Four out of four

BEST YOUNG TECHNOLOGY, members of the school organization of VOIR gather in Moscow for the traditional Week SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING STUDENTS who spend the Komsomol Central Committee, USSR Ministry of Education, CA VOIR and NTO USSR.

This year, four young craftsmen showed each other their work, familiar with working adults on display in the Exhibition Center, visited the Research Institute. editors of popular magazines.

We will talk only about the top four of four works by young.

Chairman of the Board of foremen ninth-Salavat Begus spoke about the council voir secondary school number 7 of Leninabad. Practical training takes place

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SONY four sides of the world

Exposure SONY Professional Solution Europe at ISE 2013 has been issued with a minimum of design refinements, with a maximum of open space and informative. The island location of the stand allowed to divide it into four adjacent areas: this AV solutions for retail, corporate sector, educational institutions and home use.

In the area of ​​equipment for retail, among others, were presented three classic series projector VPL-F for installation. One of them is designed for portrait installation, which in itself is remarkable. The other two (models VLP-FH31 and VLP-FH36) worked in the mode of linking the image with the included

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In the trial of the fifth Polish spy — Break

In the Capital District Military Court on September 17 started the trial of Russian military, Major Sergei Yurenya. His blame treason and espionage. Sergei Yurenya passed witnessed in the case of 4 "Polish spies" from Belarus. Court closed.According to investigators, Sergei Yurenya together with 4 officers of the Belarusian army passed the Polish intelligence information on strategic targets united air defense system of Belarus and Russia.Sergei Yurenya passed witnessed in the case of 4 "Polish spies" from Belarus. They have already been convicted by the Military Collegium Supreme Court.Vladimir Russkina officers, Viktor Bogdan, Pavel and Sergei Petkevicha Kornilyuk tribunal punished

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Ecuador has received two Mi-171E

Russia handed over the land forces of Ecuador two military transport helicopters Mi-171E, reports TSAMTO. Earlier in Russia four Ecuadorian pilots were trained in the management of helicopters. The official value of the contract on which were placed the Mi-171E, was not disclosed. According to unofficial reports, the deal was worth $ 22 million.

The contract to supply helicopters to Ecuador was signed in October 2009. At the request of the Army of Ecuador, on the Mi-171E kits were installed to extinguish fires. Ecuadorian military will use the new helicopters to support operations and humanitarian missions.

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CTZ built for Chukotka 39 cars

Chelyabinsk tractor plant signed a major contract for the supply of equipment with the state enterprise "Chukotkommunhoz," said the chief specialist directorate CTZ sales in the Far East Valery Rumyantsev.

Traktorostroiteley must send the consumer 15 bulldozers B-10M, four truck PK-46, more than a dozen tankers and vacuum machines to 163 million rubles. Partner in the deal is ZAO "Gazprombank — Leasing."

SOE "Chukotkommunhoz" which has an extensive branch network that serves the housing sector of the autonomous region. Therefore, carefully monitors the status of the machine park, has developed an investment program to update

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CTZ sent tier technology Chukchi public utilities

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant on time completed the major contract for the supply of 39 units of equipment worth 163 million rubles state enterprise "Chukotkommunhoz", the press service of the CTZ.

Traktorostroiteley shipped northerners seven vacuum machines 11 tankers and four factory-PC-46 truck equipped with a quick-release device to replace the bucket besides that included more forks and davit. For the transport mechanism was formed a train of more than a dozen railway platforms. Previously, under contract to Chukotka plant sent two bulldozers, farm tractors and 15 B-10M collected in the CTZ in the northern version — double glazing,

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Four bulldozers CTZ sent to the Far East

Four bulldozers B-10M of the party "registered" vehicles CTZ, named in honor of the players, "Tractor", sent to the Far East — to help in the reconstruction of flood devastated infrastructure in the region.

It is worth noting that only 12 units shipped the Khabarovsk with symbols hockey club, the names and signatures of the players on the board.   On the eve of shipment "nominal" four B-10M in the company visited the team forward, Honored Master of Sports, world champion in ice hockey in 2012 Evgeny Kuznetsov. He tried the machine in action.

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Tyumen gained unprecedented pace of road construction


Tyumen bridge builders in 2012, made a "heroic labor of" constructing outcome "clover leaf" in just 6 months, this rate in Russia did not know before. But that's not going to stop them, passing one object they come for another two.

Construction of the interchange "Overpass over the ring" at the intersection of Shirotnaya and Melnikaite in full swing. The work does not stop, day or night or in cold weather. The total length of decoupling will be more than four kilometers.

Now, one might say, the beginning of the work, willing to

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Sex tests in Germany for a 12-year-old children.

Being a man, on the one hand tolerant, and on the other the father of four children, who have lived in the west quarter of a century, I, of course, has seen a lot. However, the story that happened yesterday, even I had plunged into a stupor.

My colleague has brought to the editors test, which gave her 12 year old son. Although, technically, it was with the consent of the parents, as it was on the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, but a form of testing that the child brought home all stunned.


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Just four cattle-breeding complexes built in the Astrakhan region

As part of the target program for the development of beef cattle and increased production of beef in four districts of the Astrakhan region at the same time erected feedlots and processing facilities. For new APC purchased three thousand head of cattle breeding.

During a working visit to the Volga region governor Alexander Jilkin inspects construction sites.

commissioning of the livestock center in s. Three Protoka scheduled for late May

The premises are being built quickly and efficiently, they are economical and easy to operate, in the winter and in the summer they will be supported by the same

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