Trecision: из будущего — в средневековье.

Итальянская фирма Trecision Software, специализирующаяся на незатейливых квестах в жанре «крепкий клон” (Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy и Ark of Time), взялась за новую игру в том же надежном стиле (конкретнее — в духе еще не выпущенного Gabriel Knight 3) — «full 3D- квест с элементами экшена” под рабочим названием WM.

В отличие от урбанистического «Найтлонга”, WM будет решен в духе европейской мистики: главный герой, «доктор паранормальных наук” Дэррел Бун, получил выгодный заказ: исследовать древний австрийский замок и выяснить, что угрожает паранормальным способностям его нынешних владельцев и откуда они (способности) вообще взялись. За действиями доктора надзирает весьма продвинутая и амбициозная адвокатша

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Time of full moon

Not everyone is enamoured with pigs. I say they are an acquired taste, preferably with eggs in the morning. The Vet is ambivalent- it’s another animal and somewhere in his years of tertiary training he has learnt about its biology, physiology, reproduction, and as with such a lot of veterinary issues, its diet and digestive tract.

But for Stanley, out the back of beyond living on 20ha of organised chaos, pigs are a passion. Pretty hard to put an age on Stanley, a bachelor by choice, though not necessarily his own. It’s just no woman in her right mind would

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"One step ahead of the rest" — The motto of Seiko and its founder Kintaro Hattori. Following this motto, Seiko, marking 100 years of watchmaking, released a limited collection Kintaro Hattori Astron GPS Solar. Watch through the built miniature GPS-module receives data on the current time and date in any of the 39 s time zone and fed by energy from the built-in solar panel. A total of 5,000 units made, all in the case of titanium with a black

PVD-coated crown and adorned with onyx. Glass with anti-reflective coating and two bracelet: alligator leather and titanium. Went on sale

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Full Featured Touch Control Programmable Power Supply

Touch control of electronic gadgets is no longer a dream. Almost all electronic hobbyists have their own power supply using the most common IC regulator LM317. They may have a selectable rotary switch to select a particular output or a potentiometer to vary the output smoothly.

Here is a circuit which will change the output of the power supply by a slight touch of the finger! Those who have a power supply can just add this feature while those who do not have one may construct it fully as presented here.

The circuit

The logic of the circuit is very

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Brett Metcalfe

I’ve had minimal involvement with racing since my injuries. I watch it on TV, I train and practise during the week and that’s about it. I knew It wouldn’t be easy to watch a whole SX season go by without wanting to race, but so far I’m handling that OK. My body just isn’t ready yet, period.

I have a lot to live for in my household now, being a new dad, and that’s something I’ve directed a lot of my time to. I’ve considered a lot of different racing options and put some attention into what I’d

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from wild type to the Full Blue Rili. Neocaridina heteropoda.

The various captive-bred forms of Neocaridina heteropoda are very popular with “cherry shrimp” fanciers, who are often baffled by the names and histories of the many different strains. Here we trace how the Sakura strain has emerged from the Taiwan wild type and look at what is going on with the “Jelly Blue” strain.

Steffen, a friend and professional breeder, visited me to pick up some breeder tanks with gauze bottoms for his Cambarellus patzcuarensis Orange and Crystal Red shrimps. On that occasion, he brought along offspring of a wild-type strain of Neocaridina heteropoda. He handed me the bag of

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Yaroslavl Shipyard boat delivered to the customer project 14172 Terrier

The contract for the construction of two high-speed pilot boats of the project 14172 "Terrier" concluded between JSC "Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant" and by "Zodiac Invest GmbH" (Germany) May 10, 2012

The designer — JSC "Zelenodolskoye Design Bureau"

The main parameters of the boat:

Overall length, 12.35 mOverall width, 4.14 mDraft amidships at full displacement, m 0.61Maximum (short-term) speedat full displacement at sea state 2 points, however, knots 30Crew 2Passengers (pilots), pers. 4Self-sufficiency of fuel, drinking water,bilge water and waste-sewer system, however, day 2Class KM [2] AUT3 HSCDelivery time — the end of 2012.

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Digital sleeping pills — an application for iOS

It helps you fall asleep within 10 minutes without pills or special training. The application helps the user vyrabat special deep breathing yoga method, whereby a person ceases production of cortisol — a hormone voltage value, and the user quickly falls asleep. Also in the app is integrated nightlight option. When activated, a lamp, the room will fill in the soft light of the phone's screen, which is to disable the timer. Video tells about the method in more detail.

In winter, this app was released for Android. For six months he has downloaded 30,000

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Complete Works Bykov — nationwide project

Announced fourteen volumes, three of which were published at the same time the capital publishing "Time", three more came in the past year. Coordinator of the project to its own sentence was former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin. On the situation and prospects edition we talk to the chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers Ales Pashkevich.Valentine Aksak"The Emperor Alexander, when to expect the next volume?"Ales Pashkevich"Subsequent volumes, as planned, be prepared gradually and expect their own publications and own reader. As first thought Commission to perpetuate the memory of Vasily Vladimirovich Bykov at the Union of Belarusian Writers and public

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Anastasia Palazhanka: It makes its way to a full and impartial truth

My first acquaintance with Bykov came into school days in the classroom Belarusian literature. I do not I can tell, that we were in charge of some other Bykov, but the story about him on the lessons took place under the guise of ideological censorship that did not affect children’s heart. At one point, I was a bit behind the door was not a class when the teacher tried to convey that the fate and life this man must somehow dogovarivat — A Contracting through. Agree on the language, which he carried in the heart, agree on the flag, which

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