This undisguised anger RF against Georgia

Pochetaemye listeners! Recall: phone "Liberty" in Minsk — 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: + 375 293 912 224. Call and write! Share news, its attitude to events in Belarus and abroad. We are also waiting for feedback on the work of Radio Liberty.Russia’s recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia and international reaction to the actions in the Caucasus — one of those discussions are listeners of "Freedom".Man: "And why is that Russian salting raskomandovalsya Surikov, what you need Belarusians do? Yankees at least expelled. Why Belarus must do what he wants Moscow? "Sovereign Volyus, Gomel:

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Experts Fund Skolkovo aircraft type rated Atlas

Specialized experts Fund "Skolkovo" project evaluated the hydrostatic transport aircraft, a new type of "Atlas". As reported in "Aeronautical Center" Augur "," a composite aircraft that combines the best qualities of the airship, aircraft, helicopters and hovercraft. "In digging, the developer claimed that the commissioning of the aircraft again raise Russia in a number of the world's leading aircraft.

"Project" Atlas "received the highest positive score of expert advice. Initially, the state represented by the Fund" Skolkovo "takes over 75% of total expenditure on the project. At the final stage — testing and commissioning of a

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Fund Skolkovo established an award for GLONASS

Fund "Skolkovo" and JSC "Navigation Information Systems" established the first international award dedicated to GLONASS.

Award will of people and organizations who have succeeded in the development of new technologies based on the Russian navigation system and their commercialization. It is planned that the award "will give a new impetus to the active introduction of GLONASS in Russia", and will also help to promote domestic innovation technologies abroad.

The prize will be awarded in five categories: "For innovative idea or original application", "For a significant contribution to the popularization of", "for bringing to market a new product," "Person

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Fund Skolkovo issued a grant for the development of project-RA

October 10, 2013 Fund "Skolkovo" decided to grant grant of $ 22.5 million of "Intersoft Eurasia"Operator and developer of the project-RA, the company party" Skolkovo ". Investments will focus on creating a prototype wide-range, cross-platform device-RA domestic purposes with the function of the dosimeter-radiometer DO-RA.Si on a solid-state sensor made of silicon (Si), having an inductive charging and running on wireless electronic protocols Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC with all mobile devices.

The company "Intersoft Eurasia" was created in March 2011 to develop innovative products for smart phones and, in particular, the portable device-RA is a function

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Fund Skolkovo and France’s leading aerospace cluster Pegasus

April 23, 2013 the Fund "Skolkovo" and aerospace cluster "Pegasus" in the region Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur (France) in the presence of French Ambassador to Russia Jean de Gliniasty signed a framework agreement on cooperation between the main players in the market of innovation of the two countries.

Aerospace cluster "Pegasus" and the Fund "Skolkovo" define a common approach that will enable the parties to move quickly to implement joint innovation projects. This cooperation is in the general context of close relations between France and Russia, which contribute to the implementation of projects.

"The French aerospace industry

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The European Commission has allocated one million euros for YSU

How should vserasprostranennoy consulate of the European Commission in Belarus and Ukraine, disk imaging, YSU present day Belarus is the only independent institution that gives Belarusian students an opportunity to study without political interference.The European Commission is the first donor, which transfers funds to a special EHU Trust Fund made by the Ministerial Council of the North.By this occasion European Commissioner for international policy and neighborhood policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner said:"Creating a Trust Fund is a fundamental step that ensures that all Belarusian students have access to higher education, regardless of their political views. I am proud that the Commission will

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Ebert Foundation reserves Minsk

It was the only officially registered foreign political fund, which was in place from 1997. Managing branch accredited in Belarus Consulate FES Sergey Anatskaya in an interview with Radio Liberty, said:"This is first due to the fact that conditions have changed. In including Belarusian legislation changed, because the fund should be locked. There is such a document as the "Regulation on the establishment" in the near future, it has changed. Other words, if earlier needed, so that the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Justice or Tribunal perceived the decision to close the organization, but now it turns out that special

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Award Zeit — Newspaper Slonim and E

Once a year it is awarded to representatives of the press to be independent fund Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius (fund Zeit) and fund "Free Speech." This was reported in a letter addressed to the chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Zhanna Litvina fund manager applets Zeit Fravke Haman. The awarding ceremony will be held on May 19. In past years, received the award Zeit Belarusian publications "Pursuit""Belarusian market""Nasha Niva""Vitebsk Courier"And the information campaign BelaPAN. Award in honor of the founder of the Foundation and former editor of the German newspaper Zeit Gerd Bucerius Fund awarded since 1999. Prize uganarovvayuts

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Compassion from family Kazulins fund Ned

In a letter to the family Kazulins, which was signed by President Carl Geshman Fund, said: "When Alexander Kozulin regime stormed his charismatic performances and protests, Ira was talking in a low voice, and won the hearts of others with kindness and dignity. In addition to his political work, it was a massive voice on dilemmas Belarusian ladies. In 2001, she founded the "Rays of Hope" public association for women, breast cancer patients. National Endowment for Democracy expresses its deepest condolences. Kozulin, as daughters — Olga and Julia. Belarus lost known Democrat and man. "


The Federation Council approved on Wednesday the law «About the Fund promising research» — South American analogue DARPA (Agency promising research U.S. Department of Defense).   Fund is created in the form of a non-profit organization to promote the implementation of the research and development in the interests of national defense and security, which are associated with the highest risk for qualitatively new results merit in the military-technical, technological and socio-economic spheres.   Controls will fund board of trustees as the supreme governing body, the Board and CEO.   Rights to results of intellectual activity, made in the implementation of


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