When Gavrilo Princip opened fire on Archduke Franz Ferdinand, he killed not just the heir to the Austrian throne, but sentenced to death over million people in four years. But if assassination was the excuse, it wasn’t the cause…

1 February 1864


British foreign policy is redefined after the Prussian invasion of Denmark

Prussia and Austria’s devastating seizure of the ethnically mixed territories of Schleswig and Holstein, which separated Denmark from what is now Germany, shocked the young British Prince Edward — the future King Edward VII — who was only months into his marriage



Declining budgets challenge France as it seeks fiscal control, defense autonomy

The top priority of France’s newly elected president, Francois Hollande, is to slash government debt. Although this is no surprise, such a primary goal requires sacrifices as well as new priorities in an environment such as the current very challenging one: The economy is weak, growth is minimal, and the aerospace and defense industry’s production costs are too high to efficiently sustain competition.

Initial steps to kick off a difficult recovery effort are being devised and defense budgets are not expected to be significantly reduced. France benefits from a


Hitler at War

Since the fall of the Third Reich in 1945, our verdict on Hitler’s leadership has mostly come from the pens and mouths of his generals. Many of these men had grown to resent their former leader, and with the fall of Germany they seized the opportunity to criticise and embarrass the Fuhrer at every opportunity. But beneath the facade of slander and betrayal, was Hitler’s military leadership style truly so unpopular — and to what extent did his decisions determine the outcome of World War II?

«So much of what we thought we knew about Hitler for many years came

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Henry VII the warlord

In pursuing dreams of victory in France, Henry threw England into decades of war and the chaos of a Europe in conflict

Henry VIII was born dreaming of war. When he took the throne in April 1509, with his bride Catherine of Aragon at his side, Henry knew exactly what kind of king he wanted to be. His would be a glorious reign that would restore England to the magnificence it deserved. His father, Henry VII, had become unpopular by levying punishing taxes to restore the country’s finances, but the new king had no intention of focusing on matters as

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French involvement

France was one of eleven nations taking part in Maple Flag 38. The French Air Force detachment arrived for the start of period one with four Mirage 2000Ns, four Mirage FICTs and two C-160NGs, which remained based for the first two periods. The aircraft arrived from Istres, France, on May 12, having routed via Lajes in the Azores and CFB Bagotville, Quebec. All three legs were supported by C-135FRs: three tankers were used to support two cells of fighters, four Mirage 2000Ns and four Mirage FICTs. In period three, the Mirage 2000Ns returned to France, replaced by a C-130H and

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Sustained funding uncertainty has French, U.K. defense industry on edge

Ask defense industrialists in France and the U.K. what they want most in the absence of larger military budgets, and they will say: some certainty and a sense of direction. Ask what has been missing in the past two years, and they will say: some certainty and a sense of direction.

There are certainly ample signs in both countries that questions about long-term spending priorities will persist. French parliamentary elections first have to be resolved this month, and then the new government plans to launch a major strategic review of

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I’ve often heard photographers, particularly those specialising in landscape work, say they feel satisfied with an image when it conveys the feelings they had at the time it was taken.

A completely understandable sentiment. But, back in July, I had quite the opposite experience.

I was in the South of France, partly for a holiday and partly to take in the magnificent photography festival in Arles.

It was quite by chance that I discovered the Tour de France was starting out from Aix en Provence on the day I was visiting the town. I’m not a great cycling fan but

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Sarkozy and Putin on you

Attention of international observers These days are focused on the possible configuration of the French-Russian relations. Former French President Jacques Chirac called analysts friend Vladimir Putin. Now the newly elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy in the first visit to Russia, and the other day he made several critical applications in harsh adresok Vladimir Putin. Last week, Sarkozy said Our homeland that complicates the situation in the world that has brought cool in French-Russian affairs. But during his own visit to Russia Sarkozy, according to analysts, is committed to making your business more peaceful with Putin. Uttering now during the opening

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Harsh critic of Russia visits Moscow

Observers note that French President Nicolas Sarkozy to allow himself to break the tradition of diplomatic caution and subtexts when states of Russia. For example, he said that Russian President Vladimir Putin "blood on their hands" of the war in Chechnya, and last week, Sarkozy accused the Kremlin of problems burdening the world. French political scientist Jacques Rupnik said Radio Liberty during the conference "Forum 2000" in Prague:"France is frank about the things that she does not like politics of. President Sarkozy has even said that there is a certain" brutalizatsyya "Russian policy. Naturally, this is not quite the usual

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French Air Force Rafale fighter armed first AFAR

Defense procurement agency (DGA) French Ministry of Defense received the first Rafale fighter drill mounted on it with radar with active phased array antenna. According to the agency, a military aircraft was delivered September 12, 2013. Double combat aircraft with tail number «B339» lately will be given RAF France in Mont-de-Marsan in the southwest of the country. Delivery of the first experimental fighter with radar AFAR Air France first accomplished in October 2012. New radar was equipped with a single plane with tail number «C137». Then it was reported that the new combat aircraft became the first production Eurofighter, received

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