Libya released the funds for Bulgarian doctors

Basis for release of the Bulgarian nurses and medical doctors was a deal between the Libyan authorities and the European Union. Saturated negotiations between Tripoli and Brussels continued for several weeks. In soon their participated French president’s wife Cecilia Sarkozy and foreign affairs commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner.European Commission President Manuel Barroso referred Zhuze homecoming and freeing nurses and doctors "success for the European Union", a decision that likely made the full normalization of relations between Libya and the European Union:"I assured the Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi in our desire to normalize relations between the upcoming EU and Libya, and said to

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The Knight ……… head.


We know that periodically appear in the press ratings of various institutions and funds, with a rating of any country settings.

A strange discovery you make if you compare the ratings of Russia in the years 1990-2000 and 2000-2010.

Education in the 90's was better The attractiveness of the business — above Democratic — unattainable now Freedom of speech and the press — the charm

By coincidence, we can compare for yourself because do not live on the moon. And easy to observe muhlezh "necessary funds and kommisii"

Simultaneously with the

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Kharkov Oblavtodor received new equipment


Today in Freedom Square solemn awarding employees Oblavtodor new technology.


In particular, the areas received Oblavtodor KYI-14102 tractors, cars MDKZ-20 on KAMAZ-53215, soleraspredeliteli and gritters on the base of the truck KrAZ-cab Renault, the car "road master" based on the GAZ-2705-298-C, garbage CBG — 002 based on GAZ-3309, GS-14.02 grader, loader NK-530 and a low mechanization.


Road services have received about 40 pieces of equipment and about 170 units of mechanization. In a small mechanization includes manual mowers, chain saws, hammers, compactors, power — all this comes with a trailer.

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The rapid growth of venture capital investments in Russia

At the end of the interview, this Six years ago, the executive director of the Russian Venture Capital Association (RVCA) Albina Nikkonen noted: "… To say" the prime venture capital industry "will be in 5-6 years." As time passes, at the annual general meeting of the members RVCA, presented an overview of private equity and venture capital investments in 2012, which demonstrated a good momentum of development.

The Executive Director of the Russian Venture Capital Association (RVCA) Albina Nikkonen

The rapid growth

"The amount of capitalization of accumulated funds operating in the Russian market

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Smolensky joins Dnipro sturgeon fish farm

Fish released into the Dnieper on a flexible hose attached to the special tanks for the transport of fish. Sturgeon raised at the Smolensk fish farm, the average weight of the fish about sixty grams. In 1580 pieces went swimming starlet.

Until a few years ago in the river sturgeon was not. This species has disappeared because of the economic and sometimes poaching person. Sturgeon feature is that the migration of its insignificant — it floats away from the permanent home.

Victor Voronov, deputy head of the Moscow-Oka Territorial Administration Rosrybolovstva:"Three years ago, the first batch

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How much cost for the U.S. Hurricane Sandy?

How much cost for the U.S. Hurricane Sandy? Natural disasters

Supershtorm Sandy put New York real super-bill of $ 42 billion, bringing more damage than the infamous Hurricane Katrina. In order to maintain the city has already raised funds of funds, where money is kept for emergencies.

Sandy impact on the city in some of the nuances had even worse consequences than Katrina, which caused devastation of the American east coast in 2005. Although the list of victims of the Katrina was much higher (1 833) than in Sandy (about 110 people), property damage to individuals and businesses

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Fish farmers have taken care of the completion of the northern rivers

Over the past year hatcheries Arkhangelsk released into the natural habitat of more than 230 million copies of salmon and sea trout. The fish was grown on the state and compensation funds.

In 2011, through the efforts of farmers' River of the Arkhangelsk region: Onega, Leather, Solza, Syuzma — supplemented by 180.8 thousand individuals of Atlantic salmon (salmon) and trout. According to the press service of the Dvina-Pechora terupravleniya Rosrybolovstva all work on the rearing of these valuable salmon produced with public funds hatcheries FGBU "Sevrybvod."

Solzensky salmon production and pilot plant

Another 50 thousand specimens of

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How to treat hair

For competent and effective hair care is important to determine your hair type, since otherwise there is the risk of worsening their condition. The hair is divided into normal, dry, oily and mixed. Hair normal type well reflect light shimmer in the sun. If your hair elastic, almost whipped, easy to fit and comb have a live view and retain these qualities for a few days after shampooing, then you are competent and properly care for them with suitable means to you and your hair healthy.

Unfortunately, the hair without problems are rare. Greasy hair have a characteristic

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Dutch pension funds have lost millions of euros on Facebook

The two largest Dutch pension fund that invested in stocks Facebook, could lose millions of euros due to lower prices of securities of the world's largest social network, wrote on Monday, Dutch edition Financial Dagblad.

We are talking about pension funds ABP (Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP) and PGGM (Stichting Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn).

Conclusions edition makes on the basis of U.S. regulators about the shareholder structure of the Internet company, Thus, according to the publication, the fund APB owned 330.5 thousand shares of Facebook at the end of June. Fund PGGM belonged to 316.226 thousand shares.

Have not commented on

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Rostov supported agriculture

In the Rostov region from the federal budget in addition received 2 billion 975 million earmarked funds. Most of the revenues (2,000,000,000 289,400,000 rubles) will be aimed at supporting agriculture.

The relevant amendments to the regional budget Don MPs adopted on the 44th extraordinary session of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region.

Earmarked funds be directed to the agricultural sector as a subsidies for reimbursement of expenses the payment of interest rates on agricultural loans. 35 million rubles will be spent health care workers, wishing to work in the countryside.

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