Gomel activists: Zakharenko can not forget

Voice Vladimir Katsora, Managing regional organizing committee of the movement "For Freedom":"Not only as Yuri Zakharenko our countryman, I figure him a positive attitude. Couple of times I was in his mother, her condolences. Incidents disappearance Zakharenko known — that is independent written press. I have no reason not to believe this. Who povinet the disappearance, is also understandable. And while these people power, will not be disclosed officially lurking disappearance of Yuri Zakharenko and other politicians. If the power will change, we emphasize officially know how it was. "Representative of the Workers’ Party created Marina Smyaglikova believes that countrymen

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We can not afford to forget it.

Happy holiday people! With the biggest holiday!

I think that regardless of the direction of the film site (Arutz Authors Yuri, Evgeny Voronin Yaroslavl, 2011.) Who will be here I will place you look, understood …. Who can whisk away a tear.

I’ve shed a few tears. Shed tears of helplessness. From the fact that they no longer know where my late grandfather buried his brothers. I could not find them on any list, though, and used all its military capabilities and friends … We are living now does not understand the grief of fun over our country

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An eerie reflection in the mirror

We have a very friendly yard, all are friends identical both boys and girls. But we have our own company. Here we have created a society OVDD-inducing good spirits, well, causing all sorts of candy gnomes ruminant kings, and the like … That somehow start talking about brownies. I do such-and-tell me something of paranormal phenomena, I will not sleep. We in the hallway is a large mirror, and a few times I saw the reflection of a strange gray-haired grandfather, or a black silhouette.

I am very scared and went to bed just after the pray.

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Human memory — an amazing work of nature

Human memory — an amazing work of nature. Without it, people would not be able to recognize each other, to communicate. We would not have to remember the past, could not imagine that it can exist, and eventually would live only in the present. By its ability to preserve, classify information, it instantly navigate with memory can not match even a modern supercomputer.

Riddle memory of old people cared. What does it represent? The ancient Greeks, it was seen as a set of wax tablets on which were written the news. In the Middle Ages it drew in a

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