Belarus in the 10-ke worst violators of freedom of speech

A new kind of censorship in the post-The report of American human rights organization noted that in most of the CIS countries have been new forms of control over the media are independent of information. "Freedom House" describes the modern model of censorship. This mixed control of the country and the oligarchs, and a monopoly on broadcasting by so called the president’s family, and the prosecution also hidden and overt forms of intimidation.Noteworthy that in the yearly review «Freedom House», devoted to freedom of speech, of the 195 countries surveyed in the 10-ke worst violators of freedom of speech three

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Freedom House has condemned the decision of the UN Council on Human Rights

As the executive director of the organization, Jennifer Windsor, "the Board’s decision to free himself of control over those 2 repressive regimes is not valid"By Jennifer Windsor, "before Parliament had 12 special rapporteur to monitor the human rights troubled countries. Four of them — Russia, Cuba, Burma and North Korea have the reputation of the most repressive regimes in the world in terms of political rights and freedoms of civilians. Exclusion from blacklist 2-states — a major blow to the possibility of Parliament to track systematic abuse Human Rights in some societies. "

Freedom House — a noble human rights

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Figure a day or

6.68 — this assessment of democratic countries made in Belarus past year human rights organization Freedom House. Estimates range from 1 — the highest degree of democracy to 7 — lower. Belarus was rated 6.68 in the company of former Soviet states such as Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Compared with previous year indicator of democratic Belarus Freedom House assessment little better. How should the organization of the report, it is related to a more positive assessment of the activity of non-governmental public organizations.

«Freedom House»: Belarus — in the midst of the worst

Elections — unfree and unfairFirst noted that last year’s presidential elections were not free and fair. The other day the vote were prepared strong repressive measures against the opposition. The election results have aroused more public protest during the tenure Lukashenko. Mass arrests, including presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin, who later received a five and a half years jail. The report noted that Belarus has no electoral democracy. The Constitution assigns the president of a huge opportunity. He controlled the government, the courts and even the legislative process. Presidential decrees have enormous power than the laws. As a result, the concentration

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«Freedom House»: Belarus — an outsider in press freedom

The reports that «Freedom House» published in 1980, estimated the degree of freedom of sharing disk imaging through print, radio and television, and through the web. In today’s paper noted that during 2006 in some countries, particularly the web has become the object of censorship or were denied access to certain Web sites. In terms of media freedom, according to "Freedom House", from number 195 countries in the world 74 — "free," 58 — "partly free" — and 63 — "free." Best situation in Finland and Iceland, also in Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. As for former communist states and

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Belarus — in the midst of the worst media freedom

For many years, Belarus is not free countries — those where an estimated "Freedom House", free media or non-existent or are in de minimis quantities. On the situation of media freedom in Belarus and other statesah the post-Soviet space we discussed with the director of research "Freedom House" by Christopher Walker. Walker"In general, the data collected by" Freedom House "in the former Soviet Union, excluding the Baltic rather gloomy. Yet there are certain differences between countries in the region. At the end of the scale, a number of states among the worst on media freedom in the world. Talking about

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Democracy choked with oil

Now «Freedom House» — South American non-governmental organization that supports the development of democracy and human rights in the world — has published its own yearly report on the state of democratic freedoms in the "transitional states" of the world («Nations in Transit 2008").The overall conclusion of the report is disappointing — in 2007, the year deepened the gap between democratic development in countries of the former Union of Russian and novavzniklymi countries in the Balkans and more than mature European democracies.Report further notes that the demand for energy, particularly in the post-Soviet area with hydrocarbons, each more znyavechvayuts relationship

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Freedom House was headed by an expert on Russia

Society International human rights organization will be led by former Deputy Secretary of State David Kramer.

To begin his duties as Kramer on October 4.

David Kramer was Deputy Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

At the State Department, he worked on Human Rights and the development of democracy, and for three years in the status of Deputy Rice was in charge of relations with Russia, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine.

Prior to joining the State Department for five Cramer years was Deputy Director of the Russian and Eurasian Program at the Carnegie Endowment.

Freedom House — a non-governmental human rights organization,

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Freedom House: Belarus — a country with a non-free internet

Society Today, the human rights organization Freedom House has published its report on the state of freedom of Internet use in 2009-2010. in 37 countries around the world ("Freedom on the Net 2011"). Belarus was among the 11 countries that use the Internet as outlined unfree.

In a detailed report on the situation in Belarus Interactive Services report noted that the country has about 27% of the population uses the Internet. They also report that the use of the global network of prices in Belarus more.

Belarus, according to the report, one of those countries where there is censorship of

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Belarus will be free but without Lukashenko

Society This was stated by the executive director of the nongovernmental organization Freedom House, David Kramer, who said that no other interventions alone will not work.

"The best way to remedy the situation — if Alexander Lukashenko lose power. And while he has one, no lasting changes are impossible, "- said Kramer Lithuanian portal DELFI.

— "He is a dictator, responsible for serious violations Human Rights, there is a suspicion of his involvement in the blast in Minsk, in addition, it poses a threat to the Belarusians themselves, and maybe even for others ", — said Kramer.

"I believe that

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