The Appeal of the second Congress of People’s Deputies of the USSR said that the need to raise the organization, to do away with laxity, indiscipline and mismanagement, a resolute struggle against the loss of the people’s wealth. It should be remembered that the present scale of the economy saving materials, fuel, electricity and other resources equivalent to their substantial growth.

Ways to save a lot. First of all, it is the improvement of technologies, the use of scientific and technological achievements, strengthening the organization, discipline and order in the workplace. It is also implementing self-financing, the ability to assess,

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LEAD shadow

Or a history of combustive-lubricating KINGDOM

«Infernal machinations» in the «paradise»

This story is revealing. Measure officials feeling of impunity, by how obvious are violations of environmental (and other) legislation that residents are willing to do to protect their legitimate interests.

To begin with, how she came immediately. The situation is simple, despite the abundance of documents, the conflict of several parties, the judicial proceedings.

In the village Nazia Leningrad region not so long ago there were just two problems: the reconstruction of the old stock of fuel and lubricants to the size of the tank farm and the construction

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Evolution of the breed

When the P-51 first took to the air, no one could know that it would have such far-reaching effects in nearly every theater of combat. Simultaneously, nobody foresaw that the initial disappointment in its performance, when measured against its peers, would turn into near-elation as the concept became a world beater. The Mustang’s evolution began with a cutting-edge airframe mated to a marginal engine, which was then replaced with one of the finest powerplants ever. The original design’s limited range was expanded with more internal fuel and drop tanks that made all the difference as a bomber escort. Armament also

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Building a 236-bhp, Turbocharged Testastretta V-twin

Ducati’s extroverted Diavel already tends toward excess in terms of style, horsepower, and, of course, acceleration. With a tuned-for-torque version of the superbike-derived Testastretta V-twin mounted in a long, low, dragstrip-ready chassis, the Diavel delivers fast-forward acceleration that few motorcycles—production or otherwise—can as easily match. For a certain breed of two-wheeled extremists, however, even too much isn’t enough. Chad Wells, the builder of this turbocharged Diavel, is one of those guys.

Predictably, this isn’t Wells’ first turbo bike. “I had already built a Hayabusa with a Stage 1 turbo kit that made decent numbers,”

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The introduction of more stringent environmental standards in Russia — is already a reality. We will understand the peculiarities of operation of diesel engines with EGR and SCR

This statistic is calling for action. According to another theory, a person is able to work only 10 percent of all possible emissions that affect the state of the atmosphere. For example, the eruption of Mount Etna in Sicily or any other in Iceland, Kamchatka may lead to irreparable consequences. Here fit to calm down and hope for a favorable arrangement of the stars in the sky, count on ETC …

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Another A-37 Incident — But Not Deadly

HAVING READ your article Idyllic But Deadly (October, p36-39) about the A-37s based at Piura in Peru, and the sad loss of the two A-37 pilots killed en route to Exercise Cruzex, your readers might be interested to hear of an incident that took place recently at Durazno, in Uruguay.

On October 18 this year, at the Durazno-based Brigada Aerea 2 (Air Brigade 2) (110 miles [189km] north of Montevideo) a Uruguayan Air Force (FAU) A-37B Dragonfly FAU 282 (c/n 43267 ex USAF 69-6422) started to veer out of control as it moved along the taxiway. The pilots were forced

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Alternative View

Could liquified natural-gas fuel and hybrid-electric propulsion be the future of aviation?

Boeing’s 2035-timeframe Sugar Freeze combines cryogenic LNG fuel with advanced turbofans and BLI drag-reducing aft thruster.

What technologies could be available for an airliner entering service in 2045 that would not be ready in time for aircraft designed to be fielded in 2030? That is the question NASA asked when it awarded Boeing a year-long extension to its concept studies for «N+3»-generation airliners that could be flying in 2030-35.

In NASA’s vision, N+3 is three generations on from today’s 737 and 777. Boeing’s «N+4» study, the final results

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BENZINOVODYANOE fuel for «The Cossacks»

«Zaporozhets 968» Engineer Tsono Petkov from the Bulgarian town of Ruse, one of a kind. It works on a mixture of gasoline and water. Water flowing into the cylinders of the engine, improves mikrodetanatsionnye processes during combustion of fuel and reduces the thermal load of parts of the crankshaft that allows you to use lower grades of gasoline without reducing the power of the machine. In addition, in the exhaust gas is reduced content of harmful chemicals, particularly nitric oxide, which is important for environmental protection. Bench testing of a new engine showed that the water supply device and the

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5 Reasons We Need To Mine Asteroids

1 They’re vital to future missions

While we’ve carried out some missions to asteroids we’ve never had a prolonged stay on the surface of an asteroid. Future missions, like NASA’s proposal to capture an asteroid and then visit it, would help us learn how to operate in deep space. It would provide us with key information as to how astronauts can operate in minimal gravity environments on long-duration missions, and it just might be a useful precursor to a mission to Mars.

2 We could use them to make rocket fuel

One of the main constraints of space exploration is

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Deliveries promising aviation complex tactical aircraft in the Air Force to start trial operation will begin in 2016

Deliveries promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) for trial operation in the Russian Air Force will begin in 2016.   This ARMS-TASS said the president of the United Aircraft Company (UAC) Misha Pogosyan.   «It is planned to complete the first step of municipal joint tests in 2015 and 2016 with the delivery of the aircraft to begin trial operation in the Air Force,» — said the head of the KLA.  

Techno Help

  On the Russian T-50 used the whole arsenal of the latest advances in aerodynamics and flight dynamics. This controlled supersonic vozduhopoglotiteli spatial compression

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