The Russian Front Awards of 1941-45

Now we come to Finland, which is a unique country for a number of reasons.

As is common knowledge, the USSR demanded to exchange territory and rent a naval base from Finland in 1939. These talks broke down when Finland flatly refused, resulting in Russia invading Finland on 30 November 1939 to take what it wanted by force. This period of time in Finland was called the Winter War of 1939-40. Europe was still in the ‘phoney war’ period. Both France and England wanted to send aid to Finland and a few independent volunteers did serve in Finnish uniform during

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Children love to imitate things from the ‘real world’. This little van gives the child somewhere to put different size parcels and letters for playing ‘postman’ and can also be used to store books and toys. To avoid the problem of pinched fingers and broken hinges I used magnetic catches such as are used to keep fitted-cupboards doors shut, to hold the side door in place.

The axles and handle assembly are made from Nordic redwood and the van body is made from plywood.

Handle and axles

1 First make the front and back axle blocks that hold the wheels

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Will Dunn, for whom today is just another day — a long, long time ago

Driving at night, with the rain streaming towards your windscreen out of the blackness and the muffled whoosh of water under your wheels, it can feel like you’re in a movie. A movie in which you’re a lone FBI agent driving to a disused truck stop in the middle of Nowhere, Illinois to get sensitive documents from a man with no name. Until the plot suddenly changes, that is, and you’re in a movie in which you play a wet, frightened person who’s just driven


Market Style

After a period of building rather soul-less shopping centres, many of our towns have gone back to serving their customers in the traditional way, and squares and streets are once again thronged with market traders. This cheerful market stall will help children create the fun of ‘keeping shop’. The jot is rather like making a deck chair — lots of bits and pieces that fold up, with lengths of cord to act as stays when the legs and frame are fully extended. This is a very easy project as the woodworking is straightforward and I used deck chair canvas and

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I met Juan Ramon (see photos at right) riding his front-wheel drive wheelchair in the town of Granada. He went zipping by in traffic. When I waved, he spun it around and zoomed up to talk to me.

It’s a 5-speed, or 15-speed if he shifts the top chain- wheel by hand. The pedals have been replaced by handles. The back part is a regular wheelchair. The front part attaches just the same way the front caster assembly used to. This hand-pedal wheelchair is a great design solution. Not only does it allow him to get around as fast as

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Simon Osborne-Walker: Unlike some of my fellows, I hadn’t been hooked by the F-Type’s styling. Too tasteful, not aggressive enough for me. But it only took one symphonic roar from the F-Type’s engine to regress me to teenage wide-eyedness, as if I’d spied a Countach for the first time. And on the road, when the deployable rear wing servos into view as you hit 60, it really shows its colour. The drive is rapid and taut, but it’s also surprisingly comfortable on rougher surfaces and over speed bumps, even in its sportier Dynamic Mode. The base V6’s handling is almost


Horniman Museum

With its over-sized, over-stuffed walrus, jellyfish with knotted tendrils, and quirky world music gallery, the Horniman Museum and Gardens is held in real fondness by south Londoners.

As well as it being a great place for children, it’s an architectural landmark. So anyone planning to add to that architecture would have to think long and hard.

Its founder Frederick John Horniman was a Victorian tea trader, philanthropist and avid collector, whose mission was to ‘bring the world to Forest Hill’. His eye was particularly caught by wildlife – there’s a large natural history gallery where the walrus resides – and

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Honda Crosstourer

Honda’s flagship ADV bike looks unfamiliar because it’s not available for sale in the United States, but underneath that adventurous exterior is the exact same frame as Honda’s VFR1200 sporttouring platform, along with a very similar—though retuned for more midrange power—version of the VFR’s V-four powerplant. In Crosstourer form, the 1237cc, shaft-drive V-four is said to put down 127 horsepower and 93 lb.-ft. of torque.

Another parallel with the VFR is the availability of Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) technology, which deletes the clutch and shift levers in favor of automatic shifting. Full automatic shifting is possible in two modes:

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This attractive side courtyard and front garden has more than 40 different plantings within its walls.

The owner of this courtyard is a knowledgeable and passionate gardener who wanted the outdoor space to be a real «gardener’s garden»; one that was botanically rich and also provided space for seating and casual relaxing. Ben Scott, from Ben Scott Garden Design, was approached to design the side courtyard and also the front garden. The design consists of a front and side garden. Neil Jackson undertook construction of both spaces.

The front garden needed to be sympathetic to the Edwardian house facade and

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В процессе работы над новым альбомом ‘Stomp 442’ из Anthrax неожиданно был уволен гитарист Дэйв Спитц! Наиболее вероятная замена — гитарный техник Спитца Пол Крук.

Грустная весть: 21 апреля попал в автокатастрофу и 23 апреля скончался Карл Элберт, вокалист сан-францисской пауэр-металлической легенды Vicious Rumours.

Беда не ходит одна: великий ирландский блюзовый гитарист Рори Галлахер умер 14 июня в лондонском госпитале по причине осложнений после операции по пересадке печени.

Оззи Осборн все же выпускает свой долгожданный альбом ‘Ozmosis’. Хотя альбом записывался вместе с Закком Уайлдом, Джизером Батлером и Дином Кастроновой. в турне с группой поедет гитарист Джо Холмс (экс-Driver, David Lee

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