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Brazil received the third batch of Russian attack helicopters Mi-35M

Mi-35M Brazilian Air Force

TSAMTO, August 31. The next three Russian attack helicopters Mi-35M (Brazilian designation AH-2 "Sabre") on August 29 were taken to the air base "Porto Velho" military transport aircraft An-124 "Ruslan", the resource

As previously reported TSAMTO, the first three helicopters AH-2 "Sabre" were adopted by the Air Force of Brazil, during a ceremony held on April 17, 2010 at an air base "Porto Velho." Later that same year, were delivered three more cars.

According to the Brazilian Ministry of Defense, AH-2 "Sabre" is a modern attack helicopter with high firepower,

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Borisoglebskaya training Air Force Base Chkalov was 90 years old

Borisoglebskaya training Chkalov Air Force Base — formerly known all over the country pilot school — 90 years old.

Borisoglebskoe congratulated the Air Force Academy "Falcons of Russia"

Came on the anniversary of the graduates, faculty, and three commanders of the Air Force over the years. The current commander in chief Viktor Bondar Borisoglebskoe graduated from college in 1981. On the anniversary came and graduate 83rd year, the Hero of Russia Sergey Bogdan — test pilot, he represents our country at international air shows, including the extreme (the pilots avoid the word "last") Show in Le Bourget.

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Horizons strategy: Why America two armies?

When in 1980 I was teaching at the Institute of Command and General Staff of the U.S. Army, somehow heard a confused foreign student said: "I will never understand how to construct your armed forces! It is not enough that your fleet has its own army, but your naval army have its air force. "

The term "naval army" he was aware of the U.S. Marine Corps, which is superior to many of the army and air force is superior to many air forces of the world. The issue caused a chuckle American classmates, our hapless student, and he

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Air Force Base in the U.S. failed checks on the use of strategic missiles

14.08.2013 / / 18:45

Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana failed verification of maintenance, security and support functions, Interfax reports. Regular inspection and safety procedures for working with nuclear weapons has set the basis of "unsatisfactory" on the audit.


 Check for Malmstrom Air Force Base held from 5 to 13 August. The inspectors reported that "during the execution of one of several military training tasks made some tactical mistakes." Deputy Head of the Global Impact of the Air Force United States Jim Kowalski said later that "unit failed, not showing the correct

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Afghan helicopters were Russian guns

Afghan helicopters were Russian guns

Afghan Air Force began upgrading of existing military transport helicopters Mi-35, according to ASDNews. The two are assigned to the 377 th Helicopter Squadron in Kabul have new aircraft guns GS-23 caliber 23 millimeters Russian design. The first firing of the two-receiver aviapushek were made May 15, 2013. Afghan pilots were shooting under the guidance of Czech instructors training the NATO Air Command, responsible for training the Afghan Air Force pilots.

  First Afghan Air Force helicopter gunships aircraft guns do not. In particular, the machine Mi-35 had only Quadruple guns

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The Army will buy 30 pieces of Mi-35M

"Mi-35M in the shops Rostvertol" Photo

Interfax-AVN — The Russian Air Force will procure 30 Mi-35M — a modernized version of the combat helicopter Mi-24, said Tuesday, "Interfax-AVN," the representative of the press service of the Defense Ministry and the information on the Air Force Col. Vladimir Drik.

Currently, the assembly is the first six Mi-35 for the Russian Air Force, the first production aircraft already undergoing testing of a shock. "We are planning to purchase the initial batch of Mi-35M in an amount of about 30 units, but that does not mean that the priority in the

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Anti-smoking law in force

Today our country has entered into force anti-smoking law. Free to drag on a cigarette is now almost nowhere.

Photo: Fotolia /


Alive smoking room?

In Ufa, at the airport, it turned out that the day before the entry into force of the anti-smoking law at the International Airport "Ufa" there is the fourth smoking room. It is located in the terminal internal transport.

Got special glass cabins and large theaters of the city. And many colleges have long Ufa smoking room equipped with natural ventilation in the form

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Hangar storage of new Yak-130 Borisoglebsk

Under the cut 4 photos + video

An interesting picture of Sts aviation training center for training of flight personnel Chkalov Russian Air Force (Voronezh region, Krasnodar branch of military aviation institute named after AK Serov — the branch of the Military Training and Research Center Air Force "Air Force Academy. N. Zhukovsky and Gagarin "). The picture shows a storage of the training center Borisoglebsk new trainer aircraft Yak-130 is a lightweight hangar erected shelter. Located in a hangar six Yak-130 uses including ground training of cadets.

In December 2012 Boris Training Center continued to receive new

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Analysis / Krasnozvezdnaya Aviation spreads its wings

Article renowned expert on Russian foreign aviation Alexander Mladenov (Red Star Rising — Air International, May 2012) Examines the state of and prospects for Russian Air Force, and as newsworthy used one of the last interviews of the former Air Force Commander Alexander Zelin given to them by 16 March 2012. The material is valuable because it allows us to estimate the train of thought foreign aviation experts on the state and prospects of development of the domestic aviation.

Russian Air Force undergoing the most profound transformation of its structure in the post-Soviet period, during

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AN-140 Russian Air Force successfully tested


August 6. The An-140 production Samara "Aviacor" has successfully completed its first three-hour test flight. After completion of the tests, the aircraft was transferred to the paint shop, where he will get a new color of the Air Forces of Russia. Key Features:

Maximum take-off weight — 21 tons the number of passengers — 52 (including two crew members) cruising speed — 460-540 km / h

As previously reported, in May 2011, the Russian Air Force signed a further contract for the supply of nine aircraft An-140 with maturity of 3 years.

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