Section A — b & b — e bifilar wound with wires crossed.


, = b-10-3-0,25-22-105 = 33. From the depth of feedback-parallel push-pull stage (1+ / Guo 9) «1 + = 33-0,5 17,5i25 dB.

Therefore, when the battery power is almost possible to give the heat from a common ground source.


B. Piontkovsky

New dry-cell batteries, which started to produce our industry this year, designed to power the battery radios. Available in the following five different types of batteries: Battery type combined 54 ASMTSG-5-P is designed for the simultaneous supply of anode and grid circuits; Combination-type battery 65 ANMTS-1,3-P, which can be used to simultaneously supply the heating circuits

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Improving the quality of sound reproduction.

Loudspeakers speech, singing, music, noises and other sounds. The playback quality of sound is mainly determined by the degree of frequency and distortion. With proper selection of speakers and registration of them (boxes, screens and so on. N.) The distortion will be greatly reduced, and the overall sound quality will increase.

The purpose of this article — to help ham-designer to choose the right and most effective use of the loudspeaker.

Electrodynamic loudspeakers diffuser best reproduce the sound and therefore widely used. These disadvantages are low efficiency, is quite significant frequency dependence of distortion and directional characteristics of the

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Do your tunes a service and do yourself a favour

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

£170 ★★★★☆

When a product has ‘Pro’ in its name, it’s a fair bet that it’ll be a no-nonsense looker. And so it has come to pass with these Beyerdynamics.

But only if you want: the company sells interchangeable earcup covers and headbands for pepping up their look. There’s also an optional boom-mic for gamers, Skype users and those who want to look ludicrous on the train.

But for all their businesslike looks, they feel plush on the head. They aren’t the lightest on test, but they don’t feel heavy or insecure.

Analysis and detail top

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Digital Frequency Counter

A digital frequency counter (DFC) is used for building, testing and designing analogue and digital circuits, li can also be used for measuring the frequency of any periodic waveform.

The fundamental operation is shown in the block diagram in Fig. 1.

The cost of a DFC is largely governed by the number of digits in its display and the maximum input frequency it can handle. An inexpensive instrument would typically offer a 4-digit display. This frequency counter* incorporating all the features, is comparatively cheaper.

A DFC normally has several measuring ranges. It is possible to add a few digits to

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Cook Timer

After going through this you will start wondering what you have been doing without this. Yes, a simple kitchen timer with 14 possible settings—the minimum being 2.5 minutes and the maximum 45 minutes. What is more, the repeat accuracy is in direct proportion to your patience in setting a preset. In any case, an accuracy of two to three per cent is easily achievable, and for domestic needs even this is luxury.

To set a delay of 45 minutes, a timer in the monostable mode would have been sufficient- But the repeat accuracy would suffer due to the use of

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In Kurapaty all come together

October 30 marks the 20th anniversary of the first mass rally in memory day Protz "Dzyady." Today’s march to "Dzyady" BNF starts from a place of historical action — Eastern cemetery in Minsk. Conservative Christian Party BPF — from the usual place of collection, from Minsk watch factory. Comments listeners:Nina Yarmolinskaya Soligorsk: "Dear friends of the CCP BPF! Please come November 2 to 12 hours before the Eastern cemetery, so we all go together to Kurapaty and all of us together to honor the memory of our grandfathers." Tatiana Boreas Ossipovichi: "On Dzyady I always go to the cemetery to

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Transborder movement for rail transport

Transborder designed to move from one railway track to another. Depending on the requirements, transborder can be made in different designs and capacity:

· With Pit / without pit

· Shelter with / without cover

· Pass / deadlock

· Load capacity up to 160 tons


For tightening and pushing the car to the transborder has an electric auxiliary winch system and bypass the blocks.

The speed of rotation of the winch motor is controlled by a frequency converter.

To prevent inadvertent movement

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The strange behavior of the buoy 46408

Information about the buoy: National Data Buoy Center — Buoy Station 46408

When viewing the details visible changes in the frequency of the water column by an average of 10 m period of the change 1:00.

Why would such a frequency?

In Spain, there will be more dry days

In Spain, there will be more days of dry weather and climate

A group of scientists from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena have developed a method of forecasting dry periods, which can be used in any European country. To study the data were taken from 1980. In the experiment, it was found that the duration and the number of dry periods is growing. In early 2011, the water level in the rivers of Spain was approximately 77.83% of the usual amount. By the end of the year due to weak rainfall decreased to 62.01%. If the trend continues, by 2050

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The government instructed to transfer the frequency of military-patriotic channel Star public television

Government instructed to cancel the frequency of military-patriotic TV "Star". Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov sent Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov to a letter in which it is reported that the usable frequencies transferred to the public television (OTP).

According to the newspaper "Izvestia", the transfer will go through the cancellation of licenses 7 "Stars." General Director of OTP Anatoly Lysenko said that he was aware of the government's decision, but did not comment on the situation.

To initiate revocation of licenses "Stars" must Ministry of Defence, then will make a decision at the general meeting of shareholders

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