By dividing the synthesis

In the time since the first test at Alamogordo, thousands of explosions rocked the charge division, all of which were mined precious knowledge about the features of their operation. The knowledge of these elements are similar to the mosaic paintings, it is found that the "web" is limited by the laws of physics: a decrease in size of the munition and its power puts a limit kinetics of slow neutrons in the assembly, and the achievement of energy, greatly exceeding hundred kilotons, it is unrealistic because of the nuclear physics and hydrodynamic limits of permissible sizes of subcritical sphere.

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Record the test rocket engine


The fire endurance test reusable rocket engine demonstrator S5.86.1000-0 number 2 draft 7.5 ton of fuel on a pair of liquid oxygen (LCD) — Liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been successfully held on September 28 at the stand B2A IC-106 FSE "SIC RCP" in Relight (Moscow region).

The rocket engine was developed and manufactured in "KBhimmash them. A.M.Isaeva "- FSUE" Khrunichev. Khrunichev "for technical specifications SSC FSUE" Keldysh Research Center. "


During the test, performed twice for the motors. Duration of first inclusion was 162 seconds. On the second turn set

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We found the use of lunar water

We found the use of lunar water Facts

Since 2009, we know that the moon has large reserves of water ice hidden in the satellite craters on its south pole. Now scientists are trying to find ways to use these water resources for science and humanity.

Ice water found on the moon in a cloud of matter during the docking of a spacecraft NASA could provide material for rocket fuel, familiar to earthlings air you can breathe, or even drinking water.

Reserves of this resource on our satellite fairly impressive. According to the Institute of the moon and planets, on

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Because of the oil spill on the Angara killed fauna. Video


14.05.12.Posledstviya will be a few years. Because of diesel fuel spill on the Angara killed wild ducks. Scientists believe that the settlement is in danger of herons, gulls and cormorants. Wild ducks are victims of environmental disaster. These frames are sent to us by people Usolye district. Filmed in ten days after the Angara poured hundreds of tonnes of diesel fuel. Before the accident, there was a favorite with many sandy beach.


Reagents mixed with diesel fuel. The dead birds — they are over a mile counted ten. And almost at the water's edge along

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In Saratov fuel truck exploded


08.04.2011 8:26:12 Saratov in Saratov fuel truck exploded in the parking lot of fuel, RBC announced today the official representative of the regional emergency department. According to preliminary reports, the incident occurred in the 3rd Dachnoye town. At the moment, there is information on the three injured in the incident. In addition, it is reported that 30 cars were burned.

At the scene working fire brigades. Fire increased number assigned complexity. On the causes of PE is not reported.


South Ukrainian nuclear power plants require workers to abandon Westinghouse fuel

The Action Group South Ukraine nuclear power plant workers and veterans of the nuclear power industry are turning to the President and the Prime Minister demanding an immediate end to the use of nuclear fuel Westinghouse, which is due at the station increased risks of nuclear and radiation safety. South Ukrainian nuclear power plant workers claim that because of the poor quality of U.S. consumption increased radiation hazards.   The text of the petition workers YUAES sent to the editor "Prestupnosti.NET." Workers in the nuclear power plants and nuclear energy in Ukraine veterans express their concern unhealthy economic, political

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Big bang

The most massive and horrible (a nuclear) weapon — ammunition The Big Bang.

BLU-82 Daisy Cutter (USA). Russian counterpart — Odaba-500PM

Featured in the 1960 ammo The Big Bang and in this century will remain one of the most destructive non-nuclear munitions. The principle is quite simple: the initiation charge undermines the capacity of a combustible substance, which at one time in consistence with the air forms an aerosol accumulation, undermines the second detonating charge. Approximately the same effect is the explosion of domestic gas.

Modern ammo big bang in most cases is a cylinder (length of 2-3

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Japan has learned to extract methane from combustible ice

About a year ago, published an article on the Chinese expedition in the South-Korean sea unique resource for the study: "Combustible ice" (natural gas hydrate). It looks like Japan moving in this direction is much faster as already learned to extract methane from that fuel from the bottom of the ocean.

Japanese public corporation of oil, gas and metals (JOGMEC) for the first time in the world able to produce methane from gas hydrates on the ocean floor, also known as "combustible ice." This was March 12 Reuters reported, citing

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Americans create BMP with a hybrid engine

Fuel-efficient technologies are coming to market and weapons. Namely, in the U.S. during the entire work proceeds on developing the first samples of infantry fighting vehicles, which would result in action by using hybrid propulsion systems. Several hundred liters. fuel per hundred kilometers — a luxury that can not allow yourself to even the richest countries in the world and the army. In the current time for the U.S. Army intensively developed hybrid engines that regardless of the type of terrain on which moves technique can reduce fuel consumption by 10-20%. This figure is at first glance not particularly

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In Egypt gas pipeline blown up


CAIRO, February 5. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS, Dmitry Tarasov /. Another diversion accomplished last night in Egypt in the export pipeline, bringing fuel to Israel and Jordan.

It is reported that militants detonated an explosive device on the main branch near the town of El-Arish in northern Sinai.

After the terrorist attack on the pipeline broke a strong fire, flames reach a height of 30 meters. Currently, the location of the incident sent fire brigades. No injuries have been reported yet information.

Given this sortie for the year in the north of the Sinai were 12 major attacks on the

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