By Sarah Farquhar

Camera: Canon EOS 550D

Lens: Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 lens

Exposure: 13 seconds at f/14 (ISO 100)

Sarah says: «The sunsets at St Bees beach are amazing. On this occasion I went down at high tide to do some long-exposure photography. I decided to use the rocks as the foreground interest. I used an ND grad filter to balance the sky and retain detail in the darker foreground.»

• LEE FROST: Sunset by the sea is hard to beat when moody images are your goal, but with so many creative options at your disposal it can sometimes be

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PANAROMAS MADE FUN. Add Some Foreground Impact.

While making panoramas of vast landscapes, you can create impact by including an interesting foreground element. Due to their unique aspect ratio, panoramas provide for a wide expanse which can help you make the best of the foreground. For example, when shooting a forest you can include a few blades of grass immediately in front of you. This is a stronger compositional choice and conveys more information about the scenery.

Stitch With a Twist

If you prefer stitching multiple photographs together by simply using the panorama mode, you can also have quite a lot of fun. Previsualise the final image

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Murlough Beach

County Down

After a week spent battling with the elements on the stormy north coast of County Antrim, I decided to spend the last couple of days of my Northern Ireland trip further south, and so headed to County Down. I had seen photos of Murlough Beach, and so decided to try and capture a sunrise on the beach.

I first arrived at Dundrum early afternoon, and decided to make a quick reconnaissance trip to the beach to familiarise myself with the location in preparation for the next day’s sunrise.

I wandered the paths through the Murlough National Nature Reserve

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How can I brighten foregrounds?

I have been following your magazine’s tip to include foreground interest in my landscapes, and managed to find this statue situated in front of a river. However, it kept coming out really dark. How can I make it brighter?

Clark Brooker, yia Facebook

Getting the foreground and background of your photos properly exposed can be difficult, especially in tricky lighting conditions. If the sun is behind your main foreground subject then it can often appear underexposed, yet if you try to expose for the foreground you run the risk of the background being overexposed.

Correct the exposure

Bring out the

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Black & white photography relies on composition more than anything else for its artistic and aesthetic success. Lee Frost looks at the factors we should consider when constructing an image.

If you take a dozen photographers to the same location and ask them all to make one image of it, chances are every image will be different. Why? Because we’re all different as human beings so it’s natural that we’ll all see the world in a different way.

The books we’ve read, the movies we’ve watched, the places we’ve visited, the music we enjoy, the clothes we wear, the way


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