Detained activists Smalyavichy For Freedom to Freedom

The policemen left the newspaper in the area.Arthur Esbaev said "Freedom" that he was given a summons to the police on October 8. Explained to the policemen that they need to question him as a witness.Smolevichy: police detained nine young activists of "For Freedom", 5.10.2007

Event of the Freedom Movement suspended riot police

The purpose of the event — meeting members of the movement among themselves, debate and recreation. A day more than 300 people participated as meetings with professionals of political activity, so in veselitelnyh events. In conclusion, there was a concert that has emerged from the speeches Kasi Kamotskaya yes group "Echo" and "wall".By evening we arrived in Minsk district police officers who called riot. Reason — "ban on public events and after 22 hours." Arguments favorite movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich that personal event in the woods is not asking for permission, were adopted acknowledge. Police foiled the last part of

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In Moscow were detained activists of the movement For Freedom

Vitaly and Andrei Amelkovich sharks are activists of the unregistered movement "For Freedom", as does Alexander Milinkevich. Vitaly and Andrei kept in office for about an hour, then both were released.

The founders of the Movement for Freedom of appeal against the Ministry of Justice

Movement "For Freedom" made a corresponding message to the press. According to the founders of the organization, the Ministry of Justice in response RHRPA "Movement" For Freedom "contains no legitimate grounds for refusal of registration public associations. RHRPA favorite "Movement" For Freedom "movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich considers the decision of Justice politically target:" We are for legitimate activities, and if the government deprives us of this right, it violates the law, violates our rights, which are written in the Constitution. This decision is in line with the general policy authorities aimed at suppression of civilian activity and closure of all legal

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Now Profound will judge activist For Freedom

Yesterday Profound Protest Movement "For Freedom" in the promotion of European values. Activists in the local market movement "For Freedom" color brochures distributed "What the European Alliance could bring to Belarus" and CD-disks in a series of "Songs of Freedom." By Yaroslav Bernikovich from all participants, police detained only his 1st. "I was detained Colonel Gennady Leonidovich Kachan," — he said Svoboda.In the report, compiled by Gluboksky activist, a separate line is written that he was a T-shirt with the inscription "Movement" For Freedom. "Mike has been recognized as an attribute of an unauthorized action, because it was taking too

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Deepest: activist detained for T-shirt with the Freedom Movement

Reacting to the call, police Yaroslav Bernikovich detained, but not at the site of action, and a cafe. During his detention, said Bernikovich Radio Liberty, that the urban market share local activists conducted in order to promote European values and the movement "For Freedom." Activists of the movement "For Freedom" on Gluboksky FairBy Yaroslav Bernikovich from all participants, police detained only his 1st."I was detained Colonel Gennady Leonidovich Kachan. This administrative detention for spreading at the town market drives" Songs of Freedom "and pamphlets" What the EU could bring to Belarus? "- Said during detention Bernikovich.In the report, compiled by

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Mogilev who — independence day, one — day release

BPF through their homemade greeting cards reminiscent of iconic action Mogilev Belarusian history. Frontovtsy reminded, too, Mogilev that July 27, 1990 The Supreme Council Belarus adopted a declaration on municipal sovereignty. Specifically today — there is a real funny day of independence.Mogilev members of the movement "For Freedom" its information campaign did not agree to a specific date. They used present day, because he’s off the streets and crowded.In vserasprostranennom brochures located EU conditions under which Belarus will receive economic benefits. It is located and the requirements of the European Union to the Government of Belarus.Activists of the movement "For

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Pinsk: Lukashenko to isolate opposition

"Police intercepted me on the street, pushed into a car and taken to the clinic in the village Molotkovichi. And warned doctors that I can release only after 17 hours," — said the activist movement "For Freedom" Yuri Bakhterev.According to the coordinator disk imaging movement "For Freedom" Alexander Romanovich, police detained opposition activist Igor Nightingale and took him to the police station. "At the same time, I called the investigator by the name of the Criminal Investigation Gubar. He sought to meet with him, but I referred to the Administrative Code, and offered to send me the official agenda," —

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Milinkevich wishes to register Movement For Freedom

In an interview Radio Liberty Alexander Milinkevich said: "Illusions about registering with the first test we have, because in Belarus at the moment actually discontinued official registration public organizations. But we will seek own right . ""We define three main objectives: building civilian society Belarus, ensuring the independence of the country, holding free elections in the country "- said Milinkevich."The activities of the Movement" For Freedom "is wide enough: the spread of disk imaging, business and political campaigns: in including local and throughout the country, the protection of the repressed, the pressure on the government, international activities. One of the

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Pruzany street Lew Sapieha

So the result of the debate between the representatives of the public and the authorities."We are pleased with the outcome of the debate. Our goal was to rename streets that bear the names of former communist and NKVDystav partfunktsyyanerav, which had pertaining to political and other reprisals. We also managed to persuade the Commission to consider whether to grant a new street names famous countrymen, natives Pruzhany "- said an activist of the unregistered movement" For Freedom " Dmitry Krasevich.Activists of the movement "For Freedom" and the Company’s whiteRussian language collected over hundreds of signatures on a petition Pruzany inhabitants

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