The most powerful forces in the universe.

All About Space runs for cover as we explore the objects in the cosmos that pack the biggest punches of all.

The universe is an incredibly violent place, populated by explosions and torrents of radiation, pulled this way and that by powerful fundamental forces, and lit up by active centres of galaxies and massive stars. All these forces are in interplay -supernovas create black holes, while gravity battles dark energy to decide the fate of the universe. Energies far greater than the Sun can produce in 10 billion years are wielded in a matter of seconds, and our knowledge of

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Spectres Support UK Forces in Iraq

BRITISH TROOPS in Iraq have received close air support from US Air Force AC-1 ЗОН Spectre gunships, according to RAF sources. Shia militiamen of Moqtada al-Sadr’s ‘Mehdi Army’ were targeted by gunships in the air strikes on A1 Amara on May 8 in the largest air support operation for British troops since the occupation of Basra last April during the US-led invasion of Iraq.

AC-130s were used to support the initial amphibious assault on the A1 Faw Peninsular by 3 Commando Brigade last March but this year’s operation is the first time British forces have made such extensive use of

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New Canadian Forces designations

DESIGNATIONS AND NAMES for several new types entering service with the Canadian Forces have recently been announced. Canada’s Airbus A310-304s are now known as the CC-150 Polaris and the first three former Canadian Airlines International examples are already in service with 437 Squadron, which continues to operate the CC-137 (Boeing 707). The other two examples are 15001 (c/n 446, ex C-GBWD) and 15002 (c/n 482,ex C-GLWD).

Canadian Airlines International is acting as agent for purchase of a further two aircraft which will become 15004/5. They are expected to be two examples currently on the French register, one of which (F-GHUD,

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Japan. Misawa Air Base. Part One. The American Forces

For the past 45 years, USAF units have been based in Japan. Robert Francies visits Misawa, a base on the ‘cutting edge’ of the Pacific defence theatre.

NEARLY 50 YEARS ago young pilots took to the skies in wooden gliders above Misawa Air Base in northern Japan — they were practising for their single suicidal Kamikaze mission to sink American warships. Today, two mighty Japanese and American air wings share that same base in friendship and co-operation. Misawa has come a long way since the dark days of the 1940s.

The base is situated about 400 miles (640km) north of

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Fit to Fly

Philip Belsham, FRCS, Consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine to a leading London hospital, looks at the hostile environment in which the modern military pilot operates, in the first of a series about aviation medicine.

THE HUMAN ANIMAL, Homo sapiens, has, over the millennia of his evolution, become superbly adapted to his environment. Although his leas are not as fast as the Cheetah, his strength not that of the bear, his eyesight not as sharp as the cat, and his sense of smell not that of the dog, he has still become monster of the whole land surface of the

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Over the next few months we will be bringing you up to date with the changes that have affected the European Air Forces over the past couple of years. It would not have been possible to do this accurately without the great support provided to us by our broad network of correspondents, to which we are indebted. Alan Warnes.

Part One covers Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzogovina, Bulgaria. Croatia. Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia and Finland.


IT IS clear that severe rationalisation will have to take place, and the Albanian Air Force (Forcat Ushtarake Ajore Shqipetaire) plans to trim

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Big three to set join forces

On 18 June the world’s three largest container shipping companies announced that, from the second quarter of 2014, they would be joining forces in an operational alliance under the name P3 network. In a surprise announcement, Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC) & CMA CGM stated that they will deploy 255 owned or chartered vessels on 29 loops on three major trade lanes, Europe-Asia, transpacific and transatlantic, offering a combined capacity of 2,600,00 TEU.

Maersk, who made the first move by approaching its two biggest rivals about the operational alliance, will contribute 42 per cent of the capacity in the

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A regular date in the South American air forces calendar is Exercise Cruzex, which takes place every two years in Brazil. Leandro Maldonado reports.

WITH MORE than 5 million square miles (13 million km2) of land and more than 180 million inhabitants, Brazil is South America’s biggest country and a powerful emerging nation. It commands the world’s eleventh-largest economy, and is becoming a regional leader and an important player in global politics and economics.

Aspiring to a permanent seat on an expanded United Nations Security Council, Brazil is looking outwards, and is moving towards becoming a more active voice in the globalised 21 st century world. Today it leads the UN peacekeeping contingent in Haiti and maintains observers in ‘hot spots’ around the world.

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You need strategic skills, charisma and political savvy to lead armies. Here are ten standout commanders

William the Conqueror

FRENCH CIRCA 1028-1087

In 1035, William became Duke of Normandy, but his detractors preferred to call him William the Bastard. He used his political and military skills to put down a series of rebellions between 1046 and 1055. By far his biggest success was the invasion of England in 1066. After a day-long battle against Harold II’s army on 14 October at Hastings, he emerged victorious. Harold, the last Anglo-Saxon king, was killed and his army fell apart. William crowned himself

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Ecuador has received two Mi-171E

Russia handed over the land forces of Ecuador two military transport helicopters Mi-171E, reports TSAMTO. Earlier in Russia four Ecuadorian pilots were trained in the management of helicopters. The official value of the contract on which were placed the Mi-171E, was not disclosed. According to unofficial reports, the deal was worth $ 22 million.

The contract to supply helicopters to Ecuador was signed in October 2009. At the request of the Army of Ecuador, on the Mi-171E kits were installed to extinguish fires. Ecuadorian military will use the new helicopters to support operations and humanitarian missions.

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