Italian lawyer asked the Tribunal to call Genoa Vika Moroz

As said family lawyer Giusto-Bornachin Giovanni Rico, his clients, the main suspects in the case are awaiting judgment call to the tribunal. In dealing with the Italian edition of Il Vostro Giornale Rico Giovanni notes that "the defendants told him all the details of last year’s history, and with the help they can get clear answers to questions such as why the couple decided to hide in the Alps girlfriend, why do not want to, so that she vorachivalas ago Belarusian hostel. " Specifically, these incidents, according to the lawyer, "can attest to the girl herself."Initiating the process, the Belarusian

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Why Vika Moroz not released in Italy?

Vika Moroz could not fly to Italy on the grounds that her guardian Vasilevskoy Lena was not appropriate for the girls out documents, claims control of the press service of the Municipal Committee of Border Troops Alexander Tishchenko. According to Article 9 of the Law "On the Procedure for Leaving Republic of Belarus and arrival in the Republic of Belarus Belarusian people, "underage kids should in-1’s, have your passport, in-2, an exit from their parents or guardians, notarized. In the case mentioned, Vika Moroz Lena Vasilevskoy should be a document confirming that it is the legitimate representative of the girls

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Night Siege Belarusian web. August 6

Participants Forum Portal discussions are yet another increase in petrol prices. "These steps can be considered one of the steps to support" Motovelo "; hint what you need have a bike change … ""This is to wait! And so completely normal: in the subsequent time to awaken, read the article" From this moment liter 92 octane costs 2500 or 2800. "Grumble, grumble but go to refuel …""Wages are in place, and the prices grow.’s That, the program improvement civilization? Everyone will be slim and fit of hunger, as will go on foot? If so bad happened to Russia and went

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Vika Moroz in Italy until flew

Until last summer boarding pupil Vileika Vika Moroz once traveled to Italy for a vacation to the family-Bornachin Giusto. In Last year home the couple decided not to give back the orphan in a boarding school. Within 20 days of both spouses mother hid Belarusian orphan in the Alps, but ultimately had return. At the end of last year the Belarusian authorities in custody arranged Vick family Zhodino Vassilievo. Coupled with devchenkoy brought up in the family and her brother. In This year Giusto family-Bornachin again invited Vick on vacation. August 2nd girlfriend met in Cogoleto …Vika Moroz exactly that,

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Vika Moroz: My great desire — see the mom and dad

As saidFreedom and a source close to the couple Alessandro Giusto and Maria Chiara-Bornachin, and those This year invited to a girlfriend for yourself, which is considered a daughter. But the Belarusian side was rejected.I recall that in September 2006 10-year-old Belarusian orphan Vika Moroz did not return home after the next vacation in an Italian family-Bornachin Giusto. Spouses of Cogoleto decided not to give it back to Vialejka boarding. Within 20 days my mother both spouses, Alessandro and Maria Chiara, Vick hid in a monastery in the Swiss Alps. As a result, energetic requirements Minsk girlfriend eventually accompanied by

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Italians said Vika Moroz not be internationalist adoptions

Decision letter is oriented to familiarize Genoa juvenile court and family-Bornachin Giusto. Meanwhile spouses themselves from Cogoleto told reporters indicate that received no decision.Giusto-Bornachin, according to the Italian press, calculated to the nearest time that the girl still gets them into the family.

11-year-old orphan Vika Moroz currently being raised in a family zhodintsev Lena and Sergei Vassilievo. According to the Belarusian authorities guardianship for devchenkoy saved status of an orphan and her family in the device is not adoption. Until last summer Vika Moroz was a pupil Vileika boarding and during a couple of years gastsila on vacation in

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Signed an agreement on the criteria for recuperation of Belarusian kids in Italy

The agreement was signed by Minister of Education Alexander Radkov and CEO of the Italian Foreign Ministry for Italians Abroad and Migration Policies Adriano Benedetti.As Alexander Radkov, the document approved by the Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the President.The representative of Italy expressed confidence that the signing of the contract "will be accepted with joy as the children Belarusian and Italian families. "39 Belarusian babies were adopted in Last year foreign nationals. 36 of them left for Italy, 2 — in Sweden, 1 — in RussianContract for international adoption Belarus signed so far only with Italy. This also explains

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Antypartyzany stormed are independent websites

Andrei Pavel Morozov and Transports that produce tech support websites said "Freedom" that the attack did hackers calling themselves Anti opposition forces (antyapazytsyynyya force). (Morozov 🙂 "In our view, it was a hacker attack, which was carried out either by the security forces, or a group of hackers who controlled her. They called themselves antypartyzanami. NOT the case that the attack was made a day of Belarusian Solidarity. Likely, this was due to the fact that we have arranged the internal security services negotiations during acceleration protest on March 25 2006 . " Friends of the "Third Way" Andrei Pavel

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Vika Moroz is not subject to foreign vdachchennyu

Paspelava highlighted that the Hague Convention on the Rights of the baby stating, that "the child, the family built on the ground of its own country of origin and citizenship, can not be transferred for international adoption."She noted that at the theoretical level vdachchenne Vicki Giusto family-Bornachin or other foreign family can be in this case, if the adoptive family disintegrate girls. "But I do not think that would happen," — said the director of the center. Commenting on the fact that the scandal with the Giusto family-Bornachin Vika Moroz several years was separated from his own elder brother and

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About Vika Moroz film shoot in Italy

Representatives Giusto family-Bornachin referred to New York and Strasbourg Convention on the Rights of the child. According to the lawyers, these rights were grossly violated the girls in her homeland. But the Appeal Tribunal found the missing arguments and upheld the claim of spouses Cogoleto reports Corriere della Sera.For disk imaging Italian defenders in making their own decisions justices ruled first interests of interstate relations. The other day, as a result of signing bilateral agreements, Rome and Minsk failed to compromise and resume Belarusian kids trip to Italy. Diplomatic crisis, which appeared in Last year in September after the abduction

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