Czech Air Force Fishbeds – History

THE CZECHOSLOVAK Air Force was the first Warsaw Pact air force to receive the MiG fighter. This was the famous MiG-15, offered to Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union in 1951 as the first export customer of the type. (As a point of interest, it was the Czech Republic which became the first country to get rid of its MiGs). After its Air Force retired the MiG-29 in 1994, and later the MiG-23, it still flew older Fishbeds, upgraded to the NATO-compatible standard MiG-21MFN, in its order of battle. However, since July 13, when the two-seater MiG-21UM c/n 9341 made its

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Commando Force

The original Armored Security Vehicle (ASV) has a history that traces back to the Cadillac Gage LAV-100 Commando, the first production examples of which were built in 1963. The amphibious LAV-100 Commando was used extensively in Vietnam and was followed into production in 1971 by the LAV-150 which was sold to more than 20 countries. The LAV-300, a (6×6), was introduced in 1978 and numerous examples of the 15 variants available remain in service around the world. Assorted other light armoured vehicles including the Scout (4×4), LAV-200 (4×4), LAV-150S (4×4), and V-600 (6×6) have been produced by the now Textron

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Brazilian Air Force Receives First C-295

A FORMAL hand-over ceremony took place on October 16 at the EADS CASA factory in Seville-San Pablo, Spain, for the first Forca Aerea Brasileira (FAB — Brazilian Air Force) C-295 transport.

FAB 2800 (c/n 029), allocated the FAB designation C-105A Amazonas, was accepted on behalf of the FAB by representatives from the Comando Geral de Operacoes Aereas (COMGAR — General Command for Air Operations), Comando Peral de Apoio (COMGAP — General Support Command) and Comando-Geral de Tecnologia Aeroespacial (CTA — Aerospace Technology Command).

The aircraft left the Seville factory on the first leg of its delivery flight on October 17

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N ALL-TOO-RARE success story on the troubled African continent, Botswana gained its independence in 1966 through the peaceful transition of power, having been the British protectorate of Betchuanaland since 1885. Covering an area of 582,000 sq miles (54,000m2) and with a population of only 1.5 million, much of the country is a vast wilderness of desert and grassland, with some of Africa’s finest wildlife reserves. A well-regulated tourist industry provided the greater part of its foreign earnings, but the discovery of diamond and mineral reserves shortly after independence ensured Botswana’s long-term economic security.


With a peaceable, democratic government in


Armed Abroad

Italy makes plans to arm Predator and Reaper UAVs

The Italian air force will become the second international customer after the Royal Air Force to be able to arm and employ in hunter-killer missions its U.S.-provided Predator and Reaper UAVs.

The White House is proposing the move to Congress, which has not rejected the request despite some members’ concerns. Indeed, Italy had already ordered an unspecified quantity of Lockheed Martin Hellfire missiles last year, noting that the approval process would be concluded in due time. In turn, delivery of the missiles could start soon.

Informally, Italy had approached the U.S.

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Allied Force — the pain intensified

Why do the Chinese claim that their embassy was bombed intentionally? Ronald Lewis examines the theories.

PERHAPS THE MOST significant issues that have arisen since the June of AFM was published, are the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade and the disheartening loss of civilian life in other mistaken or accidental attacks.

The Western media, and the public it serves, have been deeply affected by the loss of innocent lives, but often, what does not come through is that many of the casualties have been unavoidable. Worse yet, Serbian propaganda efforts have gone virtually unchallenged as web pages and

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Jon Lake gives an overview of the issues associated with the UK’s current Battlefield Helicopter Force and its shortfalls, as identified by a recent National Audit Office report.

BATTLEFIELD HELICOPTERS account for 70% of UK military rotary wing platforms (the remainder consist of Royal Navy and Royal Air Force search and rescue helicopters, and naval helicopters operating as part of ships’ weapon systems). Battlefield helicopters contribute to the majority of military tasks and roles (excepting standing strategic roles) and operate in support of land, amphibious, and special forces’ operations. Such helicopters are vital for the manoeuvre approach to warfare, on

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Fairford RIAT 96 — July 20/21

ENTHUSIASTS MUTTER the same question every year about the IAT — “how can they beat this? » But somehow, despite the large drawdown of air forces since the end of the Cold War, the organisers always manage to succeed.

Two principal themes dominated proceedings at this year’s show — now the Royal International Air Tattoo — Sea Search and the 30th anniversary of the Harrier. Sea Search certainly attracted some very intriguing aircraft, though the two Russian participants, the Beriev A-40 Albatross and the 11-38 May easily stole the limelight. Also rarely seen out of its natural habitat was the

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Signatures of Belarus under the Convention on disappearances still no

By FEDEFAM, practice zatrymlivannya and then hitting people began to be used by the authorities of Haiti and Guatemala in the 60-ies. Disappearances of political opponents began in Latin America, namely in Chile during Pinochet’s reign geneerala almost the norm. According to the organization, with 60s in general in Latin America are missing 90 thousand people, and present day in This is the meaninge worst situation in Colombia. Human rights organizations have concentrated not on disappearances as a result of catastrophic events, and not to countries where there is a permanent war civilians. The UN Working Group dealing with disappearances,

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Night Siege August 22

On forums portal discussions are what Belarus fit the July bills paid Russian gas. As reported BELTA, "Beltransgaz" listed "Gazprom" about 145 millions of dollars for fuel, purchased in July. Comments:"We expect that by this occasion says "Gazprom"."Funds have found. Velcom fit to sell.""I understand that timely payment has become a matter of pride. But …"Blogger

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