Under civil forfeiture, Americans who haven’t been charged with wrongdoing can be stripped of their cash, cars, and even homes. Is that all we’re losing?

On a bright Thursday afternoon in 2007, Jennifer Boatright, a waitress at a Houston bar and grill, drove with her two young sons and her boyfriend, Ron Henderson, on U.S. 59 toward Linden, Henderson’s home town, near the Texas-Louisiana border. They made the trip every April, at the first signs of spring, to walk the local wild flower trails and spend time with Henderson’s father. This year, they’d decided to buy a used car in

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Stretching Freedom to Autukhovich in Victory Square

Society In Minsk, near the metro station "Victory Square" Friend of Youth BPF hung a banner with the text "Freedom to Autukhovich!"

"The goal — to remind citizens that there are political prisoners in prisons. Nobody is safe from becoming the next" — said one participants.

"We will continue this kind of action in Minsk and regions to draw attention to the case of Autukhovich" — said the guy.

Volkovyssky deal Autukhovich sentenced to 5 years in prison under Article 295 Part 3 — "The illegal actions regarding firearms, ammunition and explosives." Additionally Avtukhovich sentenced for 2 months imprisonment,

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Designed for the revocation sentences Khalip Seviarynets and Martseleva

Society Consideration of appeals against the sentences Irina Khalip, Pavel and Sergei Seviarynets Martseleva appointed June 21, the Minsk City Court. This is the Freedom to Sergei Martselev with reference to a letter from the court.

Factory Court of Minsk recognized activists guilty of organizing activities that breach public order and instructed Irina Khalip 2 years in prison with a suspended sentence of two years, Paul Sevyarinets — 3 years of imprisonment with the direction of an open institution, Sergei Martseleva — 2 years imprisonment with 2 year probation period.


Prisoners area

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