James Boucher Minister Naumov — Dmitry Dashkevich release.

RFE received this information from the human rights organization "Amnesty International" ("Amnesty International"). Here is the text appeals James Bushehr"This past December, my father fell ill, very seriously fell ill. Doctors insisted that he needed to heal go to the clinic — not to mention what happened. It was a long problem. Due to the illness of his father, I spent with him in the clinic every day — watching grayish solemn sadness that came upon resuscitation, like fog, I had to have a Christmas dinner from a vending machine. If someone you love, for the failure, time stops. All

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How to look into the future



How to look into the future 18.11.03, the


Vanga Dimitrova,famous Bulgarian prophetess, asked that all of its visitors are sure to bring along a piece of sugar. One Soviet scientist Nikolai Arsenyev, at the request of his friend gave Vanga a sugar cube a man who was so sick that he could not come. Clairvoyant was not surprised, and carefully looking for sugar, said that the man —

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Impressions from a trip to Russia. Part One

Every year I go to Russia every year bring a lot of impressions. Usually in Moscow on his way, and this year went to see a friend, talked, talked. What are your impressions? Moscow gives the impression of a giant metropolis — the size and number of people are breathtaking.

Everywhere janitors, cleaners at airports and other places of work immigrants from Central Asia. If earlier it was occasionally, but now it has become widespread and has become part of everyday life. In London or New York, there is the same — there is undervalued jobs also perform

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European paradise today

European paradise today

The transformation of Western European countries into a huge trash in the past two decades, but obviously sieve-active and focused. European governments, referring to a completely ridiculous reason, open wide the doors of their countries to of uncontrolled immigration from Africa and Asia. This creates a huge problem, which spent quite unimaginable sums of money from the pockets of taxpayers. Only exacerbated the problem, but the money will still disappear. What are the reasons for this lie surprising and illogical behavior of European leaders is clearly harmful to the people of their countries? One of the main

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The tax inspector in the U.S. earned $ 500 million for bogus


IRS employee exercised monetary machinations, concluding agreements with the company, is the head of his friend. In this way they managed to illegally transfer to the account of a private company hundreds of millions of dollars.

Greg Roseman, using his official position to enter into contracts primarily with IT-company Strong Castle, which was founded by his friend Braulio Castillo.

According to U.S. media reports, the 2012 Castillo received from the IRS $ 500 million and $ 465 million from other federal agencies.

"In the United States Internal Revenue Service, where the company

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Repeating the mistakes of history, or a new way to civilian war

In civilian war every victory is a defeat.Lucan

On the streets of many Russian cities posters began to appear, the picture which tells us that in our country almost formed two opposing friend other society. First, as a report to the posters, gray and impersonal, eager majestic shocks, and the second — a large open and light, favoring a welfare stateliness of. In this case, the photographers provide members of these public units fists that all the rules of psychology and gives promise of those, and others to some confrontation, may be aggravated consequences.

Looking at these posters,

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What unusual abilities you have, your friends and acquaintances?




Leonid Zhukhovitskii, writer:

— My close friend, the writer Anatoly Pristavkin, thirty seconds relieves headaches — arm movements along the temples, even without touching the head. Repeatedly tested it on himself.

Vladimir FURSOV, deputy head of the Department of the Military University of the Defense Ministry of

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Man stabbed to death in Podolsk a day of age …

And again, on the web and in the headlines flashed the words fans … Manezhku … This can only mean one thing: more one Russian youth Razgulyaev was the victim of a mountain.

Police perceives the most critical steps. To suppress the protest action at this time fans of CSKA. The investigation of the crime until reportedly goes on … As you are aware, is not about him at the moment about.

18-year-old inhabitant of Podolsk Andrew Uryupin was killed on the night of October 2, nearby shopping and entertainment center "Peninsula Treasure" where friends celebrated with a day of

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Essence of another world




Weis Emirametov I would like to share with you the knowledge, the information that has acquired during contact with the world, which for most people does not exist.

More than 2.5 years I will contact with a variety of otherworldly beings (ghosts, goblins, guardian angels). It all

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Revenge Chumaka




Many years ago, happened to me a very funny story. It was a time that I would call "psihoterapizatsiey" all the people of the Soviet Union. We then sat down together in front of a TV and waited for their healing sores, passing the latter-day sessions of

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