In Moscow the freezing rain

February 9, 2013. In Moscow on Saturday night was "freezing rain." Glaze greatly complicated such as pedestrians and vehicles.

As the correspondent of "Interfax", around midnight in the capital of the rain, the water falling on the cold ground, began instantly freeze, forming on sidewalks and roads icy crust. Precipitation immediately washed-icing agents, because of what the streets become very slippery. Pedestrians had difficulty walking on sidewalks that have become a real ice rink. The roads were also very slippery, which is why the majority of motorists for safety dropping speed of 40-50 km / h In this case, the

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China obledenevaet. Photo


In many areas of Xinjiang air temperature dropped below 40 degrees. Photo from

5.01.11.Nastupivshy year has brought many disasters to China. In addition to several earthquakes and drought in some areas, there is a strong decrease of temperature and freezing rain.


As reported by forecasters located in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Jan. 4 in the cities of Urumqi, Shihezi, Chuguchak and other thermometer dropped to below 40 ° C. The lowest temperature recorded in the village Turhun, it was — 49 ° C. This is the bitter cold for the last 42 years.

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Freezing rain in southern China


01.03.11. Freezing rain, which began on the first day of 2011, paralyzed traffic on high-speed highways of the southern Chinese province of Guizhou.

Many kilometers of traffic jams formed as a result of icy roads due to rain and snow, we could not eliminate even the evening Sunday. Hostage to the weather were about 20 thousand people. Local authorities supply blocked on the roads for drivers and passengers with food and drinking water.

Frazil diameter up to 13 mm was formed on the wires of power lines, but the bulk of breaks so far managed to avoid. On high-voltage

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In China, again freezing rain


Beijing, Jan. 9 / Xinhua / — On the night of Sunday to the municipalities of Chongqing and Guizhou Province / Southwest China / hit new wave of cold air and freezing rain, making many roads formed ice. As reported by the Department of Transport prov. Guizhou, by taking precautions as of 10:00 today, a message on motorways are generally normal, due to icing of the sites has been blocked by the state highways and provincial level.

People's Government of Chongqing reported that as a result of snow and severe frost that hit the city on 1

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Eyewitnesses reported freezing rain in some parts of Moscow and Moscow region

© RIA Novosti. Alexey Kudenko

Eyewitnesses reported "freezing rain" in a number of areas in and around Moscow, drivers say icy roads.

"Freezing rain" — a rare natural phenomenon for Russia due to the large difference in air temperatures at altitude and near the surface of the Earth. According to meteorologists, the nature of education sleet distinctive. First, in the atmosphere with positive temperature form raindrops. Before reaching the Earth (at the surface where the temperature is negative), the drops become translucent balls of ice, inside of which is water. Getting on the trees, the

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MOE has not expect a repeat freezing rain in 2010

Emergency Ministry does not expect serious consequences of the expected freezing rain in Russia — at least, such as they were in 2010, told reporters Wednesday the chief National Center for monitoring and forecasting of natural and man-made disasters "Antistikhia" MOE Vladislav Bolov.

Freezing rain began in some parts of Moscow on Wednesday morning, and is expected that these sediments can go to the capital for a few hours. Previously, the power company MOESK announced that freezing rain in the Moscow region has not affected the reliability of power supply.

"The probability of freezing rain in our center is not

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Freezing rain and lay a snow storm U.S.

Powerful cold cyclone, already named by U.S. meteorologists "monster" will bring snow and freezing rain in the third of the United States. As reported on Monday, the National Weather Service in the United States if in the northern areas of central and eastern part of the country will go heavy snow and freezing rain, in the south are expected heavy rains and tornadoes.


Already, the ice began to rain in the state of Missouri. According to weather forecast, it will fall to 3 cm of rain, then — 12 cm of snow and rain, and then come down

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Icing in China continues


After the freezing rain. Village Antay Guangxi province. January 11, 2011. Photo from

13.01.11.Na eastern China continues disaster caused by freezing rain. Significantly affected the 19 provinces. Economic losses exceeded three billion dollars. In disaster areas, the prices of products, the authorities are not able to help the affected farmers, who have to cope with a loss samostoyatelno.V present precipitation in the form of freezing rain continues in the provinces of Hunan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Hubei, Anhui, Guangxi and Zhejiang.

Forestry Officer Guanyan County of Guangxi Autonomous Region Chzhuanskgo named Zhao, told The Epoch Times, it

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In southern China freezing rain paralyzed on motorways

In the southern Chinese province of Guizhou freezing rain, which began on the first day of 2011, paralyzed traffic on high-speed roads. It is reported "Interfax" with reference to the local media.

Many kilometers of traffic jams, which are the result of icy roads due to rain and snow in sub-zero temperature of the air in the evening on Sunday, January 2, we can not eliminate.

About 20,000 drivers and passengers coaches on roads and people in bus and held hostage weather.

Local authorities are taking active measures to help the blocked road drivers and passengers, supplying them with food

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At the suburbs hit freezing rain

On the Moscow-Crimea in the suburban town of Chekhov and Serpukhov road conditions are extremely complicated freezing rain.

At minus 2.5 degrees the rain, resulting in the road surface ice crust formed. Cars are forced to slow down. Several cars stranded on the roadside.

DPS officers in Serpukhov told "Interfax", that in the morning cause road services to those treated with sand or track reagents. However, no road vehicles on the road is not seen.

Freezing rain — a rare atmospheric phenomenon. As explained by weather forecasters, it is due to the difference in temperature at the

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