundwater fluctuations occurred in 15.36, tremors were felt in Almaty force 2-3 points," — said T.Nysanbaev.

The specialist said that the epicenter of the earthquake force of tremors was 5 points.

"Now the situation has stabilized," — said T.Nysanbaev, stressing that "in the near future large earthquakes will happen."

Contactee third type conveyed aliens


04.01.11.Ofitsialnymi collectors of data on occurrence of extraterrestrial phenomena in many countries is the Air Force. Air Force Uruguay 11-13 November 2010 held the first International Congress on unidentified flying objects.

It brought together the military, scientists, witnesses and "contactees" from Argentina, Brazil and Chile. The representative of the Brazilian Air Force released the report of the Commission "Official UFO Night", Argentines told about aliens stealing cattle from farmers and Uruguayan — that in two years we are waiting for the first contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Few countries officially investigating the UFO phenomenon in government. Russia does not belong

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U.S. Air Force attack aircraft crashed in Georgia


MOSCOW, September 28 — RIA Novosti. Stormtrooper Air Force A-10C Thunderbolt crashed in the south of the state of Georgia, the pilot was able to eject, the site of an airbase Moody (Moody) with reference to the commander of the 23rd Wing, Colonel Billy Thompson (Billy Thompson). "We have started investigation into the incident, but so far we have only made some progress," — said Thompson.

The incident occurred on Monday at 14.45 local time (22.45 MSK). Pilot received only minor injuries and has been discharged from hospital.

Source: RIA Novosti

Polyana, where napushayutsya laws gpavitatsii




In the abnormal area on the boundary of the land lies dvuhmetpovaya concrete beam. One end is beyond the limits of the clearing, which is the usual The territory and d.pugoy paspolozhilsya in range of mysterious powers. Guides usually soppovozhdayuschy tupistov, pulls out of the bag special

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PERSPECTIVE CUDA guided missiles air-to-air magazine «Air Force Magazine» published done on in September 2012

Magazine «Air Force Magazine» made to published in September 2012 in Washington the benefit of annual conference of the Association of the U.S. Air Force (Air Force Association) Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition 2012 model fighter Lockheed Martin F-35 placed in the internal weapons bays twelve promising compact missile air-to-air short-range CUDA, being developed by Lockheed Martin. Earlier this missile development program there was not clear. Representative Lockheed Martin said that programm CUDA is hidden and is operated by a growth target of rocket ammunition fighter fifth generation in two or three times. The company is in

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Possible threat to the U.S. population. Video


Photo from:

24.07.11.V 2008 the Pentagon announced plans to deploy 20,000 troops in the continental U.S., which is scheduled to be prepared by 2011.

These plans are very similar to the current movement in the country of troops and military equipment, as reported by truck drivers, and the emergence of more and more war in the streets, as reported by ordinary people.

Interestingly enough, this plan is linked to the military sponsored research RAND Corporation (Research Center who studies the problems of international relations and national security, scientific, technical, economic and military issues; approx. Mixednews), conducted in

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