Transparent design

Glass is a very unusual materials. It seems the air, and it weighs a lot. Fragile in appearance, but is able to carry a large load. Transparent and almost imperceptible, but it certainly attracts attention and makes the interior memorable.

In modern homes glass is used very safely. It is used as structural elements and finishing, thereof creates décor and furniture. The spectrum of use of this material significantly expands that it is able to be very different — in color, transparency, shape and thickness.

Glass is equally well suited for the neutral and quiet interior, and for the bright,

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A new element in the influx of MiG-29K

Chinese military portal saw the presence of small parts drawers on both sides predkrylevyh sagging deck MiG-29K/KUB created to equip the Indian Navy. According to the portal, these surfaces can be used to increase lift / carrier opportunities glider during takeoff and landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier.   Sagging began to be used on the fighters 70-80 years of the last century, for example, on the American F-5 and F-16. Fighter F-18, then F-18E / F popuchili nodules larger area to merit a huge angle of attack in a combat maneuver. Sagging also has Chinese

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Aneurysm — a ticking time bomb

Aneurysm — is bulging artery wall (at least — a vein) or the heart due to its thinning or stretching. The result is called the aneurysmal sac, which may be located close to compress tissue. An aneurysm can be congenital. And, when a child into the world this flaw unnoticeable, and the baby is developing quite normally. Also lead to aneurysm disease thinner blood vessels: hypertension, atherosclerosis, syphilis (late stage). The risk of developing this insidious disease is increased by trauma or injury of a blood vessel in the formation of infected blood clots. He can live for

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Purulent tonsillitis

In any medical textbook you will not find such a term — purulent angina. However, in speaking a phrase often used to describe a condition in which pus on the tonsils visible. It is observed in acute tonsillitis (angina) flowing in the follicular or lacunar form. Such a division is conditional, since one and the same person may at the same time there were signs of the two forms of the disease. Purulent forms of angina occur particularly hard, they are accompanied by high fever, severe pain on swallowing, often radiating into the ear, headaches, severe deterioration of

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Decibels on the ears

More and more teenagers and young adults suffer from hearing problems. The reason for that — discos and similar noisy entertainment. It is fair to say that accurate statistics on this point. However, according to surveys of medical practice and know that in recent hearing problems began to arise more often in young people. And if we ignore all sorts of sharp injuries sound, the noise pollution, obtained in his spare time, is a major cause of damage zvukochuvstvitelnyh cells of the inner ear. Because of which, in fact, there are problems with hearing.

By some estimates, ten

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Yuri Oleynik requests service in parts of Belarusian

On the days of youth passes inspection and honey in case of mobilization promises join request expelled from Gomel Municipal Institute F. Skaryna Dmitry Zhaleznichenka — to serve in the Belarusian-military unit. 4-student of faculty of Economics of the Academy of Management under the President Yuri Oleynik was expelled in Last year in May, a few days before the summer session. The order was signed also been dismissed Rector Stanislav Knyazev. Formal prerequisite called "breach of discipline and internal regulations." But the Jury finds that expulsion is due to its active civilian position — in the said university, he initiated

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Diverticulosis of the colon

Diverticulosis of the colon — a disease in which are formed in the intestinal wall are small, as small as one or two centimeters sack-like protrusions (diverticula). Bowel diverticula develop mainly in elderly people in countries with a high standard of living.


The main role in a wide spread of the disease has fewer plant foods in the diet and the prevalence in the diet of meat and pastry dishes, leading to constipation. In addition to constipation, diverticulosis contribute to the development of obesity, flatulence (excessive gas formation), transferred intestinal infections (such as dysentery), a long and

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What do Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, Lewis Carroll and Isaac Newton? Of course, talent and fame, but they are united not only that. All of them are muddled.

Stuttering — a complex speech disorder, manifested its normal rhythm disorder, involuntary stops when compelled statements or repetitions of individual sounds and syllables, which is due to spasms of articulation. In other words, stuttering — a violation of rhythm and fluency, generating difficulties in verbal communication.

Strapper 7-10 percent of the interruption of the speech says — repeating words or phrases (sound: uh, um, or interjections). However, when the breaks

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How to treat a middle-aged man?

Scientists around the world are increasingly turning to disorders of potency and libido in men as precursors to more serious and dangerous diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Thus, the Italian doctors empirically established that a violation of potency appears in a large number of men2-3 years before the symptoms of coronary heart disease (CHD). 93% of men with erectile dysfunction and coronary artery disease have demonstrated that potency declined over1-3 year to heart problems. The scientists studied 285 men with coronary artery disease of varying severity. Men suffering from severe forms of ischemic heart disease, impotence

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Rubella — vysokozaraznoe an acute infectious disease caused by the rubella virus.

Most often sick unvaccinated children 2-9 years. It is especially dangerous rubella in the first 3 months of pregnancy — while often develop severe congenital malformations of the child, possible intrauterine fetal death. In general, in adults rubella more severe than in children.

The source of infection is a person with symptomatic or erased form rubella. Modes of transmission — airborne (In conversation with the patient, kissing) and vertical (mother to fetus). It is also possible route of infection pin — through children's toys. The

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