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«FIGHT armor and shells» continues!

In this case, the logical to think that we are talking about the armor. And if you do not go to a highway tank terminology, Alligator S-500 — is a combination of all known types of armor power, punch which probably just does not make sense — are some alternative ways to weaning of private property, which is for the car. However, it is the methods from the arsenal of whether citizen Bender, whether Mr. Al Capone, in any case, beyond the range of interests the readers of this publication …

And so, in

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Form and function from a fish.

It’s funny how some familiar image in a person’s life can end up as a woodworking-project design. Every time I go on the road to scout a crafts fair, I run into woodworkers who love to create replicas of such things as shore birds, flowers, cars, trains, planes, boats-you name it. Typically, these images hold a special place in their memories. I found in my own woodworking a similar item that served meaningfully in my recent past.

Of course, for a woodworker to be without a cutting board seems beyond comprehension, but that, I confess, describes my unfortunate condition at

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Mobile Office for Android

Simultaneously with the first BlackBerry device appeared stories of office workers, who trains on his way home like crazy, banging one hand on the keyboard, making operational reports. In those days, at the mobile terminal to enter an e-mail, not to mention the text that contains more than a few sentences, seemed unthinkable.

Back in the present, and it appears that the text input on the phone — not such an absurd idea. The screens become bigger, brighter and more comfortable to view. The close button keyboard for the most part fallen into disuse and gave way to larger

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Pots for indoor plants with the function of Ikea avtopolivom

Pots for indoor plants with the function of Ikea avtopolivom guide presents

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 3 '  

This device will help keep your home landscaping, and thus more environmentally friendly, and not to be considered a serial killer of house plants due to lack of habit of constantly watering. Fragment color pots can change from green to red and yellow, slightly turned inward relative to the outer glass. This will determine the best shade for your interior. For watering the plants enough to pour water between parts of pots where placed a layer of

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Ekoligichnye sunglasses Dizm

Ekoligichnye sunglasses Dizm guide presents

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 8 '  

Like all of the body, the eyes should be protected from excessive solar radiation. To do this, you can give yourself or your family glasses from Dizm, which not only perfectly cope with its direct function, but will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that their frame is made of biodegradable material, all other parts are recyclable. The classic design of points and a lot of colors to please any owner, as a bridge between function and fashion. Can be purchased at a price:

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Austria: quantum teleportation secrets. Part Two




In the first part we tried to explain the basics of quantum teleportation. And now, in fact, move to that created with the atoms, and more precisely — with the ions of calcium and beryllium Austrian U.S.. And try to assess how these experiences affect the future

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Latest metals for the future

Machines that change color button, metals, becoming stronger in the process of operation, the building, which accumulate energy from the wind … Studies of structural materials that are not only functional, but also adaptive, such fantasies closer to reality.

Professor Christopher Hutchinson from Monash University (Australia), dreams of a future in which the materials of construction will be a truly multi-functional. According to the scientist, instead of creating the material and hope that its structure and properties do not evolve too much during the lifetime, it is necessary to recognize

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Special Forces / Special forces watch online

The series, which tells about the difficult profession SWAT — the man once daily risking their lives. Special Forces soldier should will hold a steel and iron nerves. His task — to survive in all circumstances and at any cost to fulfill its purpose. In a series of programs "Troops special purpose "presented 13 films of the special forces of various countries. These documentaries talk about the Norwegian huntsmen Nepalese Gurka, Italian alpine arrows U.S. "green berets". You will find out how much should know and be able warrior elite unit, get acquainted with different types of languid arms,

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Russian snipers best

A pair of Russian snipers from the 3rd brigade of special purpose of the Central Military Area (CVO) defeated in the final international competition SWAT "Golden Owl" and took first place. Competitions were held for a week in a real difficult climatic criteria Karaganda region Spassk at the site of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the competition was part of more than 170 experts the Special Forces mission of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, England, Jordan and China.

Sniper couples, sabotage and reconnaissance teams during the competition showed his skill and ability in carrying out specific tasks

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Represent NATO in Belarus will be the French Embassy

Society Since 2011, the French Embassy will coordinate the program of cooperation between Belarus and NATO, and to serve as NATO representation in the country.

Today, the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk held a solemn ceremony of handing the French embassy. What does it mean for Belarus to change the format of the alliance relationship with Belarus.

Belarus shares a border with NATO member countries — Poland, Lithuania and Latvia — stretching some 1,200 kilometers. Official Minsk does not aim to join the alliance, but co-operates in the framework of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council and the line of the NATO "Partnership

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