Shushkevich not going to the funeral of Yeltsin

According to Stanislav Shushkevich, he has no contacts with the Kremlin administration, and he has not received any invitation from the protocol service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belarus. "Come to Moscow as a personal entity without warranty get the funeral does not make sense" — said Shushkevich.Typically, the presence of former Heads of Stateand in similar ceremonies promote their Foreign Ministry states. Status of the former manager of the country is considered as the highest, allowing even lead the delegation, which include existing policies. For example, the Latvian official delegation headed by former President Guntis Ulmanis (Latvian President

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Yama memorial at the Minsk held a mourning rally

Now the memorial day Yama, that at the intersection of the streets of Minsk and Zaslavskaya Melnikayte, there were about 100 people. These were the main activists of various Jewish organizations, the diplomatic corps and representatives.Ambassadors: Israel — Zeev Ben Arie, England — Brian Bennett, of — Alexander Surikov, Latvia — Maira Mora, Deputy U.S. Ambassador Jonathan Moore. Says the organizer of the meeting, the chairman of the Union of Jewish Communities and Organizations Leonid Levin:"March 2 was mayhem. And this monument dedicated to this mayhem. He survived, he is. And we today going here on the Pit. "In November

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What worries the KGB to the funeral of the deceased?

In it, they need to register their community and complain about the pressure from the local KGB.Orthodox with Różan whose signatures are under appeal to Alexander Lukashenko, explain that it is specifically an open letter, the text of which they are going to print media, because past statements and complaints did not help. Hayduk says Olga, who also signed the Appeal:"We ask that we booked our community. As the law according to the Constitution. We will pay the tax, choose the priest shall pray. But they do not like and neither for nor against. We also wrote to the regional

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A minute of silence at the Holy Cross

In the 15 hours to Holy Cross with the inscription: "One of the places of mass executions of victims of the Bolshevik dictatorship in the period 1919-1940 gg" came with candles and autumn flowers representatives UCP, BPF created Freedom and Progress Party, the movement "For Freedom" but simply indifferent citizens. Mourning event opened by the chairman of the regional branch of the UCPVasily Polyakov:"Today we honor the memory of the victims of mass repression that took place in the 20-30s. This shameful page in the history of our country, which falls in the first half of the twentieth

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At the funeral I.Kozulinoy wishes come D.Kreymer

Press secretary of the euro and the U.S. Department of State Department of Eurasian Chase said Bimer our radio"Kramer wanted to come to the funeral Kazulina, but timing is not long, and there are technical prepyadstviya." It is possible that the emperor Kramer may not be able to get a visa.This South American diplomat — one of the key figures in shaping U.S. policy against Belarus. He did not once met in Washington with representatives Belarusian opposition and public figures in including and Ira Kazulina. In Last year he negotiated with Belarus in Minsk bureaucrat on the likely routes of

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A.Voytovich: Authorities missed chance to own

"Power showed inadequate response to the situation. Wholly inadequate. It could even earn some dividends here, if in this situation acted as human beings, or, as they say, Christian. But the authorities missed a chance to own. Instead of initially called them family. And later pulled in order to release the person on his wife’s funeral, "- said" Freedom "Alexander Wojtowicz.

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I ask the authorities do not force us to do the funeral of political action

Relatives Ira Kazulina required to provide a place for burial in the East or in Calvary Cemetery."The authorities do not agree on any of the options," — says A. Kozulin."People of the highest rank, in which we went out, tried do something. But now, with them we can not even more contact, "- explained the politician.Alexander Kozulin also said that All other organizational matters funeral practically solved.During the time A.Kozulin is on the loose, he visited in Dzerzhinsk (Dzerzhinsk) Ira Kazulina parents and met with his own mother.

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Separated Ira Kazulina

16:15. At the cemetery in Tarasavafuneral ceremony ended Ira Kazulina People razyazhzhayutstsa the cemetery. 16:00.At the grave of Ira Kazulina poured burial mound, set wreaths, baskets of flowers. Melody sounds of Frank Sinatra "My Way" 15:40 "May the all-powerful God will give to you, our sister, Ira, drink endless source of life" — under the words priest Vladislav Zavalniuk coffin.body Ira Kazulina lowered into the ground 15:30. Vladislav Zavalniuk priest blessed the grave. Word took Alexander Kozulin. His speech was very sensual., People weptAlexander Kozulin stressed that Ira sacrificed her life for him urged all to charity, love for

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Alexander Kozulin brought to Minsk

This our radio said lawyer Igor Rynkevich. By him, Alexander Kozulin was released to the funeral wife for three days. For earlier decided that the funeral of Ira Kazulina be held on Wednesday, February 27, plainclothes funeral — now, February 26, at the Church of reddish.

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Mourning rally on October Square

This was stated by former lawyer Igor Rynkevich. By him, people also expressed their support for the request for the release of Alexander Kozulin at the funeral of his wife.Igor Rinkevich said Ira Kazulina relatives decided to postpone the funeral in the church reddish due to the fact that Alexander Kozulin was not allowed to attend the funeral.

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