The latest changes on the UK, Irish and Isle of Man registers.

Just two new types appear on the UK register this month. The flrst is French- designed APEV Demoichelle G-CHWI. This is a modernised version of the 1908 Santos Dumont Demoiselle, complete with wing warping, which comes under the SSDR (Single-Seat Deregulated) microlight regulations. The second newcomer is Baldwin Quad G-CHWV, another SSDR aircraft, this time in the shape of a four-wheeled paraplane designed speciflcally for aerial survey work. Airliner movements begin with a new Airbus A320 for easyJet, followed by four restored Thomson Airways Boeing 737-800s, back from

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Aviano Open Day, Italy-July7

AFTER A TEN-YEAR gap, the 22nd Aviano Open Day was held on July 7, providing Italian enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to see many interesting and exotic aircraft in their own country. It was hardly any wonder then that some 450,000 people turned up for the event.

Aviano is home to the USAFE’s 31st FW and other units involved in operations over the former Yugoslavia. Since the 1950s it has hosted the largest airshow in Italy which has always been organised by the US units based there. This time they excelled themselves, with more than 50 aircraft in the static

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A new festival at the Joyce highlights the work of small ballet companies around the country. Dominic Walsh Dance Theatre, based in Houston, is the brainchild of a former member of the Houston Ballet with a penchant for dramatic storytelling. The group’s performances (Aug. 8-10).

include an emotionally driven work inspired by the life of the French sculptor Camille Claudel. Company C, which combines ballet and modem dance, hails from the Bay Area and is led by the former City Ballet dancer Charles Anderson. On Aug. 9 and at the Aug. 10 matinee, they perform works by the always engaging

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New Lukashenko’s decree on entrepreneurship does not negate an old

In addition, decree abolished the system of patents, as advance tax payments. Instead it introduced kazhdomesyachnaya taxes based on the amount of monthly revenue.Together with the fact, action saved the former decree whereby 1 stadenya 2008 private businesses can hire workers only as their own relatives.According to experts, these two decrees — former and present, individual entrepreneurs are forced to acquire the status of legal persons, that many of them unprofitable, because a huge number of requests for design documents, also denies the ability to maneuver money by transferring them from their in reverse and vice versa.

Bright representative NESISOPov!

How to become a grandson Rarog? It's very simple! You buy a ticket to Argentina, meet with Hugo Kubreroy (the self-proclaimed heir to the emperor, king, sovereign representative of the Grand Duke, Master of something someone out there somewhere …), tearfully write the patent and all! You're the Grand Duke and Prince of the Royal Blood, and God knows who else is! The most important condition is that in your last name had three consecutive letters "K", "Y", "B". That is precisely what a Russian citizen, a native of the hero-city of Moscow, a former businessman, former parliamentary

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Former Defense chief physician convicted

The former head of Military Medical Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Russia Alexander Belevitin convicted in the purchase of scanners.

According to RBC in the Moscow District Military Court, Major-General was accused of taking bribes on a large scale in the supply of the Ministry of Defence scanners. The devices were purchased by the War Department at inflated prices.

The total amount of bribes A.Belevitinu and his deputy Alexei Nikitin was about 180,000 euros.

The prosecutor sought to deprive the military rank of General and send him to prison for 12 years. But in the end

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What lies behind a great name …

The other day, slipped information as follows: … The opposition coalition "For Russia without arbitrariness and corruption" intends to establish his own party at the congress, scheduled for December 13 … to create a party will be known as "The Party of People's Freedom» … party / Gave birth to a stillborn child of the leaders of the coalition with a great name FOR RUSSIA WITHOUT arbitrariness and corruption! Now peremoem-ka them bones: Mikhail Kasyanov — Former Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Figure number 1 in the Government of the country. The highest step in solving

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Klimov: first — I need to feel free to

Andrei Klimov, the train leaves (1,9 MB)Andrei Klimov, answers journalists’ questions (6,7 MB)Andrei Klimov mom (1,0 MB)

Belarus-The former political prisoner Andrey Klimau, 16Feb2008Meeting with wife TatianaRelative to their own liberation Andrei Klimov said

Belarus-The former political prisoner Andrey Klimau, 16Feb2008

Mom helps put a sweater I hope that this trend will continue. I really wish that Alexander Kozulin and Alexander Sdvizhkou quickly took to freedom. "The certificate, which is issued by Andrei Klimov said that on February 15 he was released under a presidential decree of pardon on February 11 and Andrei Klimov released from the upcoming punishment.


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CIA developed a weapon causing cancer back in the 1970s



We offer the skeptics argued that the CIA could have a hand in the death of Hugo Chavez's cancer, take a look at the device in the following video. This drotikovoe rifle, developed in the 1970s (and perhaps earlier) to order the CIA. In the video weapon is described as causing a heart attack. Cancer does not mention. However, we know that the CIA used the former president of «American Cancer Society» Altona Oshnera to conduct covert cancer research for

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Opinion polls show — Stalin’s authority is growing every year


Millions of citizens of former Soviet republics continue to refer to Stalin positively. His portraits are in the demonstrations, photographs mounted on the windshield of cars, Stalin's writings republish, he devoted to books and articles, there are discussions on the Internet, there are people ready to defend in melee his good name. Why did Stalin relevant? It's not just that he — the largest historical figure. The main thing in this debate appears relevant to the current situation in the countries that emerged from the former Soviet Union, and to search for ways out of the crisis,

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