Rosehip called wild rose, because it gave rise to cultivated rose. In nature, wild rose grows throughout the northern hemisphere. Currently, it is grown and how very valuable culture.

Botanical Reference

Rosehip cinnamon (Wild Rose) — shrub, much branched from the family Rosaceae, up to 2 m. The branches are thin, covered with brownish-red bark, with flattened slightly curved spines, sitting at the base of leaf cuttings. Leaves alternate, imparipinnate, glabrous, ovate, 5-7 leaves, gray-green below. Five-flowers, pink or white. Fruits of brown-red, ellipsoidal, about 5 cm in length, on the outer side of the long convex appressed hairs smooth. Blossoms in May-July. Fruits false, ripen in August and September.

A useful composition

Rosehip is called a natural concentrate of vitamins. Vitamin C is contained in large amounts in

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Crystal Apple

Cucumber-Lemon was named for its unusual fruit — round or elliptical shapes and bright yellow, almost indistinguishable from the lemon. Homeland of the cucumber is India — in the Bhagavad Gita and other sacred ancient chronicles preserved information about its cultivation as a crop, thousands of years ago. In India today, a significant number of cultivated varieties of this type of cucumber fruits with round, oval, cylindrical, ovoid, elliptical shape. Some varieties grown in the Himalayas — early maturing, medium-sized cucumber spherical shape.

Europeans could learn to grow only one kind of «round» Indian cucumber — in Western Europe, he

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CROP is not the one he grew up, and the one taken from the garden

Nearing the end of the fifth year of seven-year period. Gardeners state and collective farms worked hard and raised a rich harvest of fruits and berries, despite the fact that last winter was severe in some areas and caused considerable damage to fruit trees.

In the North Caucasus from peach and apricot podmerzli to 30% of fruit buds. In areas of low temperatures in the spring of Transcaucasia and prolonged rains in the flowering period adversely affected the pollination of fruit crops. In the gardens of Moldova, located in the lower places, much podmerzli fruit wood in some varieties of

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In July 1963 the farm «Bilkey» Gaysenskogo production management, Vinnytsia region, the seminar directors, agronomists and foremen horticultural state farms Ministry of production and procurement of agricultural products of the Ukrainian SSR on the exchange of experience. The seminar was attended by officials of the Ministry of production and procurement of agricultural products of the country, regional management of production and procurement of agricultural products, the regional party committee on agriculture, industrial control, scientific workers of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Horticulture and others, more than 100 people.

As a guest at the seminar was attended by the chief agronomist

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Samurai for beds

Trichosanthes Japanese — is totally unique cucumber, because ripening, the fruits become a bright orange or red color.

Trichosanthes or serpentine cucumber cultivated in Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. In India, it trichosanthes — almost the only vegetable which bears fruit in the rainy season. In recent years, it began to grow in Europe.

Trichosanthes Japanese — climbing is an annual plant. Its stem reaches a length of 4 m, it grows from three to seven lobed leaf. It is a bee-pollinated plants, the male flowers grow in the brush, female — single. Japanese trichosanthes his fans (and

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GARDEN kolkhoz Michurin IN ALTAI

A. M. Green

The agronomist of the collective farm

Just 20 years ago, in the Altai apple trees grow only in the individual amateur gardeners and cherry, plum and pear is not grown.

Start gardening on the farm Michurin (Altai region, p. Altai) was initiated in the early years of the Great Patriotic War. The initiator was the amateur gardeners VS Kondratyuk. Seedlings purchased from Altai fruits and berries Experimental Station.

By 1948, the area of ​​the garden up to 11 hectares, and we began to receive the first harvests. Creeping large-fruited varieties of apple and Slavyanka Pepin saffron produce

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Try exotic

Read more about the features and useful properties of overseas fruit, not to get lost in front with an exotic layout.


Longan is considered the motherland China, and the name of the fruit in Chinese means «dragon’s eye.» Like its close relative of lychees, longan has a light translucent pulp and large dense bone. The skin is thin and easy to clean, not crimson and yellowish-brown. This small-sized fruit, a huge number of useful properties. This tasty treat is not only a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals, but also possesses medicinal properties. Longan improves memory and activates

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Pollinators varieties of plums in the Volgograd region

Experiments on the selection of varieties of pollinators for new varieties of plum Svetlana, Volgograd, Golden Fleece, The July, Ryasna, Hungary’s Dubovskaya, Warriors and October we carried out in the years 1958-1962 on Dubovsky fruit and vineyard reference point. For each pollinated varieties all options experience, we have laid on the same tree as follows:

1 — artificial pollination; 2 — artificial pollination with pollen of other individual varieties; 3 — artificial pollination with a mixture of two kinds of pollen (from the test separately); 4 — open pollination (control).

We matched pairs timing of flowering coincided. Tsvetkov was

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Cucumber gods and emperors

This is an annual climbing herbaceous plant of the Cucurbitaceae family hails from Southeast Asian culture has long been cultivated in southern China and Japan, the Philippines and New Guinea, Indo-China, India, Indonesia. In ancient times, because of the unusual flavor and a variety of useful properties of this vegetable is considered a medicinal and ritual in China consume Momordica food could only imperial family, and in India and does momordica plant was called Gods.

We know quite a lot of varieties of this plant. Some varieties are only suitable for the cultivation of ornamental as houseplants, some varieties

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About spines and tubercles

Spines, or glandular hairs on fruit regulate the evaporation of moisture. They can be white, brown or black. Simple spines are located directly on the surface of the fruit or tubercles, complex have elongated tapered and spherical base of the hairs sitting on the surface of the ovary. Dark colored spines causes the presence of a water-soluble pigment — flavones, which gradually builds up, blackens and stops the activity of evaporative spines. inkrustiruya it and making lomkim.Zasolochnye quality also depend on the density of the pulp of the fruit, structure and nature of the vascular system. The flesh of

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