WORTH the Volga BOR

My acquaintance with boron started away from him — to … Buzuluk city market. On the shelves long-burly chest mushrooms, thickly glistening brown cap oil, exuded the aroma of forest mushrooms, mushrooms, aspen. Where are they here in the Trans-Volga steppe?

— Yes, of boron, — answered prodavtsy.- This summer is thick mushroom, not only going to be lazy.

Buzuluk forest, located at the junction of Orenburg and Kuibyshev region — the only large array of tall forests on the vast steppes between the Volga and the Tien Shan. Six thousand years is it green bastion of the steppes, bonding

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Writer Mikhail Prishvin once mentioned that if the forest does not hear the voices of birds, the forest, he does not believe it’s not wood! ..

When you read the government’s draft of the Forest Code, it did not believe that government officials presented to the attention of the Russians is the Forest Act. They Forest Code is not a single word about the inhabitants of the apartment and-minute-groves and pine forests that make the forest alive, healthy, helpful — of birds, animals and insects. Ask any student to draw or give a verbal image of the forest, and

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Protect the lungs of the planet

C8 on May 13, 2013 a group of students of the Faculty of the Kuban State Agrarian University environmental committed eco campaign. The aim was to conduct monitoring in hunting «Plancheskoe» Seversky district.

As a result of a visual inspection of the hunting farm lands have been identified numerous irregularities in the conduct of logging. The main deforestation carried out on the territory of the State reserve «Erik the Red». In this area, conducted felling valuable trees — beech, English oak, pine Caucasian linden. Also timber being at the foot of the mountain and Popeye Pshada.

From an environmental

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Mogilev to fight the opposition thrown fire

By Inspector council Sergei Padabaeva, Dmitry Solovyov made a fire in the fire-dangerous period. As it turned out, there is an order executive committee, which advises citizens not to visit the forest in this time.Last Thursday, Dmitry and other activists detained reinforced police patrol in the woods near Mogilev. Against the will of their bundled into an official car and taken to the Mogilev district police station. Kept for more than 3 hours.Freedom they came after, as inspector of the Ministry of Mogilev emergencies, which caused the police, was not protocol Dmitry Solovyov.Solovyov says that in the forest, they gathered

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In the Bialowieza Forest destroy old forest

According to the official version, every year the area where run plantations, increases significantly and it will allow the Bialowieza Forest preserve for posterity. But environmentalists are independent dispute the need for such measures. According to Freedom candidate bio sciences, past deputy director of the State Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" Jora Kazulka, artificial plantations made in the protected forest areas, where the old primeval forest, which is always restores the natural method. In this there is a unique and valuable Pushcha forest because he never landed a man.According Kazulka, today’s state park management aims to information about artificial plantations classify scale

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Zhytkavichy: found a child wandering in the woods a week

Policemen and rescuers forester seven days found a missing child, but without result.Yesterday, during the second half of a day or the police called the villagers Polchyn, which is near the Pripyat River, 30 kilometers from Zhitkovichi. He said that his home is a missing child.Alexey out of the woods with great hands. The villagers realized that this is the young man, which reported to the police. He invited the child in house, and called the Zhytkavichy.Child revealed that he lost his way. Spent the night in the woods, eating blueberries. At one point in the dark came to some

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Yuzhnouralsky foresters have modern forest fire equipment

August 23 ceremonial presentation of the forest fire engineering branches OSU "Center for firefighting and forest protection Chelyabinsk region."

In accordance with the agreement signed in May 2011 between the head of the Federal Forestry Agency Viktor Masliakov and the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich, the federal budget has been allocated almost 70 million rubles for the purchase of specialized equipment for fighting forest fires.

These funds are in the Chelyabinsk region already delivered 15 units of special equipment — 7 cars "UAZ", 4 marsh bulldozers and four fire engines. Another 12 forest fire vehicles arrive

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CTZ introduced forest engineering machine

In Moscow, at the VI international exhibition-forum "Forest and Man" Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant is a forest engineering machine created on the basis of a tractor B-10M.


Chelyabinsk unit with a tree stump and forest plow equipped with protection from falling trees, is shown at the Forest Forum this year, but now it's a real trade pattern. Attachments have been thoroughly tested.

Plow seen in the work of foresters in the Chelyabinsk demonstration exercises in the area Chyrvonaarmeiski area. Next to the guard band, laid wheeled tractor crawler dozer B-10M did his routine,

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CTZ has shipped the first wedge-pusher

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, who won the auction for the delivery of a new fire-fighting equipment in a short time has made and sent it to consumers.


Equipped car passed factory tests. With it was cleared area with thick vegetation. Under pressure from the bulldozer B-10M with a wedge-pusher could not resist not only the bush, but the poplar thickness of 40 centimeters.

The main purpose of new items — construction of roads reference to the site of a forest fire, in which then must pass technique designed to deal with the elements.

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Chelyabinsk tractor builders were brought to Moscow a new modification of the bulldozer B-10M

New development of LLC "CTZ-Uraltrak" created specifically for the Federal Forestry Agency (FFA) — modification bulldozer B-10M — was prodemonstrirovna the Chelyabinsk tractor manufacturers in the exhibition in Moscow dedicated to the All-Russian Forum of forestry workers.


"The design of a machine designed to fight forest fires, takes into account the wishes of the main forestry departments of the country," — said the head of the factory test center road construction equipment Valery Kostjuchenko. In addition to protection, "Fleck" — a frame structure that can protect the driver from falling trees — the tractor is equipped with original mounted

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